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Print and Cut To Shape Dibond (Aluminum Composite)

Rigid signs are sought out for their unique and professional look and durability. Signs NYC can offer dibond signs with a variety of custom size options, as well as custom shapes, colors, thicknesses, and more. Contact us today to get started.
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What Are Dibond Signs?

Dibond signs, also called aluminum composite panel signs, meet both those qualifications with ease, and make an excellent choice for both large and small indoor and outdoor signs.

Dibond signs are created by putting high-quality aluminum onto a solid polyethylene core. This gives it an attractive metallic look – which can be painted in full color or left monochrome – and makes it strong. It’s also very affordable compared to other kinds of metal signs, allowing you to get the look you want for your sign for less.

The resiliency of dibond signs is perhaps its key feature. They can handle extreme weather better than many other types of affordable rigid signs. They’re rustproof, waterproof, rot proof, and chemically resistant, so you can be confident that not only are you getting a high-quality sign for a great initial price, it will be with you for a long time.

Types of Dibond Signs

Dibond is a high-quality signage option that offers an effective alternative to other metals and can be customized according to your company’s branding and signage requirements. Different types of Dibond signs can be used in various ways from small nameplates to large lobby signs. Following are the types of Dibond signs we offer at Signs NYC:
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Each Dibond logo sign is cut precisely to the required size, shape, and form using an automated procedure on a CNC router.

directional dibond signs


Directional Dibond signs can be laminated with a reflective coating or a brushed aluminum finishing for added visibility outdoors at night time.

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The elevator signs are either wall-mounted, by drilling holes using a CNC router, or smaller and lightweight signs are affixed using adhesive backing or Velcro.

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With digital printing, any graphic or photo can be printed on one or both sides, the UV inks give a variety of colors and precise gradients for photograph printing.

Technical Specs

Dibond signs combine a very high-quality appearance, with a much less expensive composite material. It is a commonly used sign in directional signs, branded logo signs, name signs, and much more. It has a modern look that is very popular and is surprisingly customizable for those that want something more unique to their business. Dibond has several advantages over other materials, including:
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What Are The Benefits Of Dibond Signs?

Dibond signs have both a high-quality look and the ability to last longer than many other types of signs because of the combination of aluminum and a polyethylene plastic core. Dibond signs are one of the most popular types of signs that Signs NYC offers for several reasons, including:

What are the features of Dibond Signs?

The key characteristic of rigid signs like dibond signs is durability. They’re resistant to damage like bending, breaking, or warping at varying degrees depending on the material they’re made of, and are easily cleaned and cared for because of their smooth surfaces. You can see dibond signs just about anywhere you are because they’re so commonly used for any and every type of outdoor sign.

Contractor, real estate, and directional outdoor signs are frequently made of dibond because they’re so durable, even compared to other kinds of rigid signs. They’re also effective as indoor signs and last even longer out of the weather for organizations and events like tradeshows, universities, and corporate buildings. Smaller dibond signs are lightweight and relatively easy to install, but if you need it, Signs NYC does offer installation services for our signs. CNC router holes can be requested during the ordering process and drilled to make attaching them to a pole or wall easier.

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Where Dibond Signs Are Used?

A Dibond sign can be used both indoors and outdoors, it serves as a perfect tool when your business needs a long-lasting sign. They can be printed with eye-catching graphics and used for advertising, artwork, or providing directions in a building. Some of the businesses that commonly use aluminum composite signs are as follows:
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Dibond signs are famous for real estate outdoor signs because they are durable compared to other kinds of rigid signs.

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Aluminum Composite signs are used for elevator signs and building management signs because of their lightweight and flexibility.

it companies nyc

IT companies

IT companies use professional-looking aluminum composite signs that have a shiny classic appearance and long-lasting qualities.

coffee shops nyc

Coffee Shops

The customization of Dibond signs with photo printing and color variation makes Dibond a material often chosen for coffee shop signage

food services


Metal letters are used to display department names, classroom numbers, meeting rooms, and other significant places in a school and university.

construction companies


Custom Dibond signs are preferred for contractor signs because of their strong UV resistance and water resistance features.

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Signs New York excels in creating Dibond signs that offer exceptional durability and a sleek, professional appearance. Made from aluminum composite material, our Dibond signs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, providing weather resistance and long-lasting performance. Ideal for business signage, real estate, and architectural displays, our Dibond signs ensure your message stands out with sophistication.

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Dibond signs are just one of the hundreds of sign options available from Signs NYC. Serving Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island, along with the surrounding New York and New Jersey area, Signs NYC is the single best source for top notch signs. We have some of the quickest turnaround times in the business and use only the highest quality materials available.No matter what you want your custom sign to look like, we can make it happen with our expert sign designers and manufacturers. If you’d like to know more about our sign options, need a free estimate, or want us to get started on your sign, use our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dibond signs are made of a composite material consisting of two thin aluminum sheets sandwiching a solid polyethylene core, providing durability and a sleek finish.