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Construction sites can be dangerous, which means that it is often important to have some type of barricade to keep unwanted visitors away. Barriers like fences and barricade walls can shield the construction mess from the public eye and prevent those passing by of putting themselves in danger. But these barricades can also be an eye sore to look at and, in many cases, represent unused real estate that would otherwise be directly in the eye-line of the public. That represents an opportunity for savvy businesses that are willing to go the extra mile by investing in or selling access to barricade wraps.

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What Are Barricade Wraps?

Barricade wraps are very large vinyl signs installed on barricades that are typically built to block views of and public access to a construction area. Although a temporary form of signage, barricade wraps are often installed in high traffic areas along the street or in shopping malls, so a lot of people will see your logo or message many times.

Barricades can be installed indoors and outdoors, and accordingly vary in construction and material used to create them. Chain link fencing and plywood are common for outdoor sites and dry wall for indoor sites, such as at shopping malls. Whether indoors or outdoors, a vinyl wrap looks great and is durable in the face of weather, general wear and tear, and fading.

What Kind Of Barricade Wraps Are Available?

Signs NYC’s barricade wraps are essentially very large vinyl banners. Vinyl is an extremely versatile, durable, and lightweight material that is easy to customize and install on relatively flat surfaces like barricades. Standard weight is 13 ounces, but other varieties like heavy duty 5 ounce vinyl or premium quality 18 ounce vinyl are also available. We can recommend the best type and weight of vinyl depending on how and where you’re going to use it.

Our large format printing allows us to print in high quality whatever colors, graphics, photographs, logos, and more you need with precision. This can be a difficult kind of sign to produce because of its size, but our specialized equipment and years of experience make it possible for us to provide you with just the barricade wrap you’re looking for.


What Features Do Barricade Wraps Have?

Many times barricade wraps are made for an already present barricade. However, if you don’t have a barricade fence, wall, or other structure, we can provide four foot tall plywood frames on which to display your wrap. These are great for shielding a building entrance, an area of a store that’s been damaged or is undergoing an upgrade or repair, and more.

Like all of our signs, we can offer high levels of customization for our wraps. Some of the features we offer to make yours look even better include:

No matter what details or custom features you want your wrap to have, we can work with you. There are very few limits to what we can customize for you, and we want you to be happy with the final results.

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Why Scaffolding Wraps Are Used?

Barricade wraps are a great way to turn a barricade into something that works for you. You can show people what is being built, advertise your business, or even sell barricades as ad space to potential customers. Perhaps the most popular way to use barricade wraps is to help people visualize what will be there in the future.

You can put that blank space to work with photographs, graphics, text, and logos that let future customers know what the construction is working towards or what is available to the general public. This builds anticipation before opening day, encouraging them to actively plan to come back instead of unconsciously always associating the area with noisy and unattractive construction work.

Where Scaffolding Wraps Are Used?

Scaffolding wraps are widely used all over NYC, they are unique and big spaces for promoting a business or project, thus these wraps may either generate public awareness for your project or be marketed to other businesses for their marketing requirements. Some places where barricade wraps are used are as follows:

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Vinyl wraps are used to cover opening soon spaces in shopping malls so the customers are well aware of the brand, opening date, and timings of a new store.



Scaffoldings are used as a temporary framework that is used to support a work crew during the construction and repair of buildings, bridges, and other structures.



Barricade wraps are used to cover fences in construction zones to separate the work site area from the other sides and also customize with relative information.

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The empty area of a storefront can be filled with photos, images, text, and logos that inform potential customers about the building project.



Scaffolding banners create excitement for the opening day of the new buildings and also informs the public about the project details.

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