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Metal Signs can be made from different metal materials such as Aluminum, Brass, Tin, Stainless Steel, etc. Metal is the most popular signage material because it can be easily cut into any shape using CNC cutting, making it a perfect material to create versatile signage, letters, and logos. You can customize metal signs by selecting from a variety of styles, patterns, and themes. Metal surfaces come in a wide range of colors and finishes.

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What Are Metal Signs?

Metal signs are a versatile, long lasting sign option for indoor and outdoor use. Aluminum Metal Signs are especially long lasting and can withstand the elements to create a vibrant, long lasting sign design. Other metals, such as tin signs and brass signs, also maintain their shape and sheen for years, especially when properly cared for.

These Signs are best to provide direction or to leave an impression on people in New York City. When used for the commercial signs, Custom Metal Signs can present many benefits such as Durability, competence, and modern appearance.

If you need graphics to be printed on both sides, so our cutting-edge printers can print on both sides, guaranteeing that your metal sign is visible from all angles and that every passerby notices it. The best thing about a metal sign is that it is light yet strong, and it is perfect for the outdoors since it’s rust and rot-free.

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Types Of Metal Signs

We offer many choices for Flat Signs – all of them are suitable for outdoor uses and are weather resistant. Some most common choices include:

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The stainless steel signs are erosion and rust-resistant and you can get brushed or polish finishes in these signs. They can be cut to any custom desirable shape including letters.

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It is one of the most popular and customizable materials when referring to Metal Signs. This material is very durable, affordable, and versatile.

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These signs are evocative of retro signs. You can get them in custom different designs and colors. You can also get them painted.

Technical Specs

Signs NYC has 3 decades experience of in Fabricating custom signs according to your requirements. No matter if you need 3-dimensional or CNC cut signs, we have the right tools and experience to create them. Most of our flat metal signs are reinforced by a 1” by 1” tubing frame.

Standard Sizes


Color / Paint


Our aluminum signs are made of two thin sheets of aluminum attached to both sides of a polyethylene core. We can manufacture custom sizes and shapes for Aluminum Metal Signs.

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What Are The Benefits Of Metal Signs?

Metal signage has distinct advantages over other types of custom sign manufacturing, especially for Aluminum signs. Metal signs are useful in construction and warehouses, as they can withstand considerable abuse and are resistant to most chemicals. They are also useful for warning signs and regulatory signs, as they are easily visible, designed to last, and difficult to vandalize.

Raw aluminum is also a vibrant material that enhances the colors of the prints placed atop it. It is why photographers use aluminum as the metal of choice for their custom prints. Aluminum is also only one type of metal. There are many other metal materials that can be great for signs, especially indoor signs where moisture is not an issue.

Industries That Uses Metal Signs

One of the advantages to working with a full-service sign fabricator, rather than a traditional sign printing company, is that even when you order flat signs you have the advantage of decades of experience and a near unlimited supply of material options. By letting us know more about your project, we can help you determine if aluminum metal signs or another type of metal sign/flat sign may be a better fit for your needs. A wide range of industries use metal signs and We’ve created them for many of these industries, including:



Metal signs are used to display department names, classroom numbers/names, meeting rooms, and other significant places in a university.



Government Buildings use customized aluminum signs in a variety of shapes and sizes both indoors as office signs and outdoors for building signs.

corporate offices


Metal signs are a great tool to promote or deliver a professional appeal in corporate offices and professional business settings.



Metal signs for financial offices are the most popular choice for gaining a professional look with long-lasting signage.

food services


Food services use custom aluminum signs for grabbing attention as large outdoor signs and displaying information, opening hours, etc.

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Hospitals and health care facilities use highly visible indoor and outdoor metal signs for displaying names, information, and marking rooms and facilities.

Installation Options

Besides the standard glossy finish on aluminum signs, For those, who want something unique and special for their metal signs – we have many options available for them. Your signs must be installed in a way that they draw in your customers and tell them what your business is all about. Some common installation methods for Metal Signs include:

If you do not have any installation experience of signs – you can contact us and our team will help you with all the possible and effective installation of all types of signs.

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