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Our School and University Sign Gallery

Our work as a sign manufacturer for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and colleges throughout the region have helped us develop a thorough understanding of the specific sign needs in th educational world. The following is a gallery of some of our products.
vinyl banners colors
Versatile and affordable, vinyl banners can be used for promoting events, showcasing achievements, or displaying important information in schools and university campuses.
Mesh Banner Sign Nyc
Durable and weather-resistant, mesh banners are ideal for outdoor settings, allowing airflow while effectively conveying messages and branding.
metal a-frame signs new york city
Portable and easily customizable, A-frame signs are perfect for directing foot traffic, displaying announcements, or promoting events in high-traffic areas within the school or university premises.
school lobby directory nyc
Clear and informative lobby directories help students, staff, and visitors navigate the campus and gain a better understanding of the space.
Metal letters nyc
Elegant and durable, metal letters add a touch of sophistication to school or university signage, showcasing names, logos, or important information in a professional manner.
plastics latter junior school nyc
Lightweight and cost-effective, plastic letters are a versatile option for creating impactful signage within the educational environment.
brushed aluminum latter for school nyc
Sleek and modern, brushed aluminum letters offer a contemporary look, suitable for highlighting important areas or conveying a sense of prestige.
brass latter nyc
With their timeless appeal, brass letters provide a classic and sophisticated aesthetic, ideal for university crests, building names, or commemorative plaques.
memorial plaque nyc
Honor the memory of significant individuals or commemorate special events with custom memorial plaques, adding a sense of history and significance to the educational institution.

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Educational Signs and Displays

At Signs NYC, we understand the importance of effective signage in educational settings. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with schools and universities to create custom signs that align with their branding, values, and specific requirements.

Signs for Branding and Outreach

Many colleges decorate the inside and the outside of the school’s property with signs for branding. Examples may include banners that are hung on streetlights (street pole signs/light pole banners) or signs placed inside of libraries that show students learning. Many sporting events include mascot signs that discuss academics or the sports teams. University vehicles may also have vehicle wraps for branding.

Signs for Advertisers and Sponsors

Many educational institutions accept sponsors that they choose to thank or advertise with banners, custom brass plaques, and other displays. Some colleges have fundraisers that allow organizations to purchase permanent plaques in rooms or other locations.

Signs for School Events

Events happen often at most schools, and almost daily at many local universities. Our work as a schools event signage company makes it easier to partner for all common school event information signs.

Signs for Wayfinding

As many schools are difficult to navigate, it is important to find a local sign company that can create the many signs used for wayfinding:

Signs may also be used for safety. For example, a “no peanuts” sign or a “caution” sign may be needed for some parts of the school.

Hear from our Satisfied Customers

Susan School Principal in Manhattan

Abie from Signs NYC designed custom blade signs for our school. They are durable and reflect our school's spirit.

Brian University Dean in Brooklyn

Marina from Signs NYC helped us create custom window decals for our university. They're professional and have improved our campus branding.

Carol School Administrator in The Bronx

We worked with Tony from Signs NYC to get custom metal letter signs for our school. The signs are high-quality and enhance our school's visibility.

Michael University President in Queens

Tito from Signs NYC assisted us in creating custom A-frame signs for our university. They've improved campus navigation and are appreciated by students and staff alike.

Jennifer School Superintendent in Staten Island

Our custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, are a fantastic way to promote school events. They're durable, eye-catching, and reflect our school spirit.

University, Private, and Public School Signages from Signs NYC

Educational institutions that need a partner with their sign development can connect with our team at Signs NYC for ongoing signs at affordable prices. 

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