Work in Progress Signs


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Work In Progress Signs

Work in progress (WIP) signs are required by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB) on all construction sites. These signs must be placed on any side of the building facing the street and must be at least 36.5 inches by 55 inches in size.

A work in progress sign must include a rendering of the building exterior or zoning diagram, including the type of building, the anticipated completion date, and the contact information for the owner and contractor.


At Signs New York, we’re your trusted local contractor signs partner in New York City, specializing in crafting fully compliant Work in Progress signs that meet all DOB regulations. 


You need a work in progress (WIP) sign when conducting any construction or maintenance work that could pose a hazard to the public. The sign should be placed in a visible location so that people will be aware of the work and take appropriate precautions.

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Types of sign required at construction sites

Construction site signs are used for many types of construction projects, including new construction, restorations, and demolitions. They can also be utilized in road construction and other outside operations where their presence will safeguard both employees and passersby.
Residential Work In Progress Signs for New York City

Work in Progress Residential

A work in progress sign is intended to keep everyone informed of a construction project or roadside repair while it is in process. These are important in high-traffic areas or when ongoing work poses a risk.
Work in Progress Sign for Commercial Projects

Work in Progress Commercial

A work in progress sign is intended to keep everyone informed of a construction project or roadside repair while it is in process. These are important in high-traffic areas or when ongoing work poses a risk.

demolition work in progress sign

Work in Progress Demolition

A Demolition sign is used to notify passers-by that a site/building is scheduled for demolition so the people are informed of disturbances such as loud sounds, road closures, disruptions in electrical supply, etc.
Construction Site Informational Panel Signs

DOB Informational Panel

Construction Site Panel signs contain important information that is essential for both business and legal purposes, for instance, details of the contractor and the project name and a visual depiction of the final result.
OSHA Site Safety Sign EN

OSHA 30 HR DOB Required Construction Sign

The “OSHA 30-Hour DOB Required Construction Sign” is displayed at construction sites to indicate that workers must have completed the OSHA 30-Hour training as mandated by the New York City Department of Buildings (DOB). The sign serves as both a legal requirement and a safety measure.
Site Safety Sign Spanish

Site Safety Sign - Spanish

Site Safety training signs ensure worker safety before entering a risk zone, such as signs indicating a heavy machinery zone, harmful chemical regions, wearing safety shoes, slippery floor indicators, etc.
new york community homes renewal project panel 1

HCR Project Sign Panel Sign

All projects receiving funding from New York State Homes and Community Renewal shall post a Project Sign at the project construction site(s) complying with the HCR Project Sign Specifications and Templates

When and why do you need work in progress signs?

Public Safety

One of the primary purposes of Work in Progress signs is to alert pedestrians and drivers that they are entering an area where work is being conducted. This warning encourages people to proceed with caution, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Legal Compliance

Regulatory agencies often require the use of specific signage in work zones. Failure to comply can result in fines, stop-work orders, and other legal repercussions. These signs ensure that contractors and companies meet local, state, and federal regulations.

Worker Protection

Workers are also at risk in active work zones. Proper signage alerts the public to the presence of workers, thereby helping to lower the risk of work-related accidents. The signs can act as a first line of defense in safeguarding those who are conducting the work.

Public Information

WIP signs can convey essential details about the work being conducted, such as the type of work, the expected duration, and even whom to contact for more information. This aids in transparency and allows the public to plan their activities around the work area better.

Traffic Management

In road construction or repair cases, Work in Progress signs often work in tandem with other directional signs to safely guide vehicles and pedestrians around the work area. This helps maintain a smooth flow of traffic and minimizes disruptions.

Liability Mitigation

If an accident occurs near a work zone, the presence of appropriate signage can limit a company's or contractor's legal liability. These signs demonstrate that the public was adequately warned, which can be crucial in legal defenses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required on a WIP sign?

The specific information required on a WIP sign will vary depending on the local jurisdiction. However, some common pieces of information include:

What are the most important considerations when placing a WIP sign?

The most important considerations when placing a WIP sign are:

What are the different types of WIP signs?

There are many types of Work in Progress signs, each with a specific purpose. Some of the most common types of WIP signs include:

What are the regulations for WIP signs?

The regulations for WIP signs will vary depending on the local jurisdiction. However, in general, WIP signs should:

How often should WIP signs be updated?

WIP signs should be updated regularly to reflect the project's current status. This could mean updating the date, the work type, or any other relevant information.

When should WIP signs be removed?

WIP signs should be removed when the work is complete. This helps to ensure that the signs do not create a hazard or cause confusion.

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