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Coroplast is one of the most popular forms of rigid signs. Also known as corrugated plastic signs, Coroplast uses two layers of this material to create a very durable type of rigid sign that can be customized for a variety of colors. Noted for its very affordable prices and easy customization, Coroplast signs make not only great rigid signs – they make great yard signs as well.

Our NYC Coroplast Sign Customization Options

Signs NY is a New York City sign company based in Brooklyn. We create one color, two color, and full color Coroplast signs not only to areas like Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, but also across NY and NJ. We have riders, stakes, and sign holders available for those that need them, and the ability to customize all components of the sign, including:

  • Shape – We are one of the few sign companies that can create custom shapes to match your business, using these durable corrugated plastic materials to ensure that your sign will withstand day to day indoor use.
  • Color(s) – We have nearly every color available, and may even be able to work with custom color requests to ensure that your sign matches your brand and your personality.
  • Prints and Designs – Not only can we place any logo, art, or text on these types of signs – we also have trained designers on staff, so if you decide you need a rigid sign with specific customization, our expert designers can help you make it.

Coroplast signs are best for indoor use, but can even be used temporarily outdoors as needed. These signs are also very easy to clean, which is advantageous in places like restaurants or on construction projects where dirt and dust are common. It’s strong enough that it can be closer to foot traffic without risking damage, and because it is so affordably priced, you can create backup signs without hurting your budget.

Signs NY also provides quick turnaround, so if you need a specific sign for any purpose we can help make sure it’s created for you. We also provide free, no obligation estimates, so if you are unsure if a Coroplast sign is right for you, we can let you know pricing, compare it to other sign materials, and see which one works best for your needs and budget.

With so much customization potential, it’s no wonder so many customers turn to Signs NY. If you’re interested in learning more about our custom signs, call us today at (718) 453-8300, and we’re happy to discuss all of our sign options with you.

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