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Signs NYC has worked with various religious institutions, providing a wide range of impactful signage options. We are a full service sign company in NYC, which means it is possible to create any sign a religious property may require. Examples of our work includes:

religious signs nyc
Illuminated signs, often made with LED or neon lighting, add a warm and inviting glow to religious places. These signs can feature the name of the institution, religious symbols, or inspirational messages, enhancing visibility both during the day and at night.
religious place awning nyc
Awnings serve as functional and decorative elements for religious places. These custom fabric or metal structures provide shade, shelter from the elements, and a sense of identity. Awnings can display the name of the institution or religious symbols, creating a welcoming entrance for worshippers.
front lit channel letters

Channel letters are three-dimensional signs that create a bold and impactful impression. These illuminated signs can be mounted on the exterior walls of religious places, showcasing the institution’s name or religious symbols with high visibility.

religious wall latter nyc

Wall Letters

Lorem ipsum d Wall letters involve custom lettering or graphics directly applied to the walls of religious places. They can display religious scriptures, inspirational quotes, or the name of the institution, creating a visually appealing and spiritually uplifting environment.

Sacred Signage Solutions for Religious Spaces

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Our Custom Religious Signs

At Signs NYC, we understand the sacred nature of religious places and the importance of creating signs that reflect the spiritual values of the institution. Our team of experienced professionals works closely with religious leaders and congregations to design and produce custom signs that convey the essence of faith, inspire worshippers, and draw in visitors.


Father Thomas Parish Priest in Manhattan

We worked with Abie from Signs NYC to create custom blade signs for our church. The quality of the signs is exceptional and they've added to the serenity of our premises.

Rabbi David Synagogue Leader in Brooklyn

Marina from Signs NYC helped us design custom window decals for our synagogue. They perfectly reflect our values and heritage.

Imam Ahmad Mosque Leader in The Bronx

Tony from Signs NYC did a wonderful job crafting custom metal letter signs for our mosque. The signs are aesthetically pleasing and resonate with our faith.

Pastor Sarah Church Leader in Queens

We used Signs NYC for our custom A-frame signs. Tito was instrumental in creating signs that are both practical and respectful to our congregation.

Lama Tenzin Buddhist Temple Leader in Staten Island

Lama Tenzin, Buddhist Temple Leader in Staten Island: "The custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, have been a valuable addition to our temple events. They are durable, vibrant, and respectful.

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Enhance the spiritual atmosphere of your religious institution with custom signage solutions from Signs NYC. Our expert team specializes in creating high-quality signs tailored to the unique needs of churches, temples, mosques, and other places of worship. Whether it’s for directional signage, informational displays, or inspirational messages, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, we offer rush and urgent services to ensure timely delivery for special events or projects. 

Contact Signs NYC today to request a personalized quotation for your religious places sign needs. Let us help you create a welcoming and informative environment for your congregation. Reach out via our website to discuss your requirements and take the first step toward effective signage for your religious community.