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At Signs NYC, we have created graphics on every surface imaginable, from billboards and brick walls to windows and roofs. It’s not surprising that in a place like New York City — where real estate is at such a premium — that those large expansive spaces built into the floor plans of so many retail locations, building entrances, lobbies, and office bullpens are the perfect place to introduce your organization to others.

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Have you ever imagined how much more room could be utilized for branding purposes if you were able to transform currently undecorated floor space — using a variety of unique custom graphics — in a way that showcases your logo, products, and services? Signs NYC floor decals and graphics can change the entire look and functionality of an office, retail store and showroom or conference area.

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What Are Floor Signs?

Floor Graphics are a form of real-life advertising that serve as landmark visual experiences for the public. They captivate viewers and foster a professional business image with a lasting first impression. Square footage for advertising space can be a costly commodity for in any location, and nowhere is that fact truer than in the New York-New Jersey Metropolitan Area.
Floor graphics are durable signs that can be used in nearly any size, font, or image, with the only limit being your location size. You’ll find these signs on the floor of restaurants, at clothing outlets, movie theaters, gyms, malls, and anywhere that requires a sign with excellent durability and quality design, without the associated costs of refinishing a floor.
Floor decals are easy to apply, clean, and remove when they are ready to be changed — whether for a rebranding campaign, seasonal rotation, or just replaced with a fresh one. Our customized floor decals have a seamless, permanent look that exudes a stylish, high-end appeal, whether in Manhattan or Queens, the Bronx or New Jersey.

Types of Floor Graphics

Have you ever imagined how much more room could be utilized for branding purposes if you were able to transform currently undecorated floor space — using a variety of unique custom graphics — in a way that showcases your logo, products and services? Signs NYC floor decals and graphics can change the entire look and functionality of an office, retail store and showroom or conference area.
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Custom floor decals are made with calendered vinyl and a durable laminate covering, printed with fade-resistant UV ink. With a custom floor decal, you can provide directions, advertise sales, divert traffic, and much more.

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Long-lasting sidewalk vinyl decals sparkle in any location at any time. They are designed to resist both foot and rolling vehicle use and are used to provide proper directions and in parking lots.

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Custom road graphics are abrasion and weather-resistant, it can be placed on flexible to unsmooth or uneven surfaces, and removed without the use of special tools or extra effort, and are certified slip-resistant.

Technical Specs

At Signs NYC, we use high-quality vinyl and CMYK printing to convert any design to a custom floor decal. Vinyl can be printed with any image and color. Sizing is as adaptable as any other aspect. Following are the customization options:

Common Sizes & Weight

Color & Thickness

Material Options

Floor decals are printed using fade-resistant UV inks that can endure abrasion, and the vinyl is coated with a glossy layer that seals in the ink even more after printing. Unique shapes, such as letters or a corporate logo, as well as custom sizes, can also be made easily. Following are the material options:

adhesive vinyl


Adhesive vinyl is printed on both white and transparent adhesive vinyl material, it provides rich color saturation and sharp high definition graphics.

3m avery


3M is the standard vinyl that is popularly used for decals, it comes in transparent, semi-opaque, and opaque white options.

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What are the Benefits of Floor Advertising?

Floor signs offer immediate exposure that stimulates the senses and garners the loyalty of customers, guests, and employees. A floor is essentially a blank canvas that, with the right design, can provide an eye-catching promotional tool that begins to tell newcomers your story and shares your entrepreneurial vision with others. Plus, these floor decals do a great job of informing the public — whether it is about your special products and services, or even just as directional markers to different departments and rooms.
Floor graphics have also been scientifically proven (more on that later) to grab customers’ attention and influence their purchasing decisions.
Create a customized look for any office or sales space and effortlessly facilitate any marketing strategy, using vivid and industry specific floor graphics in your choice of colors, fonts and images. Since vinyl decals are both relatively inexpensive and long lasting, there really is no better way to cover an entire floor — or even a partial one — and create a friendly welcoming atmosphere that features your business’s own unique identifiers, than with vinyl floor graphics.

Industries That Use Floor Graphics

Nearly all major businesses tend to use floor decals in some way, due to their immediate accessibility to pedestrians and ability to create the right type of atmosphere for guests. They allow you to visually “own” your client’s spatial-sensory experience from the get-go and transmit important information on a human scale.

The floor signs can be seen at any location with foot traffic, including:

movie theaters nyc


Floor graphics are popular at movie theatres and events to display decoration or directions to guests and advertise upcoming events.

shopping malls nyc


For guiding customers in shopping malls, arrows and other directional signs are helpful when applied directly to the floor.

food services


Customized decals are used on restaurant floors for diverting customers to correct seating areas and maintain social distancing.

health care nyc


Logos, designs, and colorful graphics are printed on decals for an interactive environment at spas and health clubs,

car dealerships nyc


Custom-cut decals in unique shapes and providing information and promoting sales are popularly used at car dealership businesses.

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The most convenient and cost-effective way for building management is by applying floor decals from start to end of lobby areas.

corporate offices


By adding customized graphics to the floor, you can improve the aesthetics of your office as well as the overall brand of your company.

amusement parks nyc


High visibility in vivid colors catches attention at amusement parks for diverting traffic to the destined zones accordingly.



Floor decals are used for providing directions to the people on airport premises to easily get to their desired locations.

healthcare facilities nyc


Marking navigation to rooms and facilities in hospitals is done with easy-to-read and highly visible floor graphics.

supermarkets & pharmacies nyc


With the floor as your display area in supermarkets and pharmacies, you can display sales and promotions, offers, brands, directions, and much more.

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Floor decals are frequently used to promote a brand with logos and decorate the space for holidays and events at big box stores.

Installation Of Floor Graphics

At Signs NYC, we know that in order for your business to flourish, it needs to stand out from the pack. That’s why we offer original, in-house graphic design that makes every job a special order. We also know your location needs to always look professional and flawlessly decorated in a way that both instills brand confidence and asserts market dominance.

It’s for that reason our entire painstaking manufacturing process takes place at our Brooklyn headquarters and our experienced team of professional installers are known throughout the Tri State Area and beyond for their expert skill, professionalism, diligence and courtesy.

For over 30 years, we’ve controlled quality every step of the way in order to maximize both production value and customer satisfaction. We can put our heads together with you to create new graphics from scratch, carry out faithful reproductions of an existing logo, or mix and match for any number of combinations between the two.

We keep you in mind, in order to create and install the types of floor graphics you want, and welcome any creative input at whatever level our clients would like to participate.

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Why Floor Graphics Are Important in Indoor Signage?

Floor graphics have also been scientifically proven (more on that later) to grab customers’ attention and influence their purchasing decisions.

Commercial psychologists have found that more than 70% of in-person purchasing decisions are made at or near the point of sale. A recent study on floor graphics by The Center for Advanced Retail & Technology, an international marketing research organization, found the following:

Another study undertaken by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute published results stating that in retail spaces where floor graphics were placed in front of sales displays, customers were 64% more likely to stop and examine the products being presented.

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The Signs NYC team includes selected designers with decades of combined experience creating custom floor signs for businesses — including all the custom shapes and sizes — throughout the five boroughs of New York City and New Jersey. There is no limit, except your square footage, to what you can accomplish with our floor sign graphics.

If you are interested in learning more about our floor signs, or you’d like to inquire about our many other signage solution options, please feel free to use our website for a free quote. Our team is committed to exceeding your expectations for both total service satisfaction and a beautiful finished product that you’ll love.

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