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Construction or repair work on the construction site can be hazardous to both workers and passersby. Accidents can occur as a result of a variety of factors such as loose gravel, heavy machinery, uneven pavements, newly oiled roads, and others. Roadside construction might also disrupt traffic flow, increasing the likelihood of car accidents. This is why there is a work-in-progress sign at every construction or road work site. Signs New York is an experienced manufacturer of local Work In Progress signs.

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What Are Work In Progress Signs?

There are both standard and non-traditional WIP signs that a company may place on a property. Some signs are required by the NYC DOB to notify others of projects on the premises. Some act more as a “what’s going on sign” in NY, where the purpose of the sign is to simply notify – or excite – others about new projects on the property.

Types Of Work In Progress Signs

You are required to have a sign that has a rendering of the building exterior, information on what the project is for (Commercial, Residential, etc.), the contact information of the owner of the property, the contact information of the general contractor, and specific language and phrases on each sign, such as the number to call to report unsafe conditions.

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Work in Progress Commercial

A work in progress sign is intended to keep everyone informed of a construction project or roadside repair while it is in process. These are important in high-traffic areas or when ongoing work poses a risk.

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Work in Progress Residential

Construction Site Panel signs contain important information that is essential for both business and legal purposes, for instance, details of the contractor and the project name and a visual depiction of the final result.

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Work in Progress Demolition

A Demolition sign is used to notify passers-by that a site/building is scheduled for demolition so the people are informed of disturbances such as loud sounds, road closures, disruptions in electrical supply, etc.

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Site Safety Signs in English

Site Safety training signs ensure worker safety before entering a risk zone, such as signs indicating a heavy machinery zone, harmful chemical regions, wearing safety shoes, slippery floor indicators, etc.

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Construction Sign Informational Panel

Our Recent Work In Progress Signs Work

Technical Specs

WIP signs used for marketing can be customized in any way you like. Those used as warning signs may be customizable as well unless required by the DOB. NYC DOB Work in Progress signage has very specific requirements. Signs NYC has created many of these different types of signs, and our experience allows us to ensure that you’re meeting all applicable guidelines. Every address where commercial construction takes place requires one of these signs.


Sign Dimensions



Most Common Specifications for Work in Progress Signs

The DOB WIP signs that require specific technical specifications must include all of the following:

All letters must also be a specific height and style to be visible from a distance. It’s important to remember that sidewalk shed signs may have different requirements from construction fence signs and scaffolding signs, so make sure you contact us with details before we begin creating the signage. Demolition signs also do not require some information, such as a rendering.

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Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your construction site. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of in a right way.

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Metal (for fire retardant signs)

There are many different types of metal preferably used for construction site signs, as they are durable for outdoor signs and also fire-resistant.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it is perfect for contractor signs on roads and construction sites.

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Corrugated Plastic

Corrugated plastic material is a rigid plastic usually used for manufacturing lightweight and long-lasting WIP signs that work well outdoors.

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Benefits of Work in Progress Signs

Installing the proper construction signs on your project site is critical, both to follow the rules and keep the people in your surroundings safer. Some more benefits that construction site safety signs from Signs NYC provide are as follows:

Signs NYC manufactures all sorts of job site signs, safety signs, and work in progress signs that meet all the requirements of the NYC law and are also affordable to fit your budget, you just need to make a call and we can provide them at a fast turnaround.

How WIP Signs Are Used?

Examples of these types of signs include:
  • NYC Department of Building Signs

The most common WIP sign is the one required by the DOB for most construction site projects. These sites are expected to have an information panel sign that indicate the type of project, the owner, the contractor information, and a rendering of the final design. These all have specific requirements that must be met.

  • Warning Signs

Sometimes, these work signs are meant as warnings. They are there to indicate that work is being performed, and that anyone on the property should be careful of traveling through. These types of warning signs may have specific requirements as well, although traditionally they are just an explanation for loud noises and other inconveniences.

  • Safety

A Work in Progress sign is a type of sign that helps encourages a safe environment, because it tells people walking by that they are nearing an active work zone. A construction fence alone can’t do this, as there may not have been work done behind it in months or even years. But the presence of safety signage makes pedestrians aware that construction or demolition is currently underway. That gives these signs a minor yet crucial role in successful, diligent, and best practices safety precautions.

  • Information

Some types of Work in Progress signs also contain several pieces of information that are important for both commercial and legal reasons. They often contain information about what is happening in that area, and who to contact should there be a problem. They will also introduce a name, and often a rendering of the finished product, for the project being completed.

  • Notifications

Work in Progress signs also give notifications that may be necessary for visitors about to enter the work site or an adjacent area. For example, they may notify them of a hard hat area, or a recent store closing. They may even include signs warning passers-by of a pending demolition.

Although “Work in Progress” signage does have a specific meaning in contractor circles, there are different forms available for any business that requires scaffolding signs or other types of WIP signage.

Where Work in Progress Signs Are Used?

Construction site signs are used for many types of construction projects, including new construction, restorations, and demolitions. They can also be utilized in road construction and other outside operations where their presence will safeguard both employees and passersby. Businesses with whom we regularly collaborate on WIP signage include:



For any sort of construction, restoration, or demolition work on university premises, the audiences are notified with work in progress signs.



Government buildings notify their employees and visitors regarding any ongoing site work with customized construction site safety signage.



In professional settings, the owners make sure that all the clients are informed about the construction work with proper OHSA compliance signage.



Financial offices imply custom contractor signs on the job site for all sorts of construction and repair works that are under process.

food services

Food Service

Restaurants, cafes, and all sorts of food services use work-in-progress signs on any project that is going on the construction or reconciliation sites.

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Health Care

Health care facilities use related safety signs and contractor signs to notify people and protect them from any workplace hazards.

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Signs NYC is a full-service Brooklyn Sign Company. We are also able to offer delivery and installation of information panel signs – and other types of WIP signage – for a low and affordable cost. We deliver to Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island, as well as parts of NJ. This makes it easier for our customers to get a sign quickly, and have it installed in the right spot to meet any applicable laws.

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