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Video Surveillance Signs


Part of owning any property, including HPD buildings, is protection. It is important for your property and your tenants to have various forms of security installed in order to make sure that the building, the people, and the assets housed inside of it are all protected from theft and harm. Many property owners and building managers install security cameras, especially at entrance places, as a way to keep the property safe. But security cameras alone are often not enough. You may also want to consider a video surveillance sign.
no trespassing surveillance security sign

What Are Video Surveillance Signs?

24 hour video monitoring is important for catching crime. But even more important is preventing crime. Video surveillance signage, especially near the entrance or outdoors, is the best way to make sure that potential criminals are aware of the risk in trying to harm your property. They are especially common on HPD buildings, but may be used on any type of commercial or residential space.

These signs can be customized with different graphics, materials, and text. As long as they are clear and easy to process, you can create essentially any type of sign that clearly indicates that there is a camera present. The most common text on these signs includes information such as:

Types of Video Surveillance Signs

What are the benefits of Video Surveillance Signs?

HPD has many required building signs. These security camera signs are not required, but are still encouraged for those that have security on the property. Some of the benefits of these signs include:

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Material Options

Indoor and outdoor video surveillance signs benefit from different material options, form, and more. Talk to us if you’re not sure about your sign material choices.

pvc with metal


There are many different types of metal used for video surveillance signs. Aluminum is one of the most popular, durable metals for outdoor customized signs.

corrugated plastic nyc


Corrugated plastic material is a rigid plastic usually used for manufacturing lightweight and long-lasting video surveillance signs that work well outdoors.

Why Surveillance Signage is Important?

There may also be legal issues with cameras that are not clearly labeled, which is why it is useful for all property managers to consider placing a sign at minimum near the entrance to warn others that 24 hour video monitoring is taking place. Some signs also add a warning for trespassers.

As for colors, it’s important to make it clear that the sign is a warning. Black on white, red on white, or yellow and black on white are recommended, although other color combinations may still be effective.

Check Complete Building Signs Catalog. Since the surveillance sign will be outdoors in the NYC weather, it also helps to make sure the sign is printed on outdoor safe materials.

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Where Video Surveillance Signs Are Used?

Every business in the corporate, financial, construction, and education sector prefers their customers and employees’ security as their top priority, and constant video surveillance is one of the ways to make sure that any harm, violation of rules is recorded. Video surveillance signs are a professional way of informing the audiences that they are being watched. Some of the industries that use these signs are:



Government Buildings usually use surveillance signs in both indoor offices and outdoor building areas along with security cameras for extra safety measures.

corporate offices


The corporate sector uses highly visible and easy-to-read signs to make sure all the clients are professionally informed about the act of video surveillance.


Health Care

Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-locate surveillance signs in waiting areas, outside operation theatres, reception areas, and other facilities.



Video camera signs for financial offices are a necessary tool for added security from wrong acts and a feeling of safety for customers.

schools and universities


University area entrances, exits, and other significant places are marked with video surveillance signs to inform the passersby about the CCTV cameras.

food services

Food Service

Food services use warning video surveillance signs on entrances, exits, reception areas, and other significant places inside a restaurant and outdoor cafes as well.


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