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HPD buildings are properties that must adhere to the rules and regulations of New York City’s Department of Housing and Preservation Development (HPD). Part of the HPD’s requirements for commercial and residential buildings is the posting of certain types of signs to inform people about the building.


What Are Boiler Room Signs?

Boiler room signs are required by HPD regulations to keep building occupants safe. They provide short and specific pieces of information to employees, inspectors, and visitors about:

The boiler is an important part of the building it’s in, producing heat to make it more comfortable to inhabitants, visitors, employees, and anyone else in a building.

But it can also be dangerous if something goes wrong with the fuel it uses or the processes that occur inside it. In these emergency situations, signs posted on the boiler room door and near the entrance of the property are crucial in helping people address and solve the problem.

Types of Boiler Room Signs

There are various signs that you may need to guarantee that your boiler room complies with all regulations, as well as to safeguard the property and alert people of what they need to know to be safe. At Signs NYC, we make all types of boiler room signs you may need, including:

boiler room door sign maker nyc

Boiler Room Door Sign

Mark the Boiler Room door with a bold and vibrant sign that is highly visible and is a simple and effective way to alert people about safety.

oil tank capacity signs nyc

Oil Tank Capacity Sign

Oil Tank capacity signs are critical to display the required information about the capacity of the tank so that the workers are well aware of it.

boiler signs manufacturer nyc

Boiler Manufacturer Sign

The boiler manufacturer signs are usually used to display the name of the boiler manufacturer and the type and model of the boiler.

keys to boiler room signs nyc

Keys to Boiler Room

A sign that displays the information about the person with the boiler room key is required at two locations, one near the door, and one near the boiler room.

main shut off switch boiler signage

Shut-Off Switch

The shut-off switch sign is very necessary in a high-risk zone so in case of emergency the people could easily locate the shut-off switch.

keep authorized personnel signs nyc

Keep Authorized Personnel Sign

Use this sign to keep unauthorized visitors out of the area as they are visible and extremely effective for complying with state laws.

Boiler Room Signs

Why Boiler Room Signs are Important?

Boiler room signs let the relevant people know where the boiler room is, where the emergency switch for the boiler is, and information about the boiler’s technical capabilities. If there’s an emergency involving the boiler or the building it’s in, emergency personnel will able to handle the situation more quickly and efficiently with the information clearly posted in an easy-to-see spot. Signs NYC can quickly and easily make these signs so that your property can stay in line with HPD code. Whatever kind of boiler room sign you need, we can provide it for you in whatever code-compliant size, shape, or color you request.

nyc boiler room signage

Material Options

These signs can be fabricated from several different materials, depending on the environment it’s going to be posted in. Of course these will mostly be posted indoors, but industrial building signs will mostly likely need to be made of different materials than office administration building signs. They can be made of:



When you need an HPD sign with the appearance of glass, and durability and affordability of plastic, the acrylic material is the best option.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor safety signs.

metal material


Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality safety signs and boiler room signs that won’t rust or bend.

plastic pvc

Plastic (PVC)

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a strong and long-lasting plastic material that is ideal for long-term signage like HPD Signs, safety signs, etc.

aluminum composite

Aluminum Composite

Aluminum composite material for HPD signs provides the benefits of both aluminum and stable polyethylene cores that give additional rigidity and lightness.

What Features Do Boiler Room Signs Have?

The design and shape of these types of signs are usually not too varied, in the interest of sticking to a template that’s most easily read and understood. Boiler room signs typically have about five short lines of text maximum on a monochromatic background with few, if any, graphics. The dimensions these signs usually have are:

They use a minimum range of color as well, with attention-getting combinations that are most widely recognized as part of informative emergency signs: red, black, white, and silver. White text on a black or red background and red text on a white background are the most commonly used color combinations. We offer matte or glossy finish to match other HPD signage and your business’s overall aesthetic.

Since they’re most often displayed on doors, we don’t usually drill holes in them or provide screws and other hardware to attach them to display surfaces like walls. We can apply tape on the back of them for easy installation.

emergency switch oil burner signage company

Industry That Uses Boiler Room Signs

We do offer custom sizes and designs for boiler room signs, as with most of our other signs. Let us know exactly what you need, and we can make it happen, within HPD regulatory requirements.



Universities use disaster response signs that are highly visible and noticeable in prominent areas for easy evacuation in alarming situations.



All government buildings, departments, and offices imply fire safety and HPD signs for the well-being of their employees and visitors.



Professional business settings incorporate all safety notices and HPD signs for easy management of office premises in dangerous situations.



Financial departments use building management signs so the visitors can direct through the office interiors with ease.

food services

Food Service

To comply with the HPD restaurants and food places use regulatory signs in significant places for the safety of staff and customers.

health care nyc

Health Care

Hospitals have to incorporate safety signs, warning signs, danger signs, and HPD Signs to stay in compliance with the rules.

boiler room signs and labels new york

Where Boiler Room Signs and Labels are Placed?

Boiler room labels and warning signs should be posted on the door of the boiler room. The sign that indicates who has the key to the boiler room should be in two places,

The boiler room key sign should be approved by the HPD if it is an HPD sign.

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Signs NYC provides a wide variety of building signs required by HPD regulations, including floor number signs, fire safety signs, regulatory signs, and more. Whether your property needs to keep up to HPD code or not, these signs provide useful information for easy installation effort and minimal cost. You can get a boiler room sign or other type of HPD sign by contacting us today.

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