Duratrans Printing

Most of us might have started forgetting the Kodak story, but not for ardent photographers. Eastman Kodak Company has managed to etch its name deep in the history of photography through its numerous contributions to the field. One key contribution is the Duratrans photographic and printing technique.
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What Is Duratrans Printing?

Duratrans is the shortened name for the Endura Transparency technique. This technique was developed and so named in Kodak Company in mid-1979. It refers to large sized backlit transparent color films. The Duratrans name has been adapted to encompass all forms of large display backlit display materials.
In the printing technique graphics are printed on a translucent base film. It is also possible to print them on a transparent base. In the latter, a milky backside membrane, the diffuser, is added to increase the light dispersion across the whole surface.

Examples of Duratrans Printing

Technical Specs

As you might notice, duratrans offer so many advantages when it comes to display. Whenever thinking of advertising, it should be among your first choices. Get a couple of trustworthy graphic design printers to help you in this pursuit. You won’t regret it.
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What are the benefits of Duratrans Printing?

Since its advent Duratrans has been preferred for the following reasons:

Duratrans Print Signage Applications

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Most superstores have illuminated signs just above the cashiers. To make sure that customers can see these signs (and cut costs) most stores choose to use backlit displays for such signages.

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Ever been lost in the airport? Did you have to use the direction pointer signs? You might have been interacting with Duratrans sign. For the same reasons of illumination and cost, most airports and rail stations choose to use Duratrans.

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The background behind many news anchors and talks show hosts are specially formulated to capture and use backlight. These backgrounds are normally stretched horizontally and emblazoned with city landscapes or company logos. The light-diffusing property works well in creating a balanced light across the background.

Why Duratrans Printing is High In Demand?

Duratrans are widely used these days because of the superb advantages that they offer. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of Duratrans below:

Photographic Quality

One of the best ways to set your business apart from your competition is to create a unique appearance. Having a professional looking sign is a great way of doing so. When you use Duratrans with your sign, it will create a high quality as well as professional looking appearance that you are looking for.

Appeal People Naturally

When the colors are bright, people are naturally more satisfied with them. Duratrans make your sign a piece of beauty and art so that leave your customers noticing and commenting about it. You might also hear your customers saying that the sign was the most memorable aspect of your business that helped them to remember your product or service.

Superior Color Transparency

Creating signs that are pronounced, true, and sharp are essential for the success of your business. Go for the streaky colors or the ones that fades from one area to the next call into the question of what your business offers.

Clarity, Contrast, and Sharpness

If you want the right sharpness, clarity, and focus on your images, nothing can help you better than Duratrans. The manufacturing process of Duratrans make sure that the image is not blurry or cloudy. Most of the business have signs that are muddy and unclear. This problem does not occur when you use Duratrans.

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We offer highly professional models and configurations of LED backlit signs and light boxes for Duratrans backlit graphics. We print on Duratrans in 8 color eco-solvent inks that produce stunningly rich and vibrant prints that last 20 times longer than other prints. Besides that, they are scratch and water resistant, and can withstand direct UV sunlight for years to remain bright and vivid. Our professional and pro-active customer service has enabled us to maintain a bond of trust with our customers.
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