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Blade Signs: The Perfect Solution for Businesses in NYC and the Tri-State Area

At Signs NYC, we specialize in custom, handcrafted blade signs that are sure to make your business pop.

Blade signs, also known as swinging signs or projecting signs, are a vital signage solution for businesses in the bustling streets of New York City and the broader Tri-State area, encompassing all five boroughs and the entirety of New Jersey. Their unique design, projecting perpendicularly from buildings, ensures high visibility in densely populated areas. These signs are especially effective in capturing the attention of passersby from various angles, making them perfect for the crowded urban environments of NYC and neighboring regions.

In addition to their exceptional visibility, blade signs offer remarkable customization options in terms of shape, size, and style, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate their brand identity into the sign’s design. Whether seeking a vintage aesthetic for a charming boutique in Brooklyn or a sleek, modern look for a tech firm in Manhattan, blade signs can be tailored to complement any brand personality. Additionally, illuminated blade signs provide 24/7 visibility, ensuring that your brand message shines brightly throughout the Tri-State area.

See Our Craftsmanship in Action
A Glimpse at Our Portfolio

At Signs NYC, we’re proud of the stunning signs we’ve crafted for retail stores and shopping malls throughout New York and New Jersey. Our custom blade signs and storefront signs are tailored to each business’s style and needs. From elegant designs for high-end boutiques to playful signs for trendy fashion stores, our portfolio showcases our ability to turn any vision into a reality. We believe that a great sign can be a game-changer for a business, and our previous work proves it. Take a look at our impressive portfolio to see the difference that a custom sign from Signs NYC can make for your business.

Custom Blade Signs: The Perfect Fit for Every Retailer

Whether you run a nail salon or a name-brand store, blade signs are a reliable and durable option for drawing attention from foot traffic. At Signs NYC, we offer illuminated and non-illuminated signs, as well as various styles like wood or metal, hanging or double-sided. Make your mark with a custom blade sign from Signs NYC!


Keep your business shining all night with our illuminated signs, so customers can always find you.


Make a statement with a lighted sign featuring flashy artwork, creating a welcoming vibe that's impossible to resist.


Don't let your store get lost in the crowd—grab attention and attract customers with a bold and creative sign.


Stand out in a sea of sameness with a custom sign that catches the eye and draws in the curious.


Capture the essence of your art gallery with a rustic wooden blade sign, hand-painted for an elegant and timeless touch.


Create a buzz and a warm, inviting atmosphere with a sign that's fun, quirky, and full of personality.

Expertly Made Traditional Blade Signs Crafted RIGHT HERE in NYC

At Signs NYC, we specialize in crafting traditional non-illuminated blade signs with raised letters in our NYC facility. Whether we ship the sign to you or arrange for installation, you can trust that our skilled craftsmen will create a high-quality sign that perfectly fits your business. Choose Signs NYC for expertly made, classic blade signs.

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double sided blade sign nyc


Let Us Guide You Through the Sign-Making Process

At Signs NYC, our experienced team offers guidance in sign design, fabrication, and installation. Share your ideas, or let us help you choose. Trust our sign expertise to create a beautiful, high-quality sign for your business.

Diverse Shapes for Your Signage Needs

At Signs NYC, we understand that different businesses have different signage needs. That’s why we offer a variety of sign shapes to fit your style and message. Choose from rectangular and square, circle and oval, or custom shapes to make your sign stand out.

rectangular blade signs

Rectangular & Square

These are the most common type of office door sign. They display the name of the person occupying the office or cubicle. They might also include the person's title or department.

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Circle & Oval

Circle or oval blade signs are perfect for businesses that want to make a statement. Our circle and oval signs are made with the same attention to detail as our other signs, and come in a variety of sizes.

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We can create almost any custom shape blade sign you can imagine. From animals to logos, we love the challenge of making something unique. With a custom blade sign, your business will make a lasting impression on customers.

Strategic Blade Sign Placement for Maximum Impact

Proper sign placement is crucial for attracting and guiding customers to your business. Signs must be positioned in areas that are visible to your target audience and highlight your business’s unique features. A well-placed sign can increase foot traffic and help customers easily locate your storefront. Trust our experts to guide you on the perfect placement for your blade sign.


Blade signs are an essential wayfinding tool for commercial buildings. Placed on the right or left side of the building, they help customers easily locate your business. With raised letters, they add a touch of class to the building’s exterior.


A double-sided blade sign is perfect for retail establishments located on a busy avenue. With customizable brackets and colors, they can be tailored to match the branding of your business.


In strip malls, blade signs are a must-have, as they create a uniform look for the shops. Perpendicular to the wall, these signs can be seen from a distance, helping guide shoppers.

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When it comes to the cost of a blade sign, there are many factors that influence the price. We take into consideration your customization requests such as illuminated or non-illuminated options, type of decoration, size, and other design factors. Contact us for a quote and our team will work with you to create a high-quality blade sign that fits your budget.


At Signs NYC, we are passionate about crafting custom signs that capture the essence of your business. Our expert craftsmen bring years of experience to every project, and we take pride in serving the vibrant communities of NYC and beyond. From Brooklyn to Staten Island, Manhattan to The Bronx, and even New Jersey, we are your go-to source for high-quality signs!

Expert Sign Craftsmanship: The Signs NYC Difference

We offer a wide range of top-notch signage solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. From traditional non-illuminated blade signs to modern LED signs, we can create custom signs that suit your brand and budget. We also offer installation services to ensure a seamless experience from start to finish. Choose Signs NYC for your next project.
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Our Blade Sign Services

At Signs NYC, we understand that the lifespan of a blade sign can be greatly enhanced with regular maintenance, cleaning and repair. We offer a comprehensive range of blade sign services, including installation, removals, repairs, refacing and more. Whether you need a new sign, or you’re looking to improve the lifespan of your existing sign, we’ve got you covered.
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Our team will ensure that your sign is properly mounted and securely attached to the building.

comprehensive repair services


We provide efficient and safe removal services to ensure no damage is done to the building.

blade sign repair nyc


Signs NYC offers comprehensive repair services.

light box blade sign refacing nyc


We can replace graphics, apply new coatings, and more to make your sign look brand new.

Let's Talk

Not sure what type of sign you need? Our team is here to help. Share your files, address, renderings, and images to get started on a custom solution. For more information, feel free to contact us. 

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

Our lead time for a blade sign can vary depending on how busy we are. Typically, once artwork is approved, it may take 2-3 weeks, but it can be earlier or later. If you have a deadline, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.
Yes, we offer custom sizes for blade sign cabinets. Simply send us your artwork in a vector format and we will review it with our sign experts to come up with possibilities.
We offer installation services, but it depends on the type of installation required. We prefer to use our own fabricated sign installation.
Blade signs in NYC must comply with zoning and building codes, with size and location specifications varying based on the area and zoning regulations. Typically, they must be mounted perpendicularly and not exceed 6 feet in height and 2 feet in width.
Permit requirements for a blade sign can vary depending on the location and type of sign. Though, a permit from the Department of Buildings is usually required before installation.
We recommend contacting the landmarks department in NYC for guidance on installing a blade sign at a landmark building. You can visit their website at
Yes, Signs NYC is a licensed and insured sign maker.

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