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New York and New Jersey are known for their harsher weather. As a business that wants to treat its customers as best it can, you’ll want to have tools at your disposal that can help protect your customers during heavy periods of wind, cold, rain, and more. To keep your customers comfortable, Vestibules are a great way. You can do that with our custom vestibules here at Signs NYC – a great way to offer a service to customers while also branding your business. Besides manufacturing of Vestibules, Signs NYC also offers the Surveys for Vestibules, Installation, Removal and Repair.

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What Are Vestibules?

Vestibules are the type of signs that enclose the entryways to protect from the rough weather and sometimes they are also used as Temporary Winter Enclosures outside of the restaurants. Moreover, Vestibules are the seasonal or permanent enclosures and are placed in front of the main door, and provide a separate entrance way that is protected from the elements from top to bottom. Throughout New York, you’ve probably come across awnings outside of businesses. Awnings are designed to protect people from the sun and rain when they come to your storefront. But in cold weather, hot weather, or windy weather, awnings only provide minimal protection. That’s why many businesses opt for custom vestibules. Custom branded vestibules are even more beneficial. They become a sign that anyone passing by sees, while also offering a service to your customers that they’ll be sure and appreciate. Signs NYC can also manufacture eye-catching vestibules that will encourage your potential customers to come inside.

Types Of Vestibules We Are Offering

Vestibules make extremely popular restaurant wind protection doors, offering cold protection for restaurants. They’re also useful at theaters, in retail, and any place that sees a frequent number of customers where opening and closing a door is common. This means that there are often different types of vestibules depending on the purpose of your setup. If you’re interested in the idea of a vestibule, you may be interested in:

fabric and plastic vestibules nyc

Fabric and Plastic Vestibules

Our most affordable vestibules are made with fabric, plastic, and similar materials. These materials cost less to print, but can provide you with a new one almost on demand, and provide perfect temporary protection.

sidewalk vestibules nyc

Sidewalk Vestibules

Sidewalk vestibules tend to take up a larger space on the sidewalk. Sometimes they’re used for small pop-up shops or sales. They may also be used as cold protection or restaurants, such as those with outdoor seating.

custom glass vestibules nyc

Custom Glass Vestibules

It’s also possible to have custom glass vestibules that offer very high quality, long lasting designs to protect your property from all different types of weather.

window blockers nyc

Wind Blockers

Wind blockers are similar to traditional vestibules, but they are usually not complete enclosures, as the front of them often open for people to easily walk in and out. They are also popular as booths for trade shows and similar events.

temporary winter enclosures nyc

Temporary Winter Enclosures

For some businesses, the only time a vestibule is useful is during the harsh winters. When you need a temporary winter enclosure fast for your store or restaurant, we can print a custom one and get it to you in minimal time.

windowed vestibules nyc

Windowed Vestibules

Vestibules can be made with and without a window. But vestibules with a window are especially popular because those inside can still see outside with an unencumbered view.

Material Options

Our NYC sign company is ready to create them, using graphics, logos, typeface, and more to help your business thrive. We use Sunbrella vinyl fabric to manufacture the vestibules because this fabric is UV-resistant to prevent fading and a wide array of colors is available to match your business culture and exteriors. Our Frames are sturdy and if you want to match your frames with the color of vestibule fabric, we can provide that as well. We use metal to craft out our frames, and our metals range include:

metal material


Aluminum is an effective and popular material to create a durable, high-quality vestibule that can withstand severe weather conditions for the long term.

powder coated aluminun nyc

Powder-coated Aluminum

Powder-coated aluminum combines aluminum's lightweight characteristics with the resilience of powder coating and it withstands extreme weather without corroding.

stainless steel


Steel is a popular material for custom vestibules because of its structural strength, low-maintenance properties, and luster finish look.

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Benefits Of Installing Vestibule

Vestibules are traditionally seasonal, although it is possible to have vestibules all throughout the year. Due the cold weathers of New York City, The benefits of installing vestibules include:

Because our NYC vestibules can also be customized, they can also act like a form of marketing for your company. You can print not only your logo, but also information about what you offer, or even graphics (depending on the material).

Where Vestibules Are Used?

Vestibules are installed at the front of the doors of any property in order to a barrier between extreme weather outside. So that, when the door opens these vestibules provide Wind Protection. Therefore, they are used in a number of places such as:

food services


Vestibules in NYC are most commonly used for restaurants as an entrance enclosure, to welcome the customers and provide protection from the weather.



Winter vestibules are most popularly used in cafes for sidewalk seating to provide a cozy place for customers while also shielding them from cold winds and snowfall.

bars nyc


Vestibules provide a separate entrance for bars and pubs, they can easily customize them matching the building color and exterior design.



Churches use vestibules for providing a spacious place before entrances where people can find notices, announcements and gather themselves.


Building Entrances

Custom vestibules are commonly found in NYC at building entrances, due to the extreme weather it is common to add a vestibule to the entrance.



Storefront vestibules with an element of customization provide an eye-catching branding tool that attracts customers to retail stores.

Our Vestibule Installation Services

Signs NYC also offers services related to vestibules, awnings, and canopies that can help you with managing these products, services include:

commercial vestibules installer nyc

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If there is something else related to these structures that you need, such as a graphic artist to design yours or someone to provide feedback on how to install one, please let us know and we’re happy to see if we can help. Contact NYC Sign Company today or you can also request a quote and our team will get in touch. We’re happy to provide you with a free estimate, fast turnaround, and the highest quality signs available today.

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