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Metal letters showcase a premium image, for premium brands. New York is home to so many businesses that serve clients of all sorts. For higher-end companies It can sometimes be difficult to reach your target audience with signage alone. Custom fabricated metal letters can help showcase to clients that your brand is one that is well established and reputable. At signs NYC, our laser cut metal letters are meticulously fabricated to ensure the quality of your sign matches that of your company.

metal letters nyc

What Are Metal Letter Signs?

Metal letters, also known as 3 Dimensional Letters (3D), are a set of precisely cut, flat metal characters joined together to make a sign. Metal letters are fabricated using state of the art methods like CNC routing and Water Jetting. Most commonly cut out of aluminum, metal letters are often wanted by businesses who want to radiate a high end, professional brand image.You can usually find metal letter signs mounted on the wall in an office lobby or above reception. Sometimes businesses use metal letters outdoors if they want to label an important building. Others simply like the look so much that they use them on their storefront. Regardless of where you install them, having a metal letter sign is a great way to let clients know they have walked into the right business.

Types of Metal Letters

Metal letters are the finest option of signage when it comes to a professional look, quality material, and durability. The type of metal letters you choose for your business depends on the metal material. There are various options to choose from with metal letter signs. Following are the most popular types of metal letters we offer at Signs NYC:

custom aluminum letters


Aluminum is an effective and most popular metal material to create customized, durable, and high-quality letters that looks flawlessly professional.

custom brass letters


Make your custom letter signs in brass to set them apart from other forms of signage as they have a unique ancient look that complements your sign.

custom stainless steel letters

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel metal material is a popular choice for letter signs because of its structural strength, low-maintenance properties, and luster finish look.

stainless steel cut letters for wall new york

What Are The Benefits Of Metal Letters?

Metal letters are great for Indoor and outdoor applications. These letters carry a long life if maintained properly. Some of the benefits are as follows

Technical Specs

There are several specifications when it comes to the customization of metal letters. The choice of metal material, fabrication method, and finishing options all depend on your requirements and business needs. Metal letters can be customized in a variety of ways, allowing you to be as innovative as possible. The following options are available at Signs NYC to custom design your metal letter sign:



Fabrication Options

Metal letters can be fabricated at Signs NYC using state-of-the-art methods and high-tech technology. They can be cut precisely from different metal materials or cast and molded to form perfect letter signs. Following are the most popular fabrication options for metal letter signs:

laser cutting metal letters

Laser Cutting

A high-power laser beam directed by a computer is used to very precisely vaporize a cut line through a flat piece of metal.

foundry casting

Foundry Casting

Metal is melted into liquid form and then poured into a mold, allowed to cool into a solid again, and removed from the mold.

injection molding metal letters

Injection Molding

Like with foundry casting, metal is heated to a liquid, but is then mixed with a binder material injected into the mold instead of poured.


At Signs NYC we offer a choice of finishes to match your customized metal letters for even more customization. The use of metal finishes provides the letter signs with a perfect flawless appearance as well as a protective coating. The following are the finishing options for metal letters:

brushed aluminum finishing option

Brushed Aluminum

Brushed aluminum is a popular metal finish in the signage industry as the brushing procedure polishes the metal to a satin finish.

anodized finishing option


Anodizing is an electrochemical technique that changes the surface of the metal into a beautiful, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant anodized finish.

oxidized finishing option


Oxidized finishes are popular as the final results are gorgeous and convincing, oxidizing metal letters give off a unique finishing look.

polished metal letters


The polished metal finish provides a better coating and looks that is consistent throughout the lifespan of the metal letter sign.

patina finishing option


The patina polish gives an aged appearance to the metal letter sign which is very appealing and popular for storefront signs.

Industry That Uses Metal Letters

Metal letters are the most classy and professional-looking signage option for the business sector. They are utilized both inside and outdoors in various ways by many businesses in many forms. They are very popular in New York and surrounding areas because of their durability and appeal. The industries that use metal letters are as follows:


Government Buildings

Government Buildings use customized metal letters in a variety of shapes and sizes both indoors as office signs and outdoors for high visibility.

law firms nyc

Law firms

Law firms mount custom metal letters in the corporate offices, buildings, or lobby walls to make the business name and logo stand out.

restaurants nyc


Restaurants and cafes use custom metal letters for highly visible outdoor signage and unique menu displays and navigation signs.

it companies nyc

Technology Companies

The need for an appealing sign is crucial for high-end technology firms and it is served by metal letters that look classy and unique.

schools and universities

Schools and Universities

Metal letters are used to display department names, classroom numbers, meeting rooms, and other significant places in a school and university.

startups nyc


Customized metal letters are the perfect sign for business startups as they are eye-catching, cost-effective, professional, and durable.

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Ordering Metal letters with us is super easy . You can start by contacting us using the button below and giving us some of the details of your project. If you don’t know what you are looking for yet, No problem. Either way you will be paired with one of our experienced sign professionals. Once we get a better understanding of the scope of work, our team will send you a detailed estimate in a timely manner. The next step involves mock-ups and proofs. Before we begin production one of our designers will send you a rendering of the sign so you will know how the finished sign will look. Upon your approval we will start making the sign. Our in-house fabrication is extremely efficient and we are able to meet most deadlines. All you need to do is tell us where to send the signs. If you would like installation services, be sure to send a photo of the installation area.

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