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Channel letters are one of the most widely used signs in New York. In the city that never sleeps, it is vital for brands to be visible to potential clients during both day and night. Their radiant illumination combined with durable build quality are just a few of the many reasons that Channel letters are the #1 sign used in the industry. At Signs NYC we can fabricate Channel letters that will make a lasting first impression that will ensure your business gets noticed from anywhere.
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What Are Channel Letters?

Channel letters, commonly referred to as illuminated letters, are a large set of CNC cut characters that are joined together to make a sign. They consist of four parts, the face, return, back, and the lighting element.

Types Of Channel Letters

There are several types of channel letter signs available at Signs NYC, which can be customized to your choice, some are as follows. At Signs NYC we offer a variety of Channel letters fully customized to fit your brand’s personality. The main categories of channel letters are:
front lit channel letter signs


The most popular sign among retailers and businesses in New York City and New Jersey. While they look similar to other letters, front lit letters can be identified by their translucent face. Front lit channel letters have the brightest glow and can be noticed from great distances.

ombination lit channel letter signs


If you cannot decide between front and back lit, just get both. By combining the features of both front-lit and back-lit channel letters, you can create a one-of-a-kind sign that will be sure to draw attention.

back lit channel letter signs


As the name suggests, back-lit channel letters are illuminated from behind. LED lights are fixed behind the letters, upon the surface where they are installed. Back lit letters have clear acrylic on the back which causes the light to reflect off the letters, creating a halo effect around the sign.

open face channel letter signs


Instead of LED lights inside, Open face channel letters are usually fitted with exposed neon tubing, with several color options. Open faced channel letters are ideal when trying to achieve a vintage, rustic look.

custom channel letter lighted signs nyc

Benefits Of Channel Letters

Being the industry’s most demanded sign, Channel letters offer great benefits like:

Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your building or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way.



This material acrylic can have the same crystal, glossy finish as glass for channel letters, but is much more lightweight and stable. If your channel letters sign is going to be outdoors or in a heavily trafficked area, this is a good material to consider.

polycarbonate nyc


Polycarbonate is a high quality, UV-resistant thermoplastic sheet material which is solid than acrylic and it is used for channel letters both electrical and non-electrical signage.

brass nyc


Brass has a long-lasting, attractive look that can make a big impact when used for custom channel letters and signs.



Aluminum is a high-yielding and easily custom-make material to create a durable, high-quality custom channel letter signs by combining cutting-edge technology with different methods.

Lighting Options

Signs NYC offers LED lighting options for channel letters that give significantly improved optical performance and cost savings over other lit signs. LED lights are used to save energy, are quicker to install, need less maintenance, and deliver more constant brightness and uniformity across your channel letter signs. Following are the lightning options we provide: 
led light options for channel letters

LED Lights

LED lights are the ideal choice for small, medium, and large channel letters because of their quality, endurance, and innovation, giving brilliant, consistent light in a variety of colors.

rgb led light options for channel letters

RGB LED Lights

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue. RGB LED refers to LEDs that emit light in these colors, often known as color-changing lights. They are used if you want to create a look that is modern and deluxe.

Channel Letters Customization Options

custom channel letter sign fabrication nyc

Industries That Use Channel Letters

In recent years, the popularity of these signs are increasing in New York and New Jersey. Many businesses need to be seen at night, so they use illuminated letters because even if your business is closed, the channel letters will display your message at all hours. You can commonly find channel letters at:
designer clothing retailers


Custom channel letters are popular in NYC designer clothing outlets for their professional appearance and durability.

restaurants nyc


Back-lit channel letters are used for displaying restaurant names to gain attention even on a crowded and busy street.

bars nyc


Illuminated channel letters are popularly used for bars and lounges because of their appealing look and high visibility power at night time.

small business


Channel letters are a common choice for small businesses and retailers because it is a one-time investment that benefits the business in the long term.



Customized channel letters are used outside gyms and fitness centers because their bright glow is easily noticeable even from a far distance.

shopping malls nyc


Lighted channel letters are popularly used in shopping malls because of their appealing look and ability to attract customers.

channel letters installation nyc

What are the methods to Mount Channel Letters?

Apart from our options, there are also several mounting options well that affect the appearance of your channel letters. The main methods are:

How Businesses Across NYC Use Channel Letters?

Nearly all major corporations use channel letters in some way, because channel letters – unlike many other types of signs – are one of the easiest to read from any distance, and provide backlit lighting so that your business name can be seen both during the day and at night.

Every lighted letter can be customized with the right font or colors, so that it still represents the brand you’re trying to put forward. Yet compared to other large signs, these backlit letters also ensure that no matter the weather, lighting, or direction you see the sign, you can always make out the letters and words.

It’s because of the way these channel letters are able to capture attention that you’ll find companies use them for a variety of purposes:

Illuminated sign letters make it far easier to get noticed in NYC, and when they’re customized according to your brand and products, they have the potential to draw in both short and long term business.

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Channel letters are custom-made three-dimensional signage elements often used in outdoor and indoor signage applications. They are widely recognized for their professional appearance and versatility in displaying business names, logos, and other branding elements.