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What are Window Decals? How to Use Decals for Storefronts

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You may think that establishing yourself in the busiest corner across the lane will help you get instant traffic. However, in reality, it doesn’t happen until you make yourself visible using various marketing materials such as outdoor window stickers, banners, or any other form of exterior marketing tool. This is the reason why a lot of business owners have their commercial premises located in high-traffic areas but even then, people barely notice them. So, there’s no way you can avoid using these tools especially if you want some attention from the right people.

Still, regardless of how beautiful or strategic tools you use, the efforts will remain in vain unless you place them in the right spot. Here, if your storefront has a clear window, you can easily use it as your marketing canvas. A great way to transform your store’s window into a marketing medium is by installing professionally designed large window decals in NYC. When done correctly and efficiently, it can help your business stand out and increase footfall within a quick time. But these decals should be large enough to grab peoples’ attention.

Let’s keep on reading this article to find out how these large decals can truly help your business to get noticed even in a busy lane across New York City.

What are Window Decals? Does Your Business Really Need One?

In layman’s terms, window decals are window stickers or well-designed graphics created with a purpose. You can find non-removable and removable decals from top window decal manufacturers in New York City. They are available in various enticing designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. You can also ask for customized ones that align beautifully with your brand.

window decal manufacturer nyc

It’s an excellent means to grab peoples’ attention, tempting them to visit your store. Businesses should place well-designed and well-thought-of large decals at their storefront to let passersby be aware of what their business offers. They can even be used to let people get a sneak peek of what they can expect inside the store.

Hence, you can consider large window decals as a cost-effective marketing tool that promotes your business 24*7 to the right people. If you want people to recognize your store and encourage them to visit, you should undoubtedly leverage the power of well-designed oversized decals. However, make sure you head to a reputed manufacturer for this purpose. Else, oversized decals may look clumsy if not designed properly.

Using Window Decals to Stand Out in Market

A quick walk around any busy area especially across the lanes of NYC will show you the growing prominence of large window decals here. There are reasons why every large-scale to small-scale business is spending a good amount on these decals. Let’s take a look at how an oversized window decal can help your business grow,

Window Decals Instantly Boost Your Brand Awareness

If you want people to instantly think of your business when they need a product or service you offer, you need to establish yourself as a brand, and large decals will help you with the process. When you use oversized decals featuring your brand name, logo, and a glimpse of what you offer, people tend to get familiar with your business over a period.

large decals for your business nyc

The more people passing by see your signage, the more they will start recognizing you. After a few days or maybe weeks, you can also start noticing a gradual increase in the number of people visiting your store. However, to make the decals truly work, make sure they are thoughtfully designed and do a perfect job attracting peoples’ attention.

Advertise Your Business 24*7 without a Hefty Marketing Budget

Typically, when you hear the term “marketing,” you instantly associate it with high costs. While marketing can cost businesses much money, there are cost-effective options too. With visually pleasing storefront window decals, you can reap high-end marketing benefits without burning a hole in your pocket.

affordable large window decals nyc


Your store’s window acts as the perfect advertisement space, and the graphics and text installed there to act as the marketing material. However, as the window space is limited, you have to be careful with what you put in. Anything that lets people know about your brand in a creative way would work the best.

Increases Footfall by Generating Curiosity

An excellent way to stand out from other businesses is by taking an unconventional approach. While most businesses try to showcase a glimpse of their products by placing them strategically behind the window decals, you can take a different route. Instead of letting people get a glimpse of what’s inside, obscure the view behind an eye-catchy decal that covers the entire window space, preventing people from seeing what’s behind.

colorful large window decals nyc


If the decal features intriguing graphics and text, it will eventually make people curious, and they would want to visit the store to check what’s behind the stunning visuals and witty text. For this, you will need the help of the best service provider who has extensive experience offering commercial window decals printing.

Decals Can Keep You on Top of People’s Mind

What’s better than seeing people talk about your business even when you’re just starting out? Your store’s window can be transformed into a lead-generating magnet and help you become the talk of the neighborhood if you know how to use the space wisely. When you use artistic displays to feature on your store’s window, you are turning it into a bright spot that is guaranteed to make people stop and stare.

If you manage to put up decals whose graphics and text are on point, you will keep attracting people to your store on autopilot. Since most people connect with visuals, you should not let this opportunity go out of hand.

Promote Special Product Launches

If you keep launching special products, you should use clear window decals to let people know about it. A great thing about this exterior signage is that it conveys a lot to the passersby even without them having to enter the store. This unique point can be used to educate people about your new product launches.

custom large window decals nyc


Earlier, some businesses have used this space impressively by marketing their products in advance before the launch date. By the time the new products hit the shelf, people were already aware of them, and they showed interest in buying them. You can employ similar tactics while using window decals to attract more people and sales.

Get the Best Window Decals to Skyrocket Your Business Visibility

Since you know how simple window decals can make a big impact, you should not waste time by letting the window storefront stay empty. Install a well-designed, customized large window decal and see the visible results for yourself. If you’re unable to figure out which decal manufacturer you should head to, contact Signs New York for the best advice.

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