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Discover the art of impactful board printing in the vibrant streets of New York City. From eye-catching billboards to compelling retail displays, our specialized services bring your brand to life and captivate the Big Apple’s bustling audience.

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What is Board Printing?

Board printing, also known as art board printing, is the process of printing images, graphics, or text directly onto rigid board substrates. Different types of board substrates, such as foam board, gator board, and PVC board, are commonly used for this purpose. Board printing is often used for creating signs, displays, and presentations.Board prints offer a professional and durable way to showcase artwork, convey messages, and create visually appealing materials. Board prints can be customized in terms of size, shape, and design, and they are widely used by businesses, artists, and individuals to enhance their visual communication.

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Our Board Substrates

We carry 21+ board substrates for signs and graphics. 

foam board

Foam Board

(Foam Core, Poster Board, Fome-Cor)

gator board

Gator Board

(Gatorfoam, Heavy Duty Foam Board)

sintra board

Sintra Board

(PVC Foam Board, Komatex, Forex)

acrylic board

Acrylic Board

(Plexiglas, Lucite)

corrugated plastic board

Corrugated Plastic Board

(Coroplast, Correx)

aluminium composite panel

Aluminum Composite Panel

(ACM, Dibond, Alupanel)

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Retail and Hospitality

Elevate Your Brand and Increase Conversions

Retail stores and hospitality establishments utilize board prints for store signage, menu boards, window displays, and promotional materials to attract customers and enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Store signage: Printed boards displaying store names, logos, or directional signs to guide customers and reinforce branding.
  • Menu boards: Printed menu boards used in restaurants, cafes, or fast-food chains to showcase menu items, specials, or pricing.
  • Point-of-sale (POS) displays: Printed boards placed near product displays or checkout counters in retail environments to attract attention and promote sales.
Trade Show Graphics

Attract Visitors with Eye-Catching Trade Show Graphics

With vibrant graphics and custom-cut shapes, board printing brings brands to life at trade shows, helping businesses generate buzz, engage audiences, and stand out in the competitive exhibition landscape.

  • Trade show displays: Custom-designed boards used to create visually appealing booths and attract visitors at trade shows and exhibitions.
  • Banners and posters: Printed boards used for indoor and outdoor advertising, event announcements, or promotional materials.
Board Printing for Tradeshows, Exhibitions, and Conventions

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Board Printing for Everything

Healthcare and Medical Facilities

Healthcare industry facilities utilize board prints for directional signs, information boards, safety instructions, and patient education materials to guide visitors and provide essential information.

Event Management

Event management companies utilize board prints for event signage, backdrops, stage graphics, and wayfinding boards to create a visually appealing and organized event environment.

Entertainment and Arts

The entertainment and arts industry uses board prints for theatre and concert posters, art exhibitions, galleries, and displays, creating visually engaging environments and promoting events or artwork.

Real Estate and Construction

The real estate industry uses board prints for property signage, showcasing property details, contact information, and “For Sale” or “For Rent” signs. 

Sports and Recreation

Sports arenas, stadiums, and recreational facilities use board prints for branding, wayfinding, event promotions, and advertising sponsors.

Restaurants & Cafes

Restaurants, cafes, and food service establishments use board prints for menu boards, promotional displays, specials, and pricing information

New York's Board Printing COmpany

Custom Foam Board Signs - Gator Board - Ultra Board - Corrugated Plastic

Our Art Board Printing Process


The artwork or image is reproduced using high-quality printing techniques, such as digital printing, to ensure accurate color reproduction and fine details.


After the artwork is printed, it is mounted onto a rigid board for stability and presentation. The choice of board material may vary depending on the desired effect and longevity of the print.


Once the print is securely mounted to the board, various finishing options can be applied to protect and enhance the artwork. This may include applying protective coatings or laminates to guard against UV fading, moisture, and scratches.

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About Signs New York City

At Signs New York, we offer high-quality board printing services for a variety of display needs. Our board prints are made from durable materials and printed with vibrant colors, ensuring your message is clear and eye-catching. Ideal for presentations, retail displays, and more, our board printing services deliver professional results.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of board substrates for printing, including foam board, gator board, PVC foam board, and ultraboard. Each substrate has unique characteristics, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your specific needs.
The maximum size for board printing can vary depending on the specific substrate and printing equipment. Generally, we can accommodate large format prints up to 4 feet by 8 feet or even larger. Our team can guide you on the available sizes and help you select the best option for your project.
Yes, board prints are versatile and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. However, it's important to consider the specific board substrate and finishing options to ensure durability and weather resistance for outdoor use.
The turnaround time for board printing projects can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of the design, quantity, and current workload. We strive to provide fast and efficient service, and our team will provide you with an estimated timeline based on your project requirements.
Absolutely! We welcome customers to provide their own artwork for board printing. However, if you need assistance with designing your graphics, our team of experienced graphic designers is available to help bring your ideas to life and optimize them for the best print results.
We offer various finishing options to enhance the appearance and durability of board prints. This includes options such as matte or gloss laminates, UV coatings for extra protection against fading, and edge treatments for a polished look.
Certain board substrates, such as gator board and PVC foam board, are more resistant to water and weather compared to foam board. However, it's important to note that while board prints are generally durable, extended exposure to harsh weather conditions may affect their longevity. For prolonged outdoor use, it is recommended to discuss with our team and consider additional protective measures.
Board prints are lightweight and can be easily transported. Depending on the size and rigidity of the board, they can be mounted or displayed using various methods such as easel stands, adhesive strips, or attaching them to a frame or display system. We can provide guidance and suggestions for the best installation options based on your specific needs.
There are generally no restrictions on colors or images that can be printed on boards. We utilize advanced printing technology to reproduce vibrant colors and sharp details. However, it's important to ensure that the artwork provided meets the required resolution and file format for optimal print quality.
The cost of board printing services can vary depending on factors such as the size, substrate, quantity, and complexity of the project. We provide personalized quotes based on your specific requirements. It's important to note that additional fees may apply for design services, special finishing options, or expedited production. Our team will provide a detailed breakdown of all costs during the quoting process to ensure transparency and clarity.