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In the bustling landscape of New York City, a custom lobby sign is your business’s first hello and lasting impression. Serving buildings, offices, schools, and medical facilities, our custom signs are crafted to perfectly match your brand and space. Make a memorable first impact with our high-quality materials and expert design, elevating your establishment above the competition.


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Industries Where LOBBY Signs Are Essential: Navigating the Various Sectors

Wayfinding signs aren’t just convenient—they’re essential for a range of industries and building types. Here are a few key examples:
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What Are Lobby Signs?

Lobby signs are visual displays typically situated in the entrance or lobby area of a building, such as offices, hotels, or commercial establishments. These signs serve multiple purposes, including branding, information communication, and aesthetic enhancement. They often feature a company’s logo, name, or directional cues, designed to create a solid first impression, guide visitors, and reinforce the organization’s identity.

Lobby signs come in various types, such as illuminated signs, dimensional lettering, digital displays, and wayfinding signage. 

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A Guide to Lobby Sign Types

From illuminating your brand’s presence to adding tactile elegance, lobby signs come in various styles, each with its unique charm. We excel in creating custom sign solutions that convey dynamic messages and wayfinding signage that ensures seamless navigation. Each type serves a purpose, and we’re here to guide you through choosing the perfect one for your space.
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Directory Signs

Used in multi-tenant buildings or large office complexes, directory signs list all businesses or departments' names and suite numbers. They help visitors find where they need to go.

History Walls or Timelines Lobby signs nyc

History Walls or Timelines

Some organizations use the lobby to showcase their history or significant milestones in a timeline format.

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Informational Signs

These signs provide visitors with information, like office hours, Wi-Fi details, or any special instructions.

Wayfinding and Directional Signs nyc

Wayfinding and Directional Signs

These guide visitors to specific areas of the building, such as restrooms, elevators, staircases, and specific offices or departments.

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History Walls or Timelines

Some organizations use the lobby to showcase their history or significant milestones in a timeline format.

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Directional Signs

Guide your tenants towards the right place.


Signs New York has collaborated with local businesses, transforming their entrances into memorable experiences. Our expertise has extended to national brands, creating consistent brand encounters across diverse locations.

If your project is a rush or requires special attention to detail, give us a call at 718-453-8300.

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Custom Wayfinding Lobby Signage Makers

Signs New York stands at the crossroads of design brilliance and strategic foresight when it comes to shaping lobby signs. We wholeheartedly embrace the idea that materials are conduits of expression – whether it’s the elegance of metal or the warmth of wood, each material carries its own narrative.

With our expert design touch, your lobby sign metamorphoses into a visual emissary that effortlessly merges with your brand identity. Our palette of customization choices extends beyond aesthetics, breathing life into your lobby sign by infusing it with the very essence of your values.

From Welcome to Wow Lobby Signs That Leave an Impression

Memorable Impressions

Welcome clients and partners with an unforgettable entrance that leaves a lasting memory.

Branded Impact

Elevate your brand's visibility and recognition through a captivating lobby sign.

Professional Statement

Convey credibility and attention to detail, projecting professionalism that speaks volumes.

Seamless Navigation

Guide visitors effortlessly, enhancing their experience from the moment they arrive.

Visual Storytelling

Tell your brand's narrative through thoughtfully designed lobby signs, creating a visual dialogue.

Lasting Presence

Make an indelible mark on every guest, fostering connections that go beyond the first visit.

Choosing the Right Lobby Signage for Your Space

Every space is unique, and at Signs New York, we embrace that distinctiveness. Our experts work closely with you to capture your branding needs and practical requirements. Whether you’re drawn to subtle elegance or bold statements, seeking functional wayfinding or logo prominence, our customized solutions ensure your lobby sign becomes a reflection of your identity.

Is wayfinding functionality a top priority for your space, ensuring visitors easily find their way? Or are you keen on amplifying your logo’s grandeur, turning it into a centerpiece that captures attention? From the functional to the aesthetic, we’re your partners in crafting lobby signs that mirror your essence.

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Industry That Uses Lobby Signs



Lobby signs are used to mark navigation to classrooms, meeting rooms, and give easy direction to students for significant places in a university.



Government Buildings use wayfinding signs in a variety of ways both indoors and outdoors for proper navigation to the correct departments.



Lobby signs are a great and professional tool to navigate people to desired places in corporate offices and professional business settings.



Wayfinding signs for financial offices are an effective tool for easy navigation with a customized professional look and long-lasting signage.

food services


Food services use custom wayfinding signs for displaying information, directions, opening hours, and marking reception areas and queue areas, etc.

health care nyc


Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-read navigation signs for giving correct directions to rooms and facilities and displaying necessary information.

Real-world scenarios speak louder than words

Alex Lee TechEdge Solutions

Running a tech startup, we wanted our office entrance to make a statement. Tony at Signs New York suggested a sleek acrylic lobby sign with our logo. It perfectly aligns with our innovative vibe. Kudos to the team for making it happen!

Emily Bennett Art Haven Gallery

I needed an impactful entrance for my art gallery, and Abie from Signs New York delivered. The illuminated lobby sign he suggested not only adds flair but also directs visitors. It's become an integral part of our artistic atmosphere.

Robert Collins Prime Realty Group

Our real estate agency needed a lobby sign that conveys trust and professionalism. Abie from Signs New York suggested a sophisticated metal sign with our logo, making a strong first impression on clients.

Laura Thompson Gem Palace Jewelers

Marina from Signs New York helped us create a glass lobby sign that matches the luxury we offer at our jewelry store. Her dedication to understanding our brand and translating it into signage is commendable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Lobby signage refers to visual displays placed in the entrance or lobby area of a building. It enhances branding, guides visitors, and adds aesthetic value. It creates a strong first impression, reinforces your identity, and communicates professionalism.
Lobby signs can be crafted from materials like acrylic, metal, wood, glass, and more. Each material offers unique aesthetics, durability, and customization options.
Yes, lobby signs are highly customizable. You can incorporate your logo, colors, fonts, and even choose from various design elements to ensure the sign aligns with your brand identity.
The turnaround time varies based on factors like design complexity and materials. Generally, it takes a few weeks from design to installation, but specific timelines are discussed during the consultation.
Yes, illuminated lobby signs are available. They feature built-in lighting that enhances visibility and can be achieved using LED or other lighting technologies, providing a striking effect, especially in low-light settings.
Absolutely! Our experts can assist you in creating a design concept that aligns with your vision and brand identity.
Absolutely, incorporating your logo is a common practice and helps reinforce your brand identity.
While there’s flexibility in sizing, it’s best to discuss your specific requirements during the consultation to ensure the lobby sign fits your space appropriately.
Yes, we provide maintenance tips and guidance to ensure your lobby sign continues to look its best over time. If any repairs are needed, our team can assist you.
Certainly, we can showcase our portfolio to give you an idea of the variety and quality of lobby signs we’ve designed for previous clients.