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Yard Signs

Yard Signs for Events, Temporary Signage and Wayfinding

Signs are versatile. They’re the simplest and most effective way to send a message to those nearby. Most signs are placed near businesses and commercial traffic, as that tends to be where the cars are. But there are some signs that are best placed in residential areas. One of the most popular examples is the yard sign. Signs New York has developed a reputation for its high-quality, low-cost yard signs in NYC. We supply yard signs of all sizes to individuals and businesses of all different types, with a wide range of materials, designs, and customization options.
yard signs nyc

What are Yard Signs?

Yard signs are commonly known as Coroplast signs, they are a form of rigid plastic sign. They are manufactured by attaching two flat sheets of polypropylene plastic to a core of corrugated plastic, this is done to increase the stiffness without making the sign heavier.

Most coroplast sheets are 1/4′′ thick, however, this specification can be adjusted as per the business requirements. Corrugated plastic offers an inexpensive and weather-resistant alternative for rigid signage that can be used outdoors for the long run.

Custom yard signs are most often used for political advertising, commercial service promotion, real estate marketing, and other purposes on lawns and along roadways. At Signs NYC we manufacture yard signs that are also useful as educational signs, yard sale signs, announcements, and guiding people to weddings and other events.

Types of Yard Signs

Yard signs are popular in many forms and sizes for promoting home and landscaping services, homes for sale, and political support, and they provide an excellent canvas for virtually any sort of mass-produced or lightweight sign. Following are the types of custom yard signs offered at Signs NYC.
corrugated plastic yard signs


Corrugated plastic yard signs are affordable, long-lasting, and weatherproof, making them an excellent choice for political yard signs, real estate signs, school signs, company signs, and a variety of other uses.

aluminum yard signs nyc


Our aluminum yard signs are laser printed with UV-resistant materials, so they will withstand years of exposure to the sun, severe winds, and rain. They can be used for real estate, contractors, or special events.

alumacore yard signs nyc


AlumaCore yard sign is made with a corrugated plastic core with a double-sided aluminum-composite panel. It is a lightweight, easy-to-install option with optimum durability and rust and corrosion resistance.

Technical Specs

The most common requests we receive are for our coroplast, 4mm thick lawn signs. These types of signs are highly affordable, and can be printed in one color, two color, three color, or full color. We also often print full 4 x 8 sheets. And because we can use other materials and printing types, you’re welcome to contact us about your custom sign ideas. Our team can also match any ideas that you have. Popular sizes include:

Product Detail


custom lawn yard signs nyc

What are the benefits of Yard Signs?

Most yard signs/coroplast signs weigh only a few pounds or less, depending on their size. Aside from being lightweight, coroplast signs have the following advantages:
Signs NYC creates custom yard signs for businesses and people that are affordable, durable, and eye-catching. Moreover, they have better outdoor endurance as our rigid signs can be made from a variety of long-lasting materials.

Where Yard Signs Are Used?

These signs are especially popular as real estate signs and political signs, because they are affordable for mass production and easily visible on the street. With photo realistic printing options, UV resistant ink, and rapid turnaround times available, Signs New York can create the perfect outdoor signs to match your needs.
real estate nyc


Real estate agents use these signs to connect to locals and brand their name in the real estate industry.

landscaping companies


When you’re working on a home, it helps to let others know who is crafting the landscape so that neighbors know who to call.

marketing companies


Marketing agencies use these signs for a wide range of purposes. We are proud to offer multiple printing and fabrication options to help.



From government agencies to families looking to create something special, yard signs have a variety of uses.

land for sale sign


The easiest way to draw attention to empty land for sale is to place signs in the front yard for passers-by to see.

construction companies


When working on a project, it is important to share information that is easily viewed by those passing by.

How to Order Yard Signs

At Signs New York, we offer custom yard signage printing services. Use our website to share your project details to get started with your lawn signage requirements.

One reason so many businesses choose our manufacturing and fabrication service is because we don’t hide excessive markups. Our pricing is wholesale, ready to be mass printed or manufactured as needed. You can even create signs that you can sell on the market if you have a good idea.

It is our low cost without a drop in quality that has led so many to turn to us for their printing and sign manufacturing needs.