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Every detail matters in branding, and office door signs are no exception. Customized signs that align with a company’s brand identity not only guide visitors but also reinforce the brand’s presence and ethos at every turn.

Display Your Company Name And Logo With A Office Door Sign

Your office isn’t just a space; it’s an extension of your brand’s identity. At Signs New York, we understand the power of individuality. Our personalized office door signs go beyond labels – they encapsulate your essence. 

With over 30 years in New York’s sign industry, serving all five boroughs, we’ve honed our craft while embracing the city’s energy. When you choose our door signs, you’re not just getting signage; you’re making a statement about who you are. Let your office door signs embody your uniqueness, and let your brand shine in every detail.

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What Are Door Signs?

Office door signs are placards, labels, or nameplates positioned on office doors or nearby walls to communicate specific details about the room or its occupants. They play a pivotal role in identification, direction, and information dissemination, ensuring a polished look and streamlined navigation within an office space.

Not only do office door signs enhance navigation and recognition, but they also elevate the overall aesthetics and professionalism of an office ambiance. Crafted from a range of materials like plastic, metal, wood, and acrylic, these signs can be engraved, printed, or even presented in digital forms. 


Different Types Of Door Sign Options

Nameplate Door Signs Nyc


These are the most common type of office door sign. They display the name of the person occupying the office or cubicle. They might also include the person's title or department.

Rood door signs nyc

Room Identification Signs

These signs identify the purpose or function of a room. Examples include "Conference Room," "Break Room," "Server Room," or "Training Room."

maximum occupancy door sign

Occupancy Status Signs

These signs indicate whether a room is occupied or available. They are commonly used for conference rooms or shared offices and might have sliding indicators with labels like "In Use" or "Available."

Directional signs door sign

Directional Signs

In larger office complexes, directional signs help guide visitors or staff to specific locations or departments. They might indicate directions to the "Marketing Department," "Restrooms," or "Exit."

Informational door signs nyc

Informational Signs

These provide specific guidelines or information about a particular area. For instance, "No Food or Drink Allowed," "Quiet Zone," or "Authorized Personnel Only."

Door Title signs nyc

Title Signs

Apart from the name, these signs also display the title or position of the individual, such as "Director of Sales" or "Human Resources Manager."

reception signs door sign

Department Signs

These signs are placed at the entrance of a department and display the name of the department, such as "Accounting," "Research & Development," or "Customer Service."

home design custom signs door sign

Custom Signs

These are personalized signs that can be designed to fit specific office needs. They can include company logos, specific fonts, or colors that match the company's branding.

Fire case safety signs door sign nyc

Safety and Compliance Signs

In certain office areas, especially those that house equipment or chemicals, signs might be needed to indicate safety protocols or warn about potential hazards.

Simple Steps to Order

Embrace the power of office door signs – they’re more than just signs; they’re the keys to a seamlessly functioning, harmonious workspace.

If your project is a rush or requires special attention to detail, give us a call at 718-453-8300.

Customize office name plate Signs

There are several specifications when it comes to the customization of signs for aluminum and glass doors. The choice of material, design, shape, size, color, and finishing options all depend on your requirements and business needs. Office signs can be customized in a variety of ways, allowing you to be as innovative as possible. The following options are available at Signs NYC:

Sizes & Shapes


Material Options

Different locations, usages, company cultures or industries may require different materials for office signage. From wood to glass, metal to plastic, we always carry every conceivable material a sign can be constructed from in stock. Whether you need something clean, sleek and modern or a more classic or historical style, we can help to set the right tone in any location with materials that will both look great and last forever.



Make your door signs out of solid brass to set them apart from other forms of office signage. They have an ancient feel to them, which complements your interiors.



Acrylic material is durable and can have the same clear, smooth surface as glass while being considerably lighter, perfect for backing vinyl print office signs.



Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a strong and long-lasting sign material that is ideal for permanent interior office signs, nameplates, information panels, and notice boards.



Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality office signs that look flawlessly professional.

Design Options

Signs NYC has experienced design experts that can suggest the best and innovatively customized sign design for your door. From material customization to sliding door signs, we can custom create office signs according to your needs to enhance your business space. Following are the most popular design options available:

Raised Letters

Raised letters on doors create a 3D effect and add a tremendous amount of dimension to your sign which attracts the eyes of your customers.

Brushed Finishing

Brushed finishing is a popular finish usually used for metal office signs, it gives a flawless satin finish and adds a shiny coating to the sign.

Vinyl on Acrylic

Vinyl is an easily customizable form of sign material and acrylic backs look like glass, but are durable, combining both creates a modern office sign.

Polished Finishing

The polished finish provides a better coating and looks that is consistent throughout the lifespan of the office sign.

Custom Painted

Office Signs can be painted in a variety of different colors to make sure there's something to match everyone's interiors or exteriors.

Square and Rounded Corners

Door Signs can be made in any custom shape with either square or rounded corners that are not blunt and flawlessly polished to match the design.

Different Types Of Aluminum And Glass Doors Sign Options

Signs NYC is the leading provider of all types of office signs, servicing all of the boroughs of New York City — from Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens to the Bronx — and much of the rest of the Tri State Area, including New Jersey. Our office signs are of the highest quality and include some of the greatest values in deals for your dollar out there. We offer every type of office sign you could possibly need, including original custom creations. Some of our most popular informational signs include:

name plates


Nameplates are a useful addition to many types of properties and offices and an effective way to display important information on the doors.

office entrance door signs


Office Signs keep your office entrance organized in a variety of ways, distinguish between push and pull doors, inform of automated doors, or restricted areas.

surgical room signs


For your hospital, clinic, or recovery area, use a Surgical Room Sign to inform patients about service prices, the waiting room, payment methods, and basic standards.

test room signs


Test Room Signs help you keep control of your facility and prevent unauthorized people from compromising your security policies.

classroom signs


Signs for Classroom doors are vital to make it easier for students, staff, and visitors to navigate the school/university area.

directional signs


Directional signs are necessary for visitors’ instructions so your guests/customers can navigate your facility easily and conveniently.

Why are Door Signs Important?


Office door signs simplify navigation and prevent confusion, enhancing productivity and efficiency.


Well-designed signs contribute to a professional and organized environment, leaving a positive impression on visitors.

Safety and Compliance

Safety and accessibility signs ensure a safe workspace and compliance with legal requirements.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Occupancy and room function signs streamline room booking and utilization, saving time and resources.

roosevelt conference room door signs

Our Office Signage Solutions


Office Door Signs in Action

In addition to the standard office signage, many businesses and workplaces prefer door signs for their cubicles, offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms, waiting rooms, etc. They can either be mounted on a glass door or a wooden or metal surface. Door signs are best used by companies that have interior office space. 



Door signs are used to display department names, classroom numbers/names, meeting rooms, and other significant places in a university.



Government Buildings use customized door signs in a variety of shapes and sizes both indoors as office signs and outdoors for notice displays, timings, etc.



Information signs are a great tool to promote or deliver essential information in corporate offices and professional business settings.



Office signs for financial offices are the most popular choice for gaining a professional look with long-lasting signage.

food services


Food services use custom door signs for grabbing attention and displaying information, menus, opening hours, etc.

health care nyc


Hospitals and health care facilities use easy-to-read door signs for navigation, displaying information, and marking rooms and facilities.

storage room door signs
Crafting Compliance

Office Door Signs and Regulatory Standards

In essence, office door signs aren’t just aesthetic additions to a workspace; they are fundamental components that ensure inclusivity, safety, and compliance with legal regulations. By understanding their role in regulatory frameworks, businesses can harness the potential of office door signs to create a workplace that prioritizes both functionality and the well-being of everyone within it.
Designing Effective Office Door Signs

Clear, Durable, and Branded

Crafting impactful office door signs demands clarity. Opt for legible fonts, apt colors, and unambiguous symbols to ensure immediate comprehension. A quick glance should convey the sign’s purpose effortlessly.

Material choice matters. Select durable materials for signs that withstand time and busy environments. This maintains their functionality and visual appeal over the long term.

Furthermore, office door signs serve as extensions of your brand. Incorporate logos and colors for consistent representation, turning these signs into more than just information tools – they become integral elements of your workspace’s identity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need office door signs in my workspace?

Office door signs streamline navigation, make a professional impression, and help visitors and employees find their way efficiently.

Can I customize office door signs to match my brand's look?

Absolutely! Personalize door signs with your logo, brand colors, and preferred fonts to ensure they blend seamlessly with your workspace aesthetics.

How do I know which type of office door sign suits my space?

Consider your specific needs – whether it's identifying rooms, indicating availability, or enhancing branding – to choose the perfect door sign type.

Are office door signs required to meet any regulations?

Yes, regulations ensure safety and accessibility. ADA compliance, fire safety codes, and workplace standards guide the design and placement of office door signs.

What materials are best for office door signs that last?

Choose durable materials like metal, acrylic, or quality plastics for long-lasting signs that withstand everyday wear and tear.

How can office door signs contribute to my workspace's vibe?

Door signs aren't just functional; they can enhance your workspace's vibe by incorporating design elements, creating a unified look that aligns with your brand.

Where can I get more guidance on choosing the right office door signs?

Our team is here to assist you! Feel free to reach out for expert advice, custom solutions, and assistance in selecting the perfect office door signs for your space.

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