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As most dining areas, taverns, and other food and drink establishments use lighted signs, bright imagery, and designs that relate to brand identity and ambiance are all used by restaurants and bars in the region. There are also several information signs that are necessary on the exterior of the property. See a small sample of our restaurant sign gallery:
ruby red neon signs nyc
Neon signs are a popular type of illuminated sign that use electrified tubes filled with neon gas to produce a bright, colorful glow. They are often used in bars and restaurants to advertise food and drink specials brands, store open/closed notifications, and can be custom-designed to fit a variety of styles and themes.
gold leaf decals for cafe nyc
Gold leaf decals are a type of vinyl lettering that mimic the look of gold leaf. They can be used to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to restaurant and bar signage, particularly for upscale establishments.
magnetic menu nyc
Magnetic menus are a versatile type of sign that can be easily changed and updated as new menu items are created. They are made of magnetic material and can be placed on metal surfaces such as refrigerators, allowing restaurants and bars to display their menus in a convenient and custom way.
vehicle lettering nyc

Vehicle lettering is a type of signage that can be applied to cars, trucks, and other vehicles used by restaurants and bars for delivery or catering services, as well as food trucks and carts. It typically includes the name and logo of the establishment, as well as contact information and a list of services

table top signs
Table top signs are small, portable signs that can be placed on restaurant and bar tables to promote specials or new menu items. They can be custom-designed to fit the theme and style of the establishment.

Vibrant Signage Solutions for Restaurants and Bars

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Custom Signs to Set a Mood - Restaurant Signs for Your Food Services

Customers have expectations when entering a food and drink establishment. They expect tavern signs to have a friendly, hometown feel. They expect fine dining signs to be sophisticated and refined. They expect mom and pop taco shops to feel friendly and open. Each establishment will have its own character, colors, and style as well. Every restaurant and bar will need to partner with a custom sign company in NYC to create the signs that attract and retain business.

Storefront Signs and Window Wraps

Visually, restaurants and bars need to capture attention all throughout the day and evening. Many custom signs in NYC can provide these benefits. Window wraps can take advantage of unused space to draw in a crowd. Lighted signs and backlit channel letters draw in eyes in the night time. Neon signs are visible from hundreds of feet away.

Legal Compliance Signs

Bars and some restaurants need to display specific signs to stay in compliant. Health inspection signs, No smoking signs, exit signs, occupancy signs, and liquor license signs are all examples of custom and standard signs that are meant to be displayed in these buildings.


Carlos Owner of a tapas bar in Manhattan

Abie from Signs NYC did an amazing job creating custom blade signs for our bar. They've become a local landmark.

Linda Manager of a bistro in Brooklyn

Marina from Signs NYC helped us design custom window decals for our bistro. The vibrant, appetizing designs have attracted more customers.

Jim Proprietor of a diner in The Bronx

Our new custom metal letter signs from Signs NYC are fantastic. Tony was very understanding of our needs and helped us create signs that really stand out.

Sophia Owner of a pub in Queens

We got custom A-frame signs from Signs NYC for our pub. Tito's suggestions were invaluable, and the signs are a hit with our customers.

Ian Manager of a steakhouse in Staten Island

Our custom banner stands, designed by Abie at Signs NYC, are a great way to promote our daily specials. They've been a great investment.

Attract Ongoing Business and Brand with Custom Restaurant Signage

The food and beverage industry is competitive, with low margins and multiple businesses competing for attention. It’s important to find a local sign company in the NYC area that you can trust to support your restaurant, bar, tavern, or other eatery. Signs NYC and its team supports local New York City businesses by creating the custom signs that will lead to business growth. 

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