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Custom Light Box Signs by Signs NYC

Welcome to Signs NYC, the leading provider of custom Illuminated Light Box Signs for businesses in New York City and New Jersey. Our light box signs are designed to enhance your storefront or window display, offering a bright and attractive way to convey your brand message day and night.

Our service covers the entire NYC area, including Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and all of New Jersey. We understand the importance of visibility in such vibrant and competitive environments, and our light box signs are crafted to stand out and withstand the elements, ensuring lasting quality and performance.

At Signs NYC, we prioritize your business’s specific needs and branding requirements, offering customizable solutions that fit your unique style and message. Our team is dedicated to delivering excellence from the initial design to the final installation, providing a seamless and efficient service.

Radiant Retail: Light Boxes for Enhanced Shopping Experiences

Light box signs can be used in various business settings to enhance visibility and attract attention. Here are some common applications:


A light box can also sit in a front or side window in order to help advertise available products and services to the public. In addition to the benefits of light boxes as outdoor signs, they are also highly effective indoors. Whether announcing the presence of different departments, sales counters — or an additional business in a shared location — these front lit signs will effortlessly help bring customers to you.Some of the best examples of light box signs we have in our customizable, made to order stock include:

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Standard Light Box Signs

These are the typical front-lit light boxes with a translucent panel and internal lighting, usually LED or fluorescent, that illuminates the sign face for easy visibility.

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Double-Sided Light Boxes

Ideal for hanging or standing out from a building, these signs are visible from both sides, often used in shopping malls, airports, or as street signage.

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The wall blade option is one of the most common mountings for lightbox signage. The sign is mounted to the wall using a metallic structure just like a blade sign.

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Free-standing lightbox signs are independent structures that are affixed directly to the floor or ground, with this style you can stand out and make a statement in any situation.

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Slim PROFILE Light Boxes

nown for their sleek profile, they are used where space is at a premium or a more subtle sign is needed. They're popular for indoor displays, menus, and retail advertising.

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Outdoor Light Boxes

Specifically designed to withstand the elements, these are robust and often have waterproofing and durable materials suitable for exterior use.

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What Are The Benefits Of Sign Cabinets?

Light box signs offer several benefits for businesses looking to enhance their visibility and attract more customers. Here are some of the key advantages:

Where Light Box Signs Are Used?

Illuminated sign cabinets can be used everywhere when a lighted sign is required, although they are most often utilized when visibility is required from a long distance, such as across a parking lot or from a street or highway. Some businesses that use these signs are:

shopping malls nyc


Sign cabinets are popularly used inside shopping malls to display outlet names and as free-standing light boxes for attracting customers.

retail stores nyc


The illuminated signs can be used in a variety of ways in retail environments to make businesses stand out from the competition.

food services


Single or double-sided lightboxes are used to display menu boards for cafes and restaurants that are highly visible and easy to read.

medical offices


Wall-mounted lightboxes are a great method to deliver essential information in medical offices and professional business settings.



Stadiums signs require high visibility and attention-grabbing features, and custom lightbox signs in big sizes are easy to spot.

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The flexibility and multi-purpose use of lightboxes make them perfect for bars and nightclubs that require lit signs to attract audiences.

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How We Work

At Signs NYC, we collaborate closely with you to craft custom light box signs that capture your brand’s spirit. From design through installation, our team ensures a seamless process with premium results. Your vision becomes a brightly lit reality, enhancing your business’s presence and appeal.

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Start by sharing your design files or images to convey your vision.

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Once your design is finalized, we move to meticulously crafting your sign with precision and quality

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You can request pickup, delivery or we can install.

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We’re happy to discuss all of our sign options with you, their prices, advantages, and more. We’re also available for lighted sign maintenance and repair if your sign has seen better days.

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