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Individuals who need to find their way to a certain area in a building rely on wayfinding signs. People can use wayfinding signs to figure out where they are in a facility and receive instructions to get to their destination. We have a wide variety of directional signs available at Signs NYC, ranging from large signs, to floor and room number signs, to simple arrow graphics that point you in the right direction as clearly as possible.

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What Are Lobby Signs?

Wayfinding signs are a simple, easy way for people to figure out where things are in a building. The entire process of navigating an indoor area is facilitated with these signs, from directory signs the moment you enter, to arrow signs guiding you along your path, to office door number signs or bathroom signs at your destination. Lobby signs notify people of where they are in a building and give directions that help them get to their destination. It’s easy to get lost in a large building. Those that need to find their way to a specific location instinctually depend on wayfinding signs the moment they enter a building, and these signs quickly become recognizable symbols for those that need help with direction.

What Are The Types Of Wayfinding Signs We Offer?

Signs NYC is the leading provider of all types of lobby signs and wayfinding signs. Our customized navigation signs are of the highest quality and we offer every type of lobby sign you could need, including original custom creations matching your brand or the office interiors. Some of the most popular types of wayfinding signs we offer include:

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Lobby Directories

These are larger signs with an overview of where people can find anything located in the building, floor by floor. They also help people determine where they are in relation to everything else, often with a small “You Are Here” dot or star graphic, so that they can better find their way to their destination.

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Floor & Department Signs

If you’re in a large, more complexly-laid out building, you’ll need signs similar to the lobby directories on each floor to direct people to the specific department they’re looking for. You’ll also need identification signs outside the entrance to each department to let people know they’re in the right place.

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Arrows & Directions

These small and simple directional signs are probably the most common wayfinding signs. These point people where they need to go as they’re going there, sometimes with just an arrow graphic, and sometimes an arrow with a few words, like “This Way To ER.”

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Name Plates & Room Numbers

These are used frequently in office buildings to differentiate between individuals’ offices or find the right meeting room on different floors. Signs NYC has made these signs in color or monochrome, with and without graphics or a company logo.

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Bathrooms & Exits

These signs can be found in nearly every type of building. All of them have similar graphics to let people know at-a-glance what it’s indicating, but we provide different colors and styles to best suit your building’s needs.

The larger the building, the greater the number and variety of these signs are needed to help people know where they are. Office buildings, hospitals, airports, hotels, malls, and more all use lots of different wayfinding signs, but even if you have a smaller building, you’ll still at least need signs to mark where the bathroom and emergency exits.

Material Options

The most professional lobby signs should represent your brand while also complementing the interior décor. Wayfinding signs can be easily customized in terms of material, fabrication, size, shape, color, and more. This is possible because of the vast range of materials from which they can be produced. Signs NYC offers the following material options:



Acrylic, also known as plexiglass material is affordable, offers exceptional clarity, and is far more durable and more customizable than other materials.



Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality lobby navigation signs that look flawlessly professional.

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic material is a lightweight yet durable stiff plastic that is ideal for lobby signs, they are waterproof and fade-resistant.



Metal is the most durable of all sign materials; it is also ideal for long-term usage as lobby and navigation signs both indoors and outdoors.

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What are the benefits of lobby signage?

To reap the most economical benefits, an organization should incorporate wayfinding signs from the start of its building design to the end. Some of the many benefits of having customized lobby signs at your business space are as follows:

A well-designed wayfinding sign from Signs NYC will provide a harmonious and efficient workplace for both visitors and workers.

Industry That Uses Lobby Signs



Lobby signs are used to mark navigation to classrooms, meeting rooms, and give easy direction to students for significant places in a university.



Government Buildings use wayfinding signs in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors for proper navigation to the correct departments.



Lobby signs are a great and professional tool to navigate people to desired places in corporate offices and professional business settings.



Wayfinding signs for financial offices are an effective tool for easy navigation with a customized professional look and long-lasting signage.

food services

Food Service

Food services use custom wayfinding signs for displaying information, directions, opening hours, and marking reception areas and queue areas, etc.

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Health Care

Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-read navigation signs for giving correct directions to rooms and facilities and displaying necessary information.

Our Custom Lobby Sign Service

Wayfinding signs can be made using materials like acrylic, aluminum, corrugated plastic, and metal. We can also make custom signs using any type of material as per your request, and assign fabricators, we are happy to let you know what would work best for your design. Size depends on the type of wayfinding sign you need. Building directories tend to be larger, and floor numbers signs, restroom signs, exit signs, and office room signs are smaller. Yet size, color, and design of wayfinding signs are customizable. Sign installation services are available and encouraged for large and wayfinding hanging signs. We can provide most sign installation options for areas like NY and NJ, and we can try to connect you with partners that may be able to install your sign in other cities and states as well.

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Contact Us Today for Lobby Signs

Help people find their way in your building with all of Signs NYC’s different wayfinding sign options. We have made large directional signs for elevator areas, small informational signs outside offices, restrooms, and exits, table stand signs for desks, and more. No matter what kind of building or directional information you want to convey to people, we can provide a wayfinding sign that best serves your purpose. If you’re also looking for other types of advertising and marketing signs or outdoor signs, we also offer custom sign development for any type of business businesses. No matter what kind of company or property you have, we’re confident that Signs NYC can work with you to create stylish and effective wayfinding signs.

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