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Blade Signs are designed to make the most out of their space. These signs are mounted onto buildings, projecting outward from the facade- like a blade. Blade signs are welcoming, stylish, and minimalist. You don’t always need a massive sign to get the attention of people passing by. Blade signs occupy a small area, but can easily be seen from eye level. Sometimes less is more, and a blade sign is a perfect example of that. At Signs NYC we fabricate blade signs that will make heads turn, from anywhere on your street.

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What Are Blade Signs?

Blade signs are usually hanging signs that are attached to the facade of a building. These signs work better in narrow streets, shopping malls, and small-format stores. Blade signs are traditionally double-sided and can be seen from many angles at eye level. Blade Signs are manufactured with mounting hardware, which can be a decorative bracket, frame, or a simple iron rod.

We offer aluminum, wood, and metal blade signs. Blade signs can also be illuminated, but then they must be built with a cabinet to hold in the lighting elements. They are manufactured by using a ⅛” thick aluminum sheet that is welded on all the sides to create a box.

Vinyl prints are then added to the faces of the cabinet to finish the sign. Acrylic or metal letters are often placed on the faces of a sign to add a 3-dimensional effect to the sign. Our most popular blade signs are made with luster board-weatherproof plywood sandwiched in between two metal faces for extra outdoor durability.

Types Of Blade Signs

Traditionally, blade signs have been designed rectangular and flat, hanging from chains on a poll or extension above a store. These signs have been used for hundreds of years in some capacity, as they are one of the best store signs that a company can have to attract people to its business. Signs NYC, however, leads the way with blade signs. We have technology and experience capable of creating blade signs in many different styles. These include:

illuminated blade signs

Illuminated Blade Signs

These are blade signs that have lighting elements within the sign. As mentioned, illuminated blade signs are made using a cabinet, so they will usually be thicker than other hanging signs and can be illuminated using LED’s or neon.

hand painted blade signs

Hand Painted Blade Signs

Hand-painted blade signs can add a touch of personalization to your storefront. Hand painted signs offer amazing detail, texture, and color. Our enamel paint is also extremely tough to remove, so the vibrant colors will remain for years.

custom stationary blade signs

Stationary Blade Signs

Stationary blade signs don’t swing, and are instead mounted using a fixed bracket that keeps the sign in place. Stationary blade signs offer the most customization options out of them all.

swinging blade signs

Swinging Blade Signs

A Swinging blade sign is mounted perpendicular to the building's front, giving a waving effect and making it more visible and eye-catching to the pedestrians.

Material Options

We have the different types of signs, we’re also able to integrate all different types of materials. Traditionally, these materials should be capable of withstanding some of New York’s harsher weather, which is why we make blade signs of:

wood material


Wood is the traditional material used for outdoor blade signs, we make customized hand-carved wood signs that are perfect for a unique look.

plastic material


Plastic or acrylic material is preferred for blade signs because of their easy customization qualities and professional and appealing look.

glass material nyc


Glass is used to fabricate highly professional-looking blade signs that are ideal for long-term indoor use to attract customers’ attention.

metal material


Aluminum Metal is considered the best material for durable outdoor blade signs that can be customized to any innovative shape and size.

Benefits of choosing the Blade Signs

Blade Signs installed at your storefronts sets apart your store from other businesses providing a distinctive look. They have been a great type of signage for centuries because:

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What Kind Of Businesses Use Blade Signs?

Blade signs are one of the oldest of their kind. Nowadays they are still found all over NYC and NJ. Blade signs are best used in crowded areas, and can be used by any business. They can commonly be found at

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Shopping Malls

Indoor blade signs are popularly used in shopping malls so customers can easily locate the desired outlet among all other competitors.

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Retailers put up blade signs in crowded marketplaces for achieving high visibility and gaining more foot traffic to their stores.

restaurants nyc


Restaurants and roadside eateries use blade signs for attracting more foot traffic to their place by being highly visible and easy navigation.



Cafes and coffee shops popularly use blade signs with their business name and slogan so the customers can easily locate them in any area.

bars nyc


Bars and pubs use a lighted blade sign that is easily spotted at night hours and looks appealing even on a busy street.



Boutiques use professional-looking blad signs with their logos for creating an attractive storefront to gain the attention of passersby.

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Why Blade Signs Are Used?

Additional Blade Sign Services and Support

Signs NYC, as a full service sign company in NYC, also offers additional sign services to help make sure that you have the exact signage your business needs. Our services include:

With the ability to partner with you on all your sign needs, Signs NYC is the best choice for sign fabrication and support in NYC.

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Ordering a blade sign is an easy process. You can start by giving us the details of your project. If you don’t know what you are looking for yet, No problem. Once you reach out, you will be paired with one of our sign experts who can walk you through every step of the signage process. We speak signs.

Once we get a better understanding of the scope of work, one of our team members will send you a detailed estimate in a timely manner. The next step involves mock-ups and proofs. Before we begin production, one of our designers will send you a rendering of the sign so you will know how the finished sign will look. At this stage, you are welcome to make any changes until you approve it.

If you would like installation services, be sure to send a photo of the installation area Or Request a Quote and Custom design your Blade Sign with our professional team online.

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