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When you need a sign that is easily portable, readily customizable, and perfect for a wide array of purposes anytime, you need an A-frame sign. Also known as a sandwich board sign. An outdoor A frame board signs can be picked up and taken to nearly any location at a moment’s notice. They are durable — able to withstand wind, regular usage, as well as the wear and tear of frequent transport — and come in a variety of styles and sizes that make them ideal for a variety of sign advertising applications.

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What Is A-Frame Signs?

An A frame sign is one of the most popular and versatile signs you can use for ground level advertisement on a human scale. A frame signs are a type of sidewalk sign or informative roadway display that is easy to move and simple to set up at the drop of a hat. It is especially useful for those trying to capture the attention of pedestrians or drivers.

Here at Signs NYC, we can show you why so many companies in New York City and New Jersey choose our A frame sandwich board signs over other similar graphic options.

Types of A Frame Signs

There are several types of A-Frame signs available at Signs NYC, which can be customized to your choice, from material to printing, and colors to graphics, sidewalk signs are very easy to design according to any business requirement. Some of the types are as follows:

metal a-frame signs new york city

Metal A Frame Signs

Metal A-Frame signs are durable, weatherproof, and portable, they can be easily folded with a molded handle for easy grip and carrying.

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Plastic A Frame Signs

A-Frame signs in corrugated plastic are lightweight and easy to carry, their durability and flexibility make them ideal for outdoor sidewalk signs.

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Wooden Sidewalk Signs

Wooden A-frame boards are made of plywood available in custom sizes and shapes which have the good look and a best tool to promote with eye-catching signs that can be changed quickly.

Material Options

A-Frame signs can be made from a wide variety of durable, easy-to-maintain materials that are flexible and can withstand the elements of harsh weather. Sidewalk signs are mostly used outdoors so rigid materials work best. Some material options are as follows:



There are many different types of metal used for A-frame signs. Aluminum is one of the most popular, durable metals for outdoor customized signs.

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Coroplast is a type of rigid material that is typically lightweight and able to withstand water, dust, dirt, and pressure, ideal for A-frame signs.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it has perfect durability and customization qualities for Sidewalk board signs.

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Why Sidewalk Board Signs Are Used?

These sidewalk signs and curb signs also make great temporary advertising, and can help direct guests to designated valet parking drop off and pick up areas. They even make effective warning signs when needed in an emergency.

At Signs NYC we can customize these signs to match your colors, your brand, as well as familiar graphics, and make them in any size sign that you need. We have them all — from letter board signs that can add a fun, kitschy flair to storefronts — to real estate agent logos that help get your name out.

You can also choose from an array of more durable weatherproof materials and laminates, or warning colors when needed.

With a wide variety of graphics, fonts, sign types and sizes — as well as an experienced team of designers — at our disposal, Signs NYC can help take the guess work out of making a new sign that’s both uniquely eye catching and industry appropriate.

Our graphic design department can help ensure that your A frame possesses the right look for your sector, location, and specific use, in addition to being an expression of your business’s own distinct character.

From high-adhesive decals to more versatile interchangeable faces, our sandwich board signs can fit any budget or any need for effective sidewalk advertising.

Which Industries Choose Our A-Frame Signs?

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