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Direct Your Audience By Placing Correct Floor Numbers

One of the most easily forgotten types of HPD signs are floor number signs. Since they’re not as directly related to safety – for example, like emergency exit signs – it can be easy to not notice them or to forget that they play an important role on the property. However, these signs are essential for staying oriented and finding your way in a building, particularly larger buildings, and are required for HPD properties. Signs NYC creates some of the best made HPD signs in the New York and New Jersey areas.
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What Are Floor Number Signs?

Floor number signs are directional signs that help people inside a building get where they’re trying to go. Since most building’s interiors don’t look drastically different from one section to another, these signs can often be the primary way of figuring out where you are and where you need to be.

They’re most notable in residential properties – like apartment complexes and hotels – as well as large public buildings like hospitals where people need to get to their destination quickly and efficiently. No matter how large or complex a property is, good floor number signs can help a person entirely unfamiliar with that property easily figure out the route to their destination.

What Kind of Floor Number Signs are Available?

Signs NYC is the leading provider of all types of directional signs, HPD signs, floor number signs, and all interior and exterior signage required by the DOB for building management. Our customized navigation signs are of the highest quality and we offer customization options to match your brand or the building interiors. Some of the most popular types of floor number signs we offer include:

apartment unit number signs


A customized sign displaying the respective apartment and office numbers located at the entrances and stairways on that floor.

dimensional floor number signs new york


Any building either residential or commercial is labeled with floor number signs for easy navigation to the visitors and residents.

floor number directional sign maker


Along with floor numbers, some custom signs also provide navigation with arrows in which direction what facility is located in the building.

custom elevator number signs


The stairwell and elevator numbers are mentioned on each floor for easy directions and to locate the respective facility appropriately.

Types of Floor Number Signs

Technical Specs

The primary requirement HPD has for these types of signs is readability, so as long as people can easily understand what floor or room your signs indicate, there’s a lot of room for customization to fit your commercial or residential building’s unique atmosphere.

Sign Dimensions

Colors & Font Type


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Where Floor Number Signs are Posted?

Most often, you will need more than one copy of a floor or room number sign in order to inform building occupants what floor and rooms they are near. These signs don’t only mark the end point of where a room is located or a floor begins, they can also direct people how to get there.

The best places to post floor number signs are by,

The design of these signs can include just the number of the floor, or display further information such as directional arrows pointing visitors to room numbers.

Where Floor Identification Number Signs Are Used?

Directional signs are a simple and easy way for people to figure out where they are in a building and get to the desired location easily. Displaying necessary floor numbers and apartment/office number signs in an indoor area in some cases is required by the law and some businesses simply do this for the convenience of the visitors. Some industries that use customized interior signs are:



Government Buildings use floor number signs, indoor notice boards, and video surveillance signs for making sure all mandatory rules are followed.

corporate offices


HPD signs are a great and professional tool to navigate people to desired places and maintain discipline in professional business settings.


Health Care

Hospitals and health care facilities mark every facility and floor for giving correct directions to visitors and safety care rules.



Allocating floors and office numbers with signage in financial offices is an effective tool for easy navigation for clients.

schools and universities


Navigation signs are used for marking directions to classrooms, allocating meeting rooms, floor numbers, and other significant places in a university.

food services

Food Service

Food services use custom signs for easy directions in and out of the facility that makes it easier for the customers to find their location.

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