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Welcome to Signs NYC, your trusted partner in custom signage solutions, proudly serving New York City, New Jersey, and parts of Pennsylvania for over two decades. Our family-owned business specializes in creating high-quality Flat Signs, also popularly known as Metal Signs or Commercial Signs. Catering to a wide array of commercial and industrial clients, we understand the unique demands of metropolitan and industrial signage. Situated in the bustling heart of NYC, our expertise in sign making and installation sets us apart, ensuring your business stands out in the urban landscape.

Our Flat Signs are more than just markers; they are a powerful tool for brand visibility and recognition. Designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, these signs are perfect for anyone looking to make an impactful statement in high-traffic areas. Whether it’s the towering skyscrapers of Manhattan or the expansive industrial parks of New Jersey, our signs are crafted to deliver durability, style, and unmatched quality. At Signs NYC, we combine state-of-the-art technology with creative design to produce signs that not only capture attention but also withstand the test of time and elements.

Expertly Crafted Flat Signs: Elevate Your Brand in NYC & NJ

Experience top-quality with our expertly made flat signs, designed to boost your brand in New York City and New Jersey. Our signs combine lasting durability, great looks, and strong branding, all tailored just for your business.

Craftsmanship on Display: METAL SIGN COLLECTION


When it comes to flat aluminum signs, certain sizes and colors stand out for their widespread appeal and practicality. Here’s a brief overview:

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Benefits of a FLAT SIGN

Truck wraps are a versatile and effective advertising tool that can be used in a variety of different markets. Here are some examples of how truck wraps can be used to promote businesses in different industries.


Metal signs are highly durable and resistant to weather elements, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They can withstand rain, sun, and wind without deteriorating quickly.


Metal signs have a sleek, professional look that can elevate the appearance of a business. They can be finished in various ways to achieve a sophisticated and high-end aesthetic.


Due to their durability, metal signs often have a long lifespan, which means they don't need to be replaced as frequently as signs made from less sturdy materials.


Metal signs offer a high degree of customization in terms of shape, size, color, and design. This flexibility allows businesses to create signs that align perfectly with their brand image.


Metal signs require minimal maintenance. They are easy to clean and their colors and finishes tend to remain vibrant over time, even with exposure to outdoor elements.


Many metal signs can be recycled, making them a more environmentally friendly option compared to some plastic or vinyl signs.

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Crafting Excellence in Custom Signage for Over Two Decades

At Signs NYC, we’ve been mastering the art of custom signage for over two decades, blending traditional craftsmanship with innovative design to serve NYC, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania with excellence.
Not sure what signs you need? Let our team help. Share your address, images, and brand vision. We’ll use those to design custom signage that’s perfect for you. Questions? Call 718-453-8300 Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm. We’re happy to discuss transforming your vision into exceptional signs!

Types Of Metal Signs

we specialize in custom fabricating weatherproof signage, ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring durability and versatility in any environment. We can handle any size and color.
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Sleek, unbordered signage option that offers a modern, minimalistic look, directly mounted onto a surface.

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Incorporates a border around the signage, enhancing its visual appeal and structure, and often aids in durability and installation

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These signs are evocative of retro signs. You can get them in custom different designs and colors. You can also get them painted.

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Versatile Applications of Flat Signs


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Brushed aluminum metal letters for office walls

About Signs New York City

Our signs are built to last, offering resistance to weather, corrosion, and fading. Whether for outdoor signage, directional signs, or promotional displays, our aluminum signs maintain their integrity and appearance over time. Backed by our craftsmanship and attention to detail, Signs New York delivers aluminum signs that stand up to any environment.
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Frequently Asked Questions

An aluminum metal sign refers to a type of signage made primarily from aluminum, a lightweight yet durable metal known for its versatility and suitability for both indoor and outdoor applications.