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Whether you’re a property owner, manager, or business operator in need of HPD signs, we are here to serve you. Our extensive range of signage options, including customization services, ensures that you can find the perfect solution to meet your unique requirements, all conveniently located nearby.

Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) signage is not just a legal obligation; it’s a fundamental commitment to the welfare of your tenants, employees, and visitors. These signs are the cornerstone of clear communication within residential and commercial properties, conveying essential information on everything from emergency procedures to contact details for property management.

Understanding the significance of HPD signage is paramount for businesses operating in New York City. Compliance with these regulations is not only a legal requirement but also essential for the safety and well-being of occupants. Failure to display the required signs can result in fines and legal issues, while properly displayed signage contributes to a safer environment and fosters trust among tenants and visitors.

Required Building Signage Made Easy!

Our commitment at Signs NYC is to provide a comprehensive solution for required building signage needs right at your doorstep. As the official store for HPD signs, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of acquiring the essential signs required for compliance and safety in New York City.

Different Types of HPD Signs

At Signs New York, we specialize in simplifying the complex landscape of HPD compliance. We offer a comprehensive range of HPD signs and compliance solutions, designed to ensure your property is not just meeting regulatory standards but exceeding them.

Required HPD Signs for Buildings and Apartments

HPD signage, mandated by the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, is more than just a legal requirement. It’s about ensuring the safety and trust of your property’s occupants. Non-compliance can lead to fines, but compliance done right can significantly contribute to safety and peace of mind.

Gas Leak Notice

Owners of dwellings are mandated to furnish tenants with a notice on procedures for suspected gas leaks. This notice must be provided to each tenant and prospective tenant during lease issuance or renewal, encompassing all tenant-occupied units within 1- and 2-family homes, and be displayed in a common area of the building.

Carbon Monoxide Sign

In accordance with HMC § 27-2046.1, property owners are obligated to exhibit an HPD-approved Carbon Monoxide Detecting Device Requirement Notice within a common area of the building. The specific stipulations regarding this mandate are delineated in Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of the Rules of the City of New York.

Smoke Detector Notice Sign

Owners of Class A multiple dwellings are mandated to post a Smoke Detecting Devices Notice, approved by HPD, at or near the mailboxes as per 28 RCNY § 12-01. Alternatively, owners may opt to post a combined notice for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices alongside Gas Leak Procedures.

Fire Safety Notice

Owners of apartment buildings with three or more apartments are mandated to post an Emergency Preparedness Notice on the interior of all apartment entrance doors and in the lobby or common area. Notices should be tailored based on the building’s construction type:

combined gas leak, smoke detector, and carbon monoxide sign

Combined Gas, Smoke, and Carbon Monoxide Notice

Property owners have the option to streamline their compliance by posting a combined notice for Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detecting Devices and Gas Leak Procedures, as an alternative to individual postings. This integrated notice, which should be in a form approved by HPD, conveniently consolidates essential safety information pertaining to smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and gas leak procedures, ensuring that residents are well-informed about these crucial aspects of building safety.

By opting for this combined notice, owners can adhere to the stipulations laid down in Section 12-12.1 of Chapter 12 of the Rules of the City of New York, HMC § 27-2046.1, and 28 RCNY § 12-01, which outline the conditions and requirements for such unified postings. The combined notice serves as a succinct resource, offering critical information in a consolidated manner, which is particularly beneficial in a Class A multiple dwelling setting.

Housing Information Guide

In line with NYC Administrative Code § 26-1103, a notice regarding the availability of a Housing Information Guide for Tenants and Owners, titled the ABCs of Housing, must be posted in a conspicuous location within the multiple dwelling, specifically in the area where mail is delivered.

Building Registration Number Sign

An HPD building registration number sign displaying the serial number assigned to the building by HPD is required to be posted in the entrance hall of the building. This serial number signage HMC § 27-2107 should also include the building’s street address, and information about the superintendent, janitor, or housekeeper.
Garbage Collection 

Garbage Collection 

Owners are required to post a sign in the building lobby indicating the current hours and method of garbage collection when there is no 24-hour dumbwaiter service, with the sign being enclosed in plastic or a frame to prevent vandalism or tampering, as stipulated by HMC § 27-2022.
Janitor Name Address Sign

Janitor Name/Address Sign

A sign containing the name, address, apartment number, and telephone number of the janitor or housekeeper must be posted at the entrance of the building, as stipulated by HMC § 27-2053.
Shut the Door Signs

Shut the Door Signs

The “Shut the Door” notice, as directed by Local Law 115, requires owners of multiple dwellings to post a notice in conspicuous locations, advising individuals to close all doors behind them during a fire evacuation to contain the fire and limit smoke spread. Any missing or damaged notices must be promptly replaced.

HPD Inspection Visit Frame

Inspection Visit Frame

As per the law (Reference: MDL § 329), owners must provide a frame for a 6″ x 9″ inspection visit card, positioned 48-62 inches above the floor, preferably near the mailbox or in a suitable location within the vestibule or entrance. The HPD inspector will supply the inspection card, with owners required to complete any incomplete sections.

Boiler Room Heating System Sign

Boiler Room / Heating System Sign

An owner is required to display the name and location of the individual possessing the boiler room key on notices approved by HPD, designated as HPD heating system signs. One notice should be prominently placed in the lobby, and another on the boiler room’s entrance door, as mandated by HMC § 27-2033.
Floor Number Sign​

Floor Number Sign

DOB and HPD require owners to install floor and apartment number signs to assist first responders and guests in identifying their location within the building, especially in larger structures. These signs are mandatory for all HPD properties and new constructions by DOB. As per HMC § 27-2048, owners must either paint or post a sign indicating the floor number on each floor.

Street Number Sign for Dwellings and Buildings

Street Number on Dwelling 

Owners are required to post and maintain a visible street number on the front of the building, as per HMC § 27-2049. The street number must be discernible from the sidewalk.
Maximum Occupancy in Rooms Signs HPD

Maximum Occupancy in Rooms

In compliance with HMC § 27-2075, rooms in Hotels and Class B rooming units must have a sign posted inside, indicating the maximum occupancy.
HPD disaster response required signs for new york city

Disaster Response Signage

Owners of residential dwellings, wherein at least one unit is not occupied by the owner, are required to post an Emergency Notification under the following circumstances: prior to a weather emergency, post-natural disaster, and upon being informed of a utility outage expected to last more than 24 hours. This requirement is stipulated by HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 47 of 2015).

Notic of Interruption of Service Notice HPD Signs

Interruption of Service Notice

As stipulated by HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 47 of 2015), owners of a multiple dwelling are required to display a Notice of Interruption of Services at least twenty-four hours before undertaking repairs or other work that will disrupt heat, hot water, cold water, gas, or electricity service for a duration of two or more hours.

Bedbug Annual Filling Recepit

Bedbug Annual Filling Recepit

Property owners are mandated to post the Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt in a prominent location or distribute it to tenants upon commencement of a new lease or with each lease renewal, notifying tenants of the bedbug infestation history of the building, as stipulated by HMC § 27-2005 (Local Law 47 of 2015).

Safe Construction Bill of Rights

Safe Construction Bill of Rights

Property owners of multiple dwellings are required to distribute and post a Safe Construction Bill of Rights notice: upon application for a work permit not relating to minor alterations or ordinary repairs; concurrently with the owner’s notification to the department regarding an emergency work permit; or, for new buildings, immediately upon application for a temporary certificate of occupancy.


Legal Compliance

The requirement for HPD Signs stems from the city's legal frameworks including the Housing Maintenance Code, Multiple Dwelling Law, and the Rules of the City of New York. These laws mandate the posting of specific signs in and around buildings to ensure that building owners adhere to the city's housing and building regulations​.

Safety Measures

HPD Signs such as fire safety notices, gas leak notices, and the Safe Construction Bill of Rights are essential for promoting safety within buildings. They provide crucial information that can help prevent accidents and guide individuals on what to do in emergency situations.

Tenant Rights and Protections

HPD signs are designed to inform tenants of their rights and the responsibilities of the property owners, fostering a transparent and lawful living environment.

Avoidance of Penalties

Failure to comply with the HPD signage requirements can result in fines and other penalties for building owners. Thus, having the required HPD Signs in place is crucial for avoiding legal and financial repercussions.

Building Reputation

Compliance with HPD Signage requirements also reflects well on the building's management, portraying a commitment to safety, legal compliance, and tenant satisfaction.

Information Dissemination

These signs act as a communication tool between building owners/managers and tenants. They provide information on various aspects like housing code violations, notice of repair or maintenance work, and other building safety and security measures.

full signs package for HPD signs 2023

Your Ultimate Full Signs Package for All Required HPD Signages

Signs New York is your one-stop solution for obtaining a building required sign package tailored to meet the stringent requirements for HPD Signs. Our full sign package encompasses the following items, each crafted to comply with the specified sections of the law:
  1. Certificate of Inspection Visits Frame (6 x 9 HEAVY DUTY) – Ensuring adherence to MDL § 329.
  2. Boiler Room Access Signs (2) – Detailing the name and location of the individual possessing keys to the boiler room, conforming to MDL § 27-2033.
  3. Superintendent/Janitor Information Sign (1) – Displaying name and address of the superintendent or janitor, as stipulated by HMC § 27-2053.
  4. Gas Leak Notice (1) – Adhering to the requirements of HMC § 27-2005.
  5. Carbon Monoxide Detector Notice (1) – Abiding by the regulation 27-2046.1.
  6. Smoke Detector Notice (1) – Fulfilling the mandates of 27-2045 and 28 RCNY § 12-01.
  7. Serial Number Signage/Property Registration (1) – In alignment with HMC § 27-2107, displaying the serial number assigned to the building by HPD.
  8. Housing Information Guide Notice (1) – According to NYC Admin. Code § 26-1103, informing about the availability of a housing information guide.
  9. No Smoking Sign (1) – Promoting a smoke-free environment within the premises.
  10. Fire Safety Plan Sign (1) – Providing essential fire safety information and procedures.
With Signs New York, you’re not only ensuring compliance with the city’s regulations but also promoting a well-informed, safer living environment for all occupants. Our expertise in sign fabrication guarantees durable, clear, and official signage that satisfies the stipulated legal standards.

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HPD Required Registrations

Required Registrations

Property owners of residential multiple family dwellings (3+ residential units) or private dwellings where neither the owner nor the owner’s immediate family reside are required to register annually with HPD. Property owners must also register with HPD when a new owner takes over the property or when information on the registration form changes. Property owners will be billed $13 for each registration NYC Department of Finance and must pay the amount owed.

Section of the Law: HMC § 27-2097

Required Tenants Notices

  • Lease/commencement of occupancy notice for prevention of lead-based paint hazards – inquiry regarding child
  • Protect your child from window falls and lead poisoning notice
  • Carbon monoxide detector installation notice
  • Gas leak notice
  • Distribute Building Information Sheet
  • Post or distribute Bedbug Annual Filing Receipt
  • Indoor allergens annual notice and pamphlet
  • Stove knob covers availability annual notice
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