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Dance Floor Wraps

With Signs NYC, the dance floor becomes more than just a place to move—it’s a narrative woven by your vision and our design expertise. As a leader in dance floor wrap services, we offer a comprehensive package: personalized design, precision installation, and seamless removal, all tailored to the rhythm of your event’s unique needs.

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Transform Your Event With
Custom Dance Floor Wraps

At Signs New York, we specialize in creating exquisite dance floor wraps that are the centerpiece of any celebration. With our custom dance floor wraps, your event is elevated, creating a one-of-a-kind experience that resonates with elegance and personal expression.

From grand weddings to intimate celebrations, corporate events to milestone parties, our dance floor wraps are the perfect finishing touch to any event, ensuring that every step taken on the dance floor is a step remembered. Let us help you create not just a stunning visual focal point, but an immersive experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Some of Our Previous Work

Check out our gallery of previous work to see the high-quality wraps we have created for our clients.

What is a Dance Floor Wrap?

A dance floor wrap is a type of vinyl decal designed for the surface of dance floors. These can be as simple as a solid color to match a particular theme or as elaborate as a custom-printed design featuring graphics, logos, monograms, or patterns. Dance floor graphics are often used at weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special occasions to add a personalized touch to the venue.

Dance floor decals are typically made from a durable, slip-resistant vinyl that can withstand the wear and tear of guests dancing on them. They are adhered to the existing dance floor using a special adhesive that is strong enough to keep the wrap in place during the event but can be removed without causing damage to the underlying floor.

Our skilled graphic artists will collaborate with you to craft a stunning design for your wedding dance floor decal, making adjustments until it meets your vision. We use advanced printing technology and top-quality 3M and Avery cast vinyl for a premium finish. Our team will handle the installation and removal of the wrap, ensuring a seamless experience for you.

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Why Choose Us for
Dance Floor Decals?

High-Quality Materials

Only the best for your special day. We use premium 3M and Avery vinyl for a finish that's not just stunning to look at, but one that lasts the whole night through.

Tailored to Your Taste

Whether it's your wedding initials or a vibrant graphic design, our custom wraps ensure your floor is as unique as your event.

Safety First

Dance with confidence. Our wraps are designed with a slip-resistant surface to keep the party going, worry-free.

Perfect Fit

No matter the size or shape of your venue's dance floor, we guarantee a seamless fit.

No Matter Where You Are
Signs NYC Has Got You Covered!

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Your Exclusive
Floor Wrap Design Awaits

Whether you’re orchestrating a dream wedding or a corporate event, our dance floor wraps are the perfect blend of durability and elegance, ensuring a safe and splendid experience for every guest. Trust in Signs New York to deliver excellence and sophistication to your special occasion. Closed on Sundays, but in case of rush or urgent situation, text us 718-453-8300 or email us