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At Signs NYC, we offer carved signs made of natural wood or high-density urethane (HDU), dense and durable materials that can keep your carved sign looking great for years to come. They are designed to be displayed outdoors and are given further protection against the elements with careful weather treatment. If you’re considering an NYC carved sign for your business, property, or organization, we can provide it for you. No matter what kind of carved sign you need - storefront, blade, hanging, directory, or something else - we can custom make it to your specifications.

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What Are Carved Signs?

Carved signs are extra durable, distinctively designed signs that can be incorporated into almost any form you need. They can be used for everything from hanging signs indicating a business’s location to foot traffic to larger and more decorative storefront signs, to smaller directional and informational signs along pathways or in office buildings, and so much more. They can be made from natural and synthetic materials, depending on specific needs. Natural materials tend to lend the sign more character and are chosen often for their more handmade-style visual appeal. Synthetic materials are easier to carve into the exact shape or look wanted and tend to be more resilient. Whatever material they’re made from, however, carved signs draw people in with their unique look and indication that the owner cares about the details and impression they give potential customers. They serve not only as sources of information, but as a reflection of the care someone has for each aspect of their business, organization, or event.

What Features Do Carved Signs Have?

There is a wide array of customization options for carved signs available, from size, to color, to carved lettering and graphics, and more. We also offer many options for size, shape, and display method. We’ve created wooden engraved signs that are large, small, in between, in the shape of logos, standard rectangles and circles, and more. Ways of displaying them vary, according to the best ways to mount different kinds of signs, but we have provided sign posts, wall mountings, hanging from a support or pole, and many others. Some of the most popular choices include:

sandblasted carved signs


Sandblasting can accentuate the wood grain of your natural wood sign or add texture to the background of your HDU sign.

hand painting carved signs

Hand Painting

If you want to add some extra color to your sign, we offer both hand and machine painting. If you need us to use a specific color to match a logo or company theme, we can do that as well.

carved signs gold leaf

Gold Leaf

A touch of gold on your sign adds sophistication and a sense of high-end glamor to it and your business. Often added to lettering, it can also be applied to simple graphics, logos, and anything else you include in your design.

carved signs 3d lettering

3D Lettering

Add a visually arresting, dimensional quality to your sign with letters that stand apart from the rest of the sign. This not only elevates the overall design, it makes it easier to read, and informs passersby and potential customers of your location from a greater distance.

Our Carved Wood Signs Work

Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your building or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way.

wood material


Wood is the traditional material used for high density carved signs, we make customized hand-made carved wood signs that are perfect for a unique look.



High-density urethane, known as HDU is a material in the market used in carved wood signs which has closed-cells. It is highly water-proof and it is sealed to all the oil-based diluters.

komacel material


Komacel™ is an integral skin foam PVC sheets which helps to make custom carved signs because of their easy customization qualities and engaging appearance.

lusterboard material


LusterBoard™ is a collection of a premium, exterior furniture-grade plywood material easily customizable material to create a durable, high-quality custom carved wood signs.

carved wood signs nyc

What are the benefits of Carved Signs?

Carved signs have a distinctive look that sets businesses them apart from other types of signs. They evoke a sense of timelessness and craftsmanship that few other NYC display signs have. They look simultaneously professional and personal, a welcoming aesthetic that appeals to people’s sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the handmade. Not only do they look great, but they’re highly resilient and can be used both indoors and out. Carved signs draw people in with their unique look and indication that the owner cares about the details and impression they give potential customers. They serve not only as sources of information, but as a reflection of the care someone has for each aspect of their business, organization, or event.

Where Carved Signs Are Used?

town nyc

Town and Village Entrances

For unique and traditional entrances to villages and towns, people use hand-carved signs with the name and a welcome note from the town.



The classic look of carved wooden signs makes them perfect for churches and religious places, as it seamlessly emerges with the ambiance.

spas nyc


Spas use indoor and outdoor engraved signs matching the perfect calm environment for the ultimate serene experience for their clients.

yoga studios nyc

Yoga Studios

The traditional look of wooden hand-carved signs makes them the number one choice of signage for yoga studios all over NYC.

tattoo parlors nyc

Tattoo Parlors

The creativity and skills required for hand-carved signs increase the appeal of tattoo parlors hence they prefer this type of signage.

antique store nyc

Antique Store

Nothing fits better than a classic wood sign for antique stores, it creates the ideal appeal and looks required to enhance the overall store look.

What are Custom Carved Sign Fabrication Options We Offer?

HDU is a synthetic material that is naturally waterproof, longer lasting, and can be made into a more uniform appearance, all at a lower price than natural wood signs. They can be made to look like natural wood signs or have their own unique, more modern appearance. As far as what kinds of signs we can carve or engrave into wood or HDU, your imagination and custom needs are pretty much the only limits. We have created carved swinging signs, blade signs, storefront signs, directional signs, decorative signs, and more. There are few things we can’t do when it comes to customizing the appearance and display style of a carved sign. Because we also have access to a CNC machine, we can create detailed cuts and designs that few other companies can manage.

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For carved signs, it helps to get a quote from one of our team members. You can then specify which type of wood you need and send us over the design for us to match you with the custom elements. If you do not have a designer available, let us know and we can put our experienced sign team on your project. Some areas of NYC and other nearby cities may require a permit for some kinds of signs. If you’re not sure whether you need one to display your sign, or if you know you do but don’t know how to get one, we can help. We have experience in sign permit regulations and can offer our expertise to you during that process. If you’re interested in ordering a carved sign or asking about sign permit details, you can request a free quote from Signs NYC by clicking the button below.

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