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Discover the magic of Sequin Signs that New York City can’t stop talking about. From Times Square to Wall Street, our signs have created waves with visual allure and interactive engagement. Don’t miss out on this branding sensation – let’s transform your NYC presence with Sequin Signs!

Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs

Indoor Signs

Reflective Panels For Backdrops And Events

At Signs New York, we have mastered the art of crafting sequin signs that effortlessly merge artistry, technology, and design. With 30 years of experience in creating visually stunning displays, our team understands the nuances of design aesthetics, color theory, and user engagement.

Whether you’re seeking to enhance your retail storefront, create a memorable trade show booth, or add a touch of enchantment to a special event, our sequin signs services are tailored to meet your unique requirements.

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What are Sequin Signs?

Sequin signs are like shiny decorations with small, flat, and sparkly called sequins on them. These sequins are put in a special way so they can change color or design when you touch or move them.

Sequin signs can take various forms, including wall art, banners, posters, and more. The sequins are attached to the surface in a way that allows them to be flipped or brushed in different directions, revealing different colors or designs depending on the angle of light and the movement of the sequins.

This effect can create an eye-catching and dynamic display, making sequin signs popular for home decor, parties, events, and retail displays.


Customizing Sequin Signs
for Tailored Brand Messaging

Custom Shape Options

Sequins can be accommodated into your custom signage according to the shape of the sign. Following are some custom shape options for a sequin sign:​

circle shape sequin signs


If you have a lot of space to fill in or if your sign is curvier, circular sequins are a good choice.

square shaped sequin signs


Square shaped signs are best for square or rectangular shaped signs. Their right angles and straight lines fill in the space more neatly.

hexagon shaped sequin signs


Like square shaped sequins, hexagonal sequins work well for square and rectangular shaped signs. They offer slightly better coverage and visibility.

Types of Sequin Signs

Sequin signs can be made entirely of sequined panels or incorporate them into other types of signs. For entirely sequined signs, which often include an image in the pattern instead of just a monochromatic color, sequins are available in many different colors, shapes, and sizes to portray images with clarity, detail, and depth. Partially sequined signs often, though not always, have a simpler overall design, but create a no less dazzling impression. Some signs that we have added sequin panels to include:​

shimmery sequin billboard signs nyc


Billboard sequin signs are an excellent and innovative kind of advertising. Billboard sequin advertising reaches a broader audience because of higher visibility than any other kind of signage. They are a fantastic and cost-effective means of promoting your business, allowing you to reach more people faster with attention-grabbing sequin patterns.

storefront sequance sign maker nyc


The retail business benefits greatly from storefront sequin signage as sequin is a great way to grab people's attention. Sequin signs work best in storefront windows and displays, on walls, draped around pillars, over mirrors, or as a curtain to divide a huge space and gain more exposure.

indoor solary display wall nyc


Indoor Sequin Sign is one of the most successful uses for sequin signs by making use of ambient light to be noticed and enhancing the interiors. Indoor sequin wall signs are ideal for any festive display, wall decor, or sale advertising.

sequin backdrop display wall signage


At Signs NYC, we provide a high-quality collection of sequin backdrops tailored to your specific needs for any occasion, event, decoration, photo booth, or indoor and outdoor advertising. Our Large Sequin Backdrops are the ideal backdrop for any photo booth or photographic business.

Our Sequin Sign Services

Custom Design

Our talented design team works closely with clients to bring their vision to life. Whether it's a corporate logo, an intricate pattern, or a mesmerizing image, we transform ideas into stunning Sequin Signs.

Event Signage

Make your events truly unforgettable with our Sequin Signs. Our signs are designed to make a statement from weddings and galas to product launches and brand activations.

Retail Enhancements

Elevate your retail space with eye-catching Sequin Signs that draw customers in and provide a unique shopping experience.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Stand out in the competitive world of trade shows with signage that sparkles, entertains, and effectively communicates your brand message.

Dj boorh Sequin signs nyc

What are the Benefits of Sequin Signs?

Sequin signs have distinct advantages over other types of custom signs for businesses. They can be seen both indoors and outdoors, and when maintained can last for years without fading or damage. The benefits of sequin signs that make them such a popular choice for custom signage are:​

Beyond the Ordinary

Sequin Signs as Unconventional Marketing Tools

Every company wants to stand out from the crowd, and many of our customers have informed us that investing in sequin signage has helped them accomplish exactly that. Sequin signs are used mostly in outdoor artworks, window displays, shop fronts, events, and theatres, etc. Signs New York designs every sequin sign according to your custom requirement, and we can also offer suggestions and expert design ideas.​


Interior Design and Home Decor

Sequin signs infuse homes with elegance, acting as statement pieces that enhance aesthetics and character in living spaces.

window frosting for retail stores

Events and Celebrations

From weddings to corporate gatherings, sequin signs transform event spaces, creating enchanting atmospheres and stunning backdrops.


Retail and Visual Merchandising

Retail displays adorned with sequin signs captivate customers, elevating the shopping experience and drawing attention to products.


Marketing and Branding

Brands use sequin signs to convey messages and promotions with a touch of glamour, making their campaigns memorable and eye-catching.

food services

Entertainment and Performance

In theater, concerts, and televised events, sequin signs enhance stages and sets, adding flair and intrigue to performances.

health care nyc

Hospitality and Luxury Venues

Luxury hotels and upscale establishments use sequin signs to create opulent and inviting atmospheres in lobby areas and event spaces.

Forever 21 SolaRay Time Square e1692397651336

Communicating Brand Messages Through Interactive Sequin Signs

Sequin signs offer businesses distinct advantages in both marketing and branding. Their dynamic appearance instantly grabs attention, making your message stand out in crowded spaces. The interactive nature of sequin signs creates memorable brand impressions, while their social media appeal generates free advertising.

Additionally, these signs position your brand as modern and forward-thinking, setting you apart from competitors. Embrace sequin signs to enhance visual impact, engage audiences, and cultivate a contemporary brand identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do sequin signs from work?

We employ flipping sequins in our Sequin Signs, creating changing visuals that captivate with dynamic light and texture interactions.

Can I customize the design of sequin signs?

Yes, customization is a hallmark of our service. You can personalize sequin signs with patterns, images, and even your own messages.

Are sequin signs suitable for outdoor use?

Our sequin signs are best suited for indoor environments to maintain their appearance and lifespan due to sensitivity to weather conditions.

What types of businesses benefit from sequin signs?

A range of businesses, including retail, events, hospitality, and exhibitions, can enhance their engagement and branding with our sequin signs.

What sizes are available for sequin signs?

We offer sequin signs in various sizes, ensuring adaptability to different spaces and application requirements.

Can sequin signs be used in trade show booths?

Absolutely, our sequin signs can enhance trade show booths, attracting visitors and creating a memorable brand presence as we specialize in.

Do sequin signs have different color options?

Yes, you can tailor our sequin signs to match specific brand aesthetics by selecting from a variety of color options we provide.

Can sequin signs be used for temporary events?

Yes, our sequin signs can be integrated into temporary events to provide a unique and eye-catching branding element we specialize in.

Can you provide examples of lobby signs you've created for other clients?

Certainly, we can showcase our portfolio to give you an idea of the variety and quality of lobby signs we've designed for previous clients.