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Sign Rentals in NYC - Neon Signs, Red Carpets, and Custom Signs for Rent

New York City - along with the rest of NY and NJ - are known for their signs. Companies of all sizes are frequently advertising their services in some of the busiest urban areas of the world, and using signs to capture attention, create a mood, or otherwise decorate a property. Often it helps to have your own custom sign made that you can own and operate at your leisure.

What are Sign Rentals?

Sign rentals are great for parties. They are an amazing way to make sure that you can market events. They show people specials (such as a new beer on tap), and they add a great and noticeable appearance to your storefront that you can use to draw in customers and possibly buy your own custom sign someday.

Here at Signs NYC, we often find that many companies, organizations, and individuals end up needing signs for something temporary. That's why we also provide sign rentals in NYC, to give any company, event, or family the opportunity to have the perfect sign and accessory to match their needs.

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Types of Signs We Offer in Rental

Why to Consider Sign Rentals in NYC?

Signs are about getting noticed, which is why we also carry tools that you can use for events beyond signs. For example, we are a popular NYC red carpet rental service, providing red carpets (and carpets in other colors), as well as stanchion, ropes, and other accessories, to make sure that you have the perfect carpet for any type of event.

Signs NYC creates some of the most affordable signs in the United States with no decrease in quality. For those that need a sign for the long term, we can make a high-quality sign that will have an incredible impact on anyone that sees it, and can customize that sign to match your company’s character, personality, brand, and more.

But what about those that only need a sign for a short-term purpose? What if you don’t want to take the time to buy an entire sign because you’re only going to use it for a single purpose?

That’s why it makes so much sense to rent a sign. At Signs NYC, we have hundreds of different types of signs that you can rent for a very affordable price, and simply return when you’re done.

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Where Our Rental Signs Are Used?

Our signs can be found in many different situations, including:

weddings and private events nyc

Weddings and Private Events

Neon signs, and other rental signs in NYC, are a great way to add character and class to any type of private event.

plays and film nyc

Plays and Film

We frequently rent our signs for plays, films, and anything that requires a realistic background filled with real signs. We also provide red carpet rentals for these events.

short term advertising nyc

Short Term Advertising

Some signs can be rented for specific events, specials, and more. For example, if a company is hosting a short-term sale, it may require a sign that is already made for that purpose.

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Sign Rentals in New York City

Here at Signs NYC, we have worked in the sign rental business for years. Indeed, as one of the leading sign creation and development company, we have the unique ability to create unique, custom signs of all shapes and sizes, with dozens of different materials and thousands of different print and fabrication options.

This allows us to create sign rentals simply not available anywhere else. We are well known for our custom neon signs, both large and small, used on movie sets, in theatre, and at events throughout New York.

But we also have numerous other rental sign options, including antique signs, handmade signs, painted signs, custom backdrops, and much more. Many of these signs are already available, and in select cases we may be willing to create a custom rental sign depending on its specifications.


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