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Window And Free Standing Light Boxes With Acrylic Or SEG Graphics

In the City that Never Sleeps, your ability to capture people’s attention at night is arguably just as important as your ability to capture their attention during the day.People need to see you, your brand, your products, and more. One of the best ways to do that is with a custom light box sign from Signs NYC. As the leading sign company in New York City and New Jersey, Signs NYC has a huge variety of light box sign options available. That way you can always have the perfect sign for your storefront or showroom.
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What Is A Light Box Sign?

A light box is a color graphic that not only advertises your location during the daytime, but can also light up at night in order to promote your business 24 hours a day. Light box signage acts as a beacon in the dark, allowing both your existing and your future customers to find your business after sundown. These types of lighted signs are especially effective in making your storefront stand out for the right reasons — whether in a highly trafficked area or crowded marketplace. If your business or organization is situated on a busy main road or congested urban street, you can rely on a lightbox to get the attention of drivers whizzing by or busy pedestrians rushing past on errands. Just like a lighthouse signals the presence of a safe harbor to ships at sea, a light box sign tells passersby that your location is an available and inviting destination to stop in and shop.

Best for

What type of illuminated sign boxes are available?

A light box can also sit in a front or side window in order to help advertise available products and services to the public. In addition to the benefits of light boxes as outdoor signs, they are also highly effective indoors. Whether announcing the presence of different departments, sales counters — or an additional business in a shared location — these front lit signs will effortlessly help bring customers to you.Some of the best examples of light box signs we have in our customizable, made to order stock include:

single sided sign cabinet new york city


The single-sided sign cabinets are best to use where they are mounted against a wall or in an area where traffic is generally from one direction.

double sided illuminated sign maker new york city


A double-sided sign has the same acrylic face on either side, allowing it to be seen regardless of which direction the audience is approaching from.

wall blade light box signs nyc


The wall blade option is one of the most common mountings for lightbox signage. The sign is mounted to the wall using a metallic structure just like a blade sign.

free standing light box signs nyc


Free-standing lightbox signs are independent structures that are affixed directly to the floor or ground, with this style you can stand out and make a statement in any situation.

wall mounted sign cabinet nyc


Lightboxes with a company name, services, contact information, and other information can be mounted on either interior or exterior walls of a business space.

partial lit light box signs nyc


Only specified sections of the sign are lit when this option is selected, they are great for emphasizing a company's name or logo.

Common Custom Business Light Box Signs

Basic Light Box Sign

The basic light box sign has florescent bulbs inside of a plastic or acrylic box that help light the image up front. While these signs can be painted, most of the basic light box signs come ready with an industry appropriate image and use acrylic panels to maximize the color and durability. They can be mounted on an exterior wall or used inside a front window.

Lighted Logo Sign

The key to customer loyalty begins with familiar logos they trust. Whether your brand is already a household name — or aspires to someday be one — these lighted signs convey professionalism, consistency, and longevity. The way to endear yourself to shoppers is to introduce yourself, and there’s no better way to do that then with a glowing logo that gives them confidence in their choice of where to do business.

Illuminated Sign Cabinets

Illuminated sign cabinets include aluminium sides for extra durability and shine and have tiers of invisible fluorescent lighting which help the sign appear brighter. While slightly more expensive than basic light box signs, these sign cabinets can decrease maintenance (because they fight rust) and look brighter to customers. They can be mounted flat or suspended from a bracket to hang over the sidewalk for increased visibility in both directions.

Lighted Logo Hanging Sign

A custom hanging sign is a great way to add some old-world charm while tastefully “sticking out” on a busy streetscape. Adding a light box will also make your sign more modern, vibrant, and visible at night — giving your storefront space the best of both worlds.

Lighted Window Sign

A more modern type of light box sign is the lighted window sign, which allows you to program text or graphics into its display and change them at a moment’s notice. These types of signs are great for venues, grocery stores, and even selling advertisements, and the colors and designs make them easily noticeable for customers.

Restaurant Illuminated Sign

The way to your patron’s hearts is not only through their stomachs, but their senses. A custom designed, visually pleasing lightbox sign for your eatery will not only welcome night-time diners — but it will also look great during the day. Our illuminated restaurant signage can be produced in any combination of shapes, sizes and colors that will make your arriving customers hungry for more.

Hand Written Lighted Sign

If you want something a bit more fun and spontaneous accompanied by custom art work, a hand written lighted sign is a great way to casually announce a bar, café, or other casual meeting place.

Pole Illuminated Sign

Great for shopping centers, supermarkets, and parking lots, a pole illuminated sign can accommodate the names of different businesses or just a larger sign for you.

custom illuminated sign cabinet nyc

What Are The Benefits Of Sign Cabinets?

In addition to the benefits of light boxes as outdoor signs, they are also highly effective indoors. Whether announcing the presence of different departments, sales counters — or an additional business in a shared location — these front lit signs will effortlessly help bring customers to you. A light box can also sit in a front or side window to help advertise available products and services to the public. Whether a gas station, hotel or auto repair shop, these signs can be seen from further distances — such as across a large parking area or a busy roadway. Our light boxes and sign cabinets are a great way for your business, your products, your services, and your graphics to always get noticed, no matter the industry. At Signs NYC, we make it easy to breathe new life into your business, with a stunning lighted sign that will transform any storefront into a brighter, more inviting place to visit.

Technical Specs

At Signs NYC, our staff of designers possesses the necessary creativity, along with an eye for consistent quality that can put together the perfect sign just for you. We will work with you on completely original designs, faithful reproductions of your own graphics or combinations of the two.

Not only can we craft original signs from scratch, we can also flawlessly incorporate existing logos and artwork into a new project, in order to provide consistent branding for your business or organization. We only use the most durable metals, water proofed connections, UL listed electronic parts, and the highest quality, thickest gauge of insulated wiring possible for every project in order to ensure both the safety and dependability of your valuable electric signage. 

Our light box signs come with custom printed faces, and they can be manufactured with either translucent or backlit film. All of our electric signs are also guaranteed in writing for one year, or the repair is on us. Whatever type of lighted sign you need, Signs NYC can not only create it but make sure it is safely and securely installed, and that it stays functioning for years to come. Our meticulous, diligent installation team has experience with a vast number of location and building types to get your sign installed quickly and correctly the first time. We pride ourselves on our courtesy and professionalism and will get your new sign in place with minimal inconvenience or interference to your day-to-day business.

Where Light Box Signs Are Used?

Illuminated sign cabinets can be used everywhere when a lighted sign is required, although they are most often utilized when visibility is required from a long distance, such as across a parking lot or from a street or highway. Some businesses that use these signs are:

shopping malls nyc


Sign cabinets are popularly used inside shopping malls to display outlet names and as free-standing light boxes for attracting customers.

retail stores nyc


The illuminated signs can be used in a variety of ways in retail environments to make businesses stand out from the competition.

food services


Single or double-sided lightboxes are used to display menu boards for cafes and restaurants that are highly visible and easy to read.

medical offices


Wall-mounted lightboxes are a great method to deliver essential information in medical offices and professional business settings.



Stadiums signs require high visibility and attention-grabbing features, and custom lightbox signs in big sizes are easy to spot.

bars nyc


The flexibility and multi-purpose use of lightboxes make them perfect for bars and nightclubs that require lit signs to attract audiences.

Lighted Sign Cabinet Maintenance

Not only can we design, fabricate, assemble, deliver, and install your beautiful new sign — we can also help maintain it for the length of its service life. While our signs last for years without fading, a bulb or small electrical component sometimes needs replacing. When your sign face does eventually need a touch up or a replacement, you can count on Signs NYC to be there and repair your sign without all the headaches of dealing with a third party.

At Signs NYC, we favor a long-term business relationship over a quick sale. During a repair, we always try to salvage as many of the older working parts as possible, in order to ensure your sign can get back to work, and your storefront can continue to look attractive and inviting for customers, as quickly — and with as little hassle or cost — as possible. We made our name and reputation through more than three decades of delivering effective and reliable sign solutions to thousands of satisfied loyal clients throughout New York and New Jersey.

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