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Standoff signs are both professional and bold. More than just traditionally wall-mounted signs, these standoff signs are capable of capturing attention with far more depth and a hint of modernism that is not to be missed. With a custom standoff sign, you can accomplish all of your aesthetic goals in one unique and sophisticated product that successfully sends the message that you are trying to share.

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What Are Standoff Signs?

Standoff signs are signs made of glass, acrylic, or Dibond materials. They are similar to other signs made from this same material, except they are differentiated by the way they’re mounted. Most signs are mounted directly on the wall, hung from a pole or other support, attached to a stake, or use some other form of display that gives them a flat appearance. These signs use sign brackets to mount them a short distance away from the wall. These few centimeters to inches of space give them more depth, highlighting them for the viewer’s eye. In many ways, they become like an art piece in the building.These signs get their name from the sign brackets, which are sometimes called standoffs, that set them apart from other types of signage. Standoffs serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose, acting as hardware that solidly attach the sign to the surface it’s mounted to, while also adding to the visual appearance of the sign in a way that captures attention.

Types of Standoff Signs

Standoff signs are very popular in New York and surrounding areas because of their unique standoff appearance and appealing look. These signs are used mainly in professional settings, like office buildings and retail stores for a variety of purposes. Following are some of the many ways standoff signs are used in the business sector:

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Name Plate

Nameplates on doors enable a firm to customize its offices and Standoffs support the nameplate on the door while enhancing the look.

restroom acrylic standoff signs new york

Restroom Signs

Restroom standoff signs are easy to spot and make it simple for the visitors to locate the restroom in the business buildings.

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Road / Building Number Signs

A popular use of standoff signs is to display building numbers and addresses, they are highly visible and easy to read.

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Logo Signs

Incorporating a brand logo in a standoff sign is an innovative way to make the logo stand out in the business space.

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Lobby Signs

Conventional lobby signage with custom standoffs can promote many businesses on a single sign and also work as a navigation sign.

house of operation standoff signs

Hours of Operations Signs

Keep your visitors informed about the business operation hours with custom standoff signs indoors and outdoors in your office space.

Material Options

Standoff signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your office building or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way. Yet there are common materials for standoff signs, especially (although not exclusively) clear materials that allow the sign to have a 3D appearance, casting shadows on the wall. Some of the most common materials used for these signs include:



This material can have the same clear, smooth finish as glass, but is much more lightweight and durable. If your sign is going to be outdoors or in a heavily trafficked area, this is a good material to consider.



It’s hard to match the high-quality look of glass signs. This material is also easier to clean of fingerprints and germs and can very easily customized with painting, etching, decals, and more.



Plexiglass is a type of acrylic, but has an even harder, more durable surface than regular acrylic. Surface scratches and cracks are less likely, and it also makes a good outdoor sign material.



Aluminum is extremely cost effective, lightweight, and easily customizable. They’re also very durable, and widely used for almost any kind of sign you can think of.



Dibond signs are made of two aluminum panels with a piece of polystyrene foam between them. They’re one of the lightest sign materials, are still very strong, and can be easily cut into any shape required.



Brass has a timeless, attractive appearance that can make a big impact when used for award signs, dedication signs, office name plates, lettering, and more.

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What are the Benefits of Standoff Signs?

Standoff signs are very popular in the business sector as they boost your office space look when you require a sign that is both impactful and cost-effective. The benefits of a standoff sign are as follows:

At Signs NYC, we create custom standoff signs that are tailored to your business identity, ensuring that the sign corresponds to the goals that your company aims to achieve.

Industry That Uses Standoff Signs

Standoff signs are easy to spot and have a distinct appearance, making them an excellent choice for nearly any type of business in NYC, from huge brand signs to small office lobby signs. These signs are commonly found in the following industries:



Custom standoff signs are used to display classroom numbers, lab rooms, teachers’ facility areas, and other significant places in a university.



Nameplates and lobby signs are commonly used in government buildings and offices for an exceptional appearance in a durable sign.

corporate offices


Acrylic standoff signs give a professional look, same smooth and clear as glass, perfect for corporate environments as customized office signs.



Wall-mounted standoffs are popular in the financial sector for indoor lobby areas, they give a professional first impression for business sector clients.

food services

Food Service

Outdoor standoff signs are used in restaurants and cafes to display hours of operation, display menus, and highlight special services that they offer.

health care nyc

Health Care

Standoff signs in NYC are popularly used in hospitals to mark facilities, service areas, floor numbers, room numbers, and other significant places.

Why Wall Mounted Standoffs Are Important?

The 3D effect that standoff signs create is one of their strongest selling points. What draws people in is not just that they are three-dimensional, but that the effect is created by only a sign mounted to a wall with standoff screws. This gives you many of the customization and design options of regular wall-mounted signs while automatically enhancing their appearance. Standoff signs turn almost any type of wall sign into one that looks professional, no matter the graphics, clarity, or size. Though they are perfect as office sign, standoff signs in NYC work in almost any setting, as its presentation is one that grabs attention. Signs NYC is proud to offer some of the best standoff signs in the New York City area in an array of materials, custom designs, and shapes. Whether you want a large standoff sign to make a great first impression in your lobby, small signs to direct people to important rooms, or something even more unique and custom, our standoff signs are the right choice for you. Contact us today for a free quote, or to learn more about these unique sign designs.

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What Features Do NYC Standoff Signs Have?

Standoffs made of different materials and treated with different finishes can be used to complement the construction needs and design of your sign. Screw caps are also customizable. Some types of screw caps can also help add a little decoration to your sign and enhance the overall look of it, like changing a flat, matte top to a shiny, round one. Some caps even have simple patterns or different shapes besides circular to give the sign a more finished look. Along the mounting method, custom colors are one of the best ways to make your company’s standoff sign stand out. Though many people choose single color designs for their modern appearance, colors are easy to add and are certainly appropriate for many settings and uses. If you need a specific color for a logo, graphic, or photographic image included on your sign we can easily incorporate it into the design. Acrylic is especially good for signs that need to have more than one color, but most of our materials can be used to create whatever look and purpose your sign needs to achieve. Color plays a big part in making signs noticeable and we take pride in being able to match our clients’ exact specifications with each detail accounted for. Your sign’s size and shape are also customizable according to where you’re going to display it and what information it’s going to convey. Most of our signs are rectangular in shape by default for mounting. But we have cut signs around text that it features and other custom shapes. Our technology allows us to program detailed shapes into most materials and create custom cuts that make your sign even more unique.

Our range of size and specific dimensions are perhaps even more varied, ranging from very small room number signs to very large signs representing an organization’s brand in their reception and lobby areas.

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Signs New York Company is also one of the only providers of installation services, to Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and the Bronx, as well as select areas around NY and NJ. We can safely and quickly place the sign in the location you’ve left open for it, and because we offer quick turnaround and free estimates, you can get the help you need quickly from one of our trained staff members. If you’d like to learn more about these standoff signs. We’re happy to provide you with a no obligation quote, and a greater explanation about what our signs are and why they are a great choice for your business.

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