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Let your message speak volumes through our Standoff Signs. From boardrooms to storefronts, our signs effortlessly blend elegance with clarity, making communication a breeze.
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Ever felt that your message deserves more? Signs New York agrees. Our Standoff Signs take messages from ordinary to extraordinary. They’re not just signs; they’re storytellers with style and substance.

With 30 years of being in the heart of New York, we’re not just a company; we’re a part of the city’s story. From corporate giants to local favorites, we’ve been crafting narratives that catch eyes, spark conversations, and leave an imprint.

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What Are Standoff Signs?

Standoff signs, also known as wall-mounted signs, are a contemporary type of signage that uses a raised or floating effect to give depth and prominence to the displayed content. Mounting letters and graphics creates these signs or panels a certain distance from the surface, creating a shadow and highlighting the design.

The purpose of standoff signs goes beyond conveying information; they play a pivotal role in reinforcing brand identity, enhancing aesthetics, and making a memorable impact on viewers. Wall-mounted signs are commonly used for wayfinding and branding purposes.

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Types of Standoff Signs

Standoff signs are very popular in New York and surrounding areas because of their unique standoff appearance and appealing look. These signs are used mainly in professional settings, like office buildings and retail stores for a variety of purposes. Following are some of the many ways standoff signs are used in the business sector.

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Acrylic Standoff Signs

Modern and sleek, these signs offer clarity and customization. Ideal for intricate designs, they convey professionalism while adding a contemporary touch to your space.

Glass Standoff Sign

Glass Standoff Signs

Exude elegance with transparent sophistication. These signs create an upscale ambiance, making them perfect for minimalistic or luxurious settings.

Metal Standoff Signs

Metal Standoff Signs

Choose stainless steel or aluminum for an industrial or rustic feel. These signs communicate strength and reliability, making a lasting impression.

Backlit Standoff Signs nyc

Backlit Standoff Signs

Illuminate your message day and night with LED lighting. These signs captivate with a captivating glow, adding sophistication to your communication.

Ceiling-Mounted Standoff Signs

Ceiling-Mounted Standoff Signs

Maximize space with ceiling-mounted signs. Perfect for large areas, exhibitions, or trade shows, they guide without taking up precious wall space.

Car show room Freestanding Standoff Signs NYC

Freestanding Standoff Signs

Make a statement from any angle with versatile freestanding signs. Perfect for events, entrances, and prominent locations that demand attention.

Simple Steps to Get Started

We understand that effective communication requires versatile tools. Our range of standoff signs caters to diverse purposes and aesthetics, ensuring your message stands out in any environment.
Your journey begins with a consultation where we understand your vision. Our skilled designers collaborate with you to translate ideas into captivating visuals that align with your brand identity and objectives.
Choose from our array of materials – acrylic, glass, metal, or wood. Collaborate on customization details, from colors to graphics. We refine every aspect to ensure your sign speaks your message.
We present a comprehensive design for your approval. This step ensures your complete satisfaction before moving forward, reflecting our commitment to precision and quality.
Once approved, our experienced team takes over, crafting your sign with precision. Expect timely delivery that adheres to our commitment to excellence, ensuring your sign arrives in perfect condition.

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If your project is a rush or requires special attention to detail, give us a call at 718-453-8300.

Customize Standoff Signs to Match Your Branding

What Are Standoff Signs?

Standoff signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your office building or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way. Yet there are common materials for standoff signs, especially (although not exclusively) clear materials that allow the sign to have a 3D appearance, casting shadows on the wall. Some of the most common materials used for these signs include:​



This material can have the same clear, smooth finish as glass, but is much more lightweight and durable. If your sign is going to be outdoors or in a heavily trafficked area, this is a good material to consider.



It’s hard to match the high-quality look of glass signs. This material is also easier to clean of fingerprints and germs and can very easily customized with painting, etching, decals, and more.



Plexiglass is a type of acrylic, but has an even harder, more durable surface than regular acrylic. Surface scratches and cracks are less likely, and it also makes a good outdoor sign material.



Aluminum is extremely cost effective, lightweight, and easily customizable. They’re also very durable, and widely used for almost any kind of sign you can think of.



Dibond signs are made of two aluminum panels with a piece of polystyrene foam between them. They’re one of the lightest sign materials, are still very strong, and can be easily cut into any shape required.



Brass has a timeless, attractive appearance that can make a big impact when used for award signs, dedication signs, office name plates, lettering, and more.


Discover the power of customization at Signs New York. We aim to transform your signage into an impactful masterpiece that reflects your brand’s essence. Begin with material and design options that exemplify versatility. Whether it’s the contemporary allure of acrylic, the elegance of glass, the strength of metal, or the timeless charm of wood, each material carries its distinct texture, color palette, and durability. With our 30 years of experience, we ensure your choice aligns perfectly with your aesthetics and stands the test of time.

Applications of Standoff Signs

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Nameplates on doors enable a firm to customize its offices and Standoffs support the nameplate on the door while enhancing the look.

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Restroom standoff signs are easy to spot and make it simple for the visitors to locate the restroom in the business buildings.

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A popular use of standoff signs is to display building numbers and addresses, they are highly visible and easy to read.

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Incorporating a brand logo in a standoff sign is an innovative way to make the logo stand out in the business space.

Lobby Standoff Signs NYC


Conventional lobby signage with custom standoffs can promote many businesses on a single sign and also work as a navigation sign.

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Keep your visitors informed about the business operation hours with custom standoff signs indoors and outdoors in your office space.

Mounting Techniques

Your message deserves the right stage; our expertise lies in the presentation. Standoff signs aren't just signs to us; they're narratives waiting to be expertly crafted. Wall-mounted signs effortlessly guide you through wayfinding and branding, reflecting our ability to make your message visible and memorable. Ceiling-mounted signs transcend the ordinary, subtly illuminating spaces. For dynamic environments like trade shows and exhibitions, our freestanding standoff signs are a testament to our proficiency in creating impactful, adaptable signage.

Illumination and Visibility

Lighting up your message is where innovation meets expertise. At Signs New York, we bring over three decades of experience to this art. Explore our illumination solutions that ensure your message shines bright day and night. Our signature LED backlit standoff signs emit an enchanting glow that effortlessly captures attention. We pride ourselves on striking the perfect balance between brilliance and aesthetics, creating a visual harmony that leaves a lasting impression.

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How Standoff Signs Shape Public Spaces

Standoff signs are easy to spot and have a distinct appearance, making them an excellent choice for nearly any type of business in NYC, from huge brand signs to small office lobby signs.


Museums and galleries use standoff signs to guide visitors through exhibits. Public facilities like restrooms and emergency exits benefit from these signs, offering clear directions while blending seamlessly with the environment.

schools and universities

School and Universities

Metal letters are used to display department names, classroom numbers, meeting rooms, and other significant places in a school and university.

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Standoff signs are commonly used in reception areas and lobbies to welcome guests. They also find their place in office directories, assisting with wayfinding and enhancing the professional atmosphere of the space.



In the retail sector, standoff signs are utilized for storefront signage, making a solid first impression on passersby. They also serve as effective platforms for showcasing products, promotions, and sales, ultimately influencing customer decisions.

food services


In hotels, standoff signs can be seen as room numbers or wayfinding markers. In restaurants, they present menus and specials and enhance the ambiance by contributing to the establishment's theme.

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In medical settings, standoff signs assist in wayfinding and identifying different departments or patient rooms.

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With a legacy spanning 30 years at Signs New York, our expertise in crafting impactful standoff signs shines. Our design principles prioritize readability, ensuring clear messages from a distance. Seamlessly integrating graphics, logos, and imagery, we align with your branding strategy. Our color selection expertise delivers psychological impact while staying true to brand guidelines.

Our seasoned approach to placement maximizes impact. Optimal angles and heights are second nature to us, while integrating signs with architectural elements adds visual appeal. We’re committed to compliance—embracing creativity while adhering to ADA and zoning regulations for a blend of visual brilliance and legal certainty

We Fabricate and Ship to Your Installer or Contractor

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About Signs New York City

Signs New York specializes in creating high-quality standoff signs that blend style with functionality. With over 20 years of experience, our team crafts custom standoff signs using durable materials and precise manufacturing techniques. Whether for office interiors, retail displays, or outdoor signage, our standoff signs are designed to make a lasting impression and enhance your brand’s visibility.
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Ready to enhance your brand presence with custom standoff signs? Signs New York offers innovative designs and superior craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. Contact us now for a personalized quote and discover how our standoff signs can elevate your business environment with elegance and impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Standoff signs are a modern and elegant signage solution that involves panels, often made of acrylic or glass, mounted away from the wall using metal spacers or “standoffs.” At Signs New York, we offer a range of standoff sign options suitable for both businesses and individuals.
We primarily use high-quality acrylic and metal for our standoff signs. However, we also offer options in glass, wood, and other materials based on customer preferences and design requirements.
Absolutely! At Signs New York, we pride ourselves on offering fully customizable signage solutions. You can choose the size, design, color, and material to match your branding and aesthetic preferences.
Our standoff signs come with all the necessary hardware for installation. The process involves drilling holes in the wall, inserting the standoffs, and securing the sign panel. We also offer professional installation services for those who prefer expert handling.
With proper care and maintenance, our standoff signs can last for several years. The exact lifespan depends on factors like material, location, and exposure to elements. We use durable materials to ensure longevity.
The cost of our standoff signs varies based on size, material, and customization. Please contact our sales team for a detailed quote tailored to your requirements.
Yes, we offer standoff signs designed specifically for outdoor use. These signs are made with weather-resistant materials and finishes to withstand the elements.