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Temporary And Permanent Wall Wrap Solution

Large format printing makes it easy for businesses to make big, bold, eye-catching visual statements. This type of sign design requires a large printer, but the result is an eye grabbing type of signage that is capable of being viewed from long distances away, or able to showcase more complex designs at a closer range.
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What are Wall Wraps?

Wall wraps are adhesive vinyl and are the best way to transform any wall from interior flat walls to hard-to-stick surfaces like brick or concrete. They provide maximum opportunities to businesses to show their professional graphics on wall to their visitors. Wall Wraps are flexible and are printed on vinyl and can be applied with heat and specific hand tools. We offer professional wall wraps installation service covers every crack and crevice of a wall with its vinyl wall wraps.
The term “wall wraps” is sometimes used interchangeably with the term wall murals. In the sign-world, both may refer to the same item. But we often call them “Wraps” to make sure it’s clear that we’re talking about signage, compared to, for example, a wall mural that is painted on like art.
So, when it comes to products we offer at Signs NYC, a wall mural and a wall wrap are two terms for the same thing: a printed vinyl decal that’s large enough to cover all or part of all a wall. Since Signs NYC doesn’t offer signage directly painted onto a wall, we prefer to use the term wall wrap to avoid confusion when referring to this type of decal.

Types of Wall Wraps

Signs NYC provides a wide range of options for your wall wrap. Wraps are produced using digital direct printing, which means the design will appear precisely as seen, and we utilize color matching to get appropriate tones. Following are the standard types of wall wraps:
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Permanent Wall Wrap is ideal for long-term installation on both indoor or outdoor walls. The high-tack adhesive has excellent opacity and functions well on any surface, guaranteeing that your design will not peel away in the long run.

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Removable wall wraps are only temporary and will not damage the paint beneath when removed, you can change them whenever you want, without having to deal with the trouble of paint and wallpaper.

Technical Specs

With the durable vinyl material and the technologically advanced large format printing we have at Signs NYC, we’re able to fabricate wall wraps with sharp, beautiful images and personalized graphics you want in almost any custom shade of color you want. Logos, photographs, illustrations, and more can be added to your wrap with no need for approximating colors since we can use the exact Pantone matched color you want.

Material Options

We can add a matte or glossy finish to your wall wrap that will enhance your design to best suit your purpose for it. The strengths of these finishes include:
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Matte reduces glare from lights and is resistant to smudging and dirt. If your wrap is installed in a high traffic area, has a simpler design, or you expect photographs to be taken in front of it often, a matte finish is a good choice.



A glossy finish enhances the color and details in your wrap’s design and is easy and quick to clean. If your wrap design includes a photograph or a higher level of detail, a glossy finish is ideal.

These are just some of the details that it’s possible to include on your custom wall wrap to reach out to customers, raise morale in the office, and make your home a more personalized space. Our graphic sign designers can offer advice and guidance about our customization capabilities to help you create the perfect wall wrap for your purposes.

Often when people think of large signs, they think of billboards or large vinyl banners. But there are many other options available for those looking to make a statement, especially in NYC where sign real estate is at a premium. One option that offers many advantages to NYC businesses is the usage of wall wraps. If you are interested in wall wraps in NYC, make sure you call Signs NYC today.

Understanding Permanent and Removable Vinyl Wall Wraps

It’s not uncommon for businesses to install wraps that are only intended to be displayed for a limited period. That period can be anywhere from days to months to years, but at some point, it is likely the wall wrap in NYC will need to be removed.

If the design was painted or wallpapered on the wall, the removal process could be lengthy, expensive, and complicated. Thankfully, that isn’t the case for wall wraps. Removing a wall wrap is:

Wall wraps leave no residue or damage to the painted wall underneath it, and can be replaced without sanding, repainting, or other long processes.

Unfortunately, wall wraps aren’t reusable. The removal process weakens the adhesive, so it won’t stick to another surface nearly as well as the first, if at all. It also tends to stretch the design, so it doesn’t look as good as before. But because they are cost efficient, wall wraps can also be reprinted or replaced with a new design at any time.

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What are the benefits of Wall Wraps?

Our large format printing technology can produce vinyl wall murals in NYC that can adhere to smooth walls and provide detailed and vivid color, images, or text that convert the wall into something that immediately captures attention from those passing by. Wall wraps can be almost anything:

Since our large format printing technology can fabricate wall wraps with vivid coloration and high-definition images, many businesses are choosing wall wraps to inform and advertise to their customers as well as decorate their buildings. They’ve even become popular in people’s homes as an alternative to wallpaper.

Compared to wallpaper and other kinds of wall décor, wall wraps feature multiple advantages for both public and private use. They look great and are superior in terms of the design, fabrication, and display processes.

Industries Using Wall Wraps for Indoor Signage

More and more businesses using vinyl graphics in NYC for walls, knowing that these graphics can add to the ambiance of the store or office.

These are only a few of the many examples of how businesses are using removable vinyl decals and custom painted wall murals to maximize their exposure, change the way their properties “feel,” and otherwise make sure that their business offers something different inside and out. From coffee shops to apartment complexes, there are several ways to use these self-adhesive wall graphics.

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Many retail businesses use murals to show off models wearing their clothing or items, to display brands that they sell, to advertise sales, and so much more.



Many hotels add wall murals to give their business a feeling of class and sophistication, and to make sure their walls are not drab and unremarkable.

food services


Many restaurants in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the rest of the 5 boroughs use wall murals indoors to make visitors feel that they are in the country that originated the cuisine.

art galleries and creative spaces


Many art galleries in NYC use decals to share the artists, show off logos, or simply create a different appearance for the inside of their building.

corporate offices


Even businesses that do not have customers coming in and out use vinyl graphics in NYC for walls to make sure their office looks brighter and more comfortable to employees.

How to Install Wall Wraps?

Unlike painting and installing wallpaper, both of which require you to do a lot of preparation beforehand, wall wraps only need you to clean the wall and make sure it’s flat to ensure that each piece of the wrap adheres evenly. The basic installation process is:

We recommend letting our sign installation experts install it for you. Their skill and extensive experience with installing wraps and many other types of signage will ensure that the wrap is adhered evenly and effectively for an attractive and professional-looking end result.

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Contact Us Today For Custom Wall Wraps

No matter what kind of wall wrap or signage you need, Signs NYC can create it for you. Not only can we design it, we can also install, design, remove, and repair it. We have worked in the sign industry for decades, and as a result are well-known as one of the leading sign manufacturing companies in the New York City Area.

Our prices are highly affordable, especially with the wide variety of sign models and custom detail options we offer. We’ve created wraps and other kinds of signs for nearly every kind of business and organization there is and are excited to get started on your custom wall wrap as soon as possible.

If you’re interested in ordering a custom wall wrap from us or would like further information on our wall wraps or another one of our signs, please contact us today on our website for a quote, and let’s create your wall wrap or wall mural as soon as we can.

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