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Building Regulatory Signs Required By Law

In order to keep people safe, the Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) program in NYC has created and enforces carefully a number of regulations and rules for participating residential buildings. Part of meeting these Housing Maintenance Code regulations and maintaining NYC HPD registration requires property owners to post certain types of signs in specific areas of the property. Signs NYC offers HPD required and supplementary signs in whatever size, shape, or color scheme you need.
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What Are Building Regulatory Signs?

The HPD requires a wide range of signage to comply with its regulations. Many of the signage is for the safety of tenants or people living/working on the property. Other signs are for the FDNY or just to make the building management easier. However, some of these Housing Preservation and Development signage is simply Regulatory – that is, they are intended to ensure that the property is controlled both internally and by the HPD.

Different properties have different needs, so before getting any regulatory signage it’s a good idea to check with the NYC DOB to see what you’ll need. When you need custom-made or template/standard HPD regulatory signs, Signs NYC can provide a sign that meets the rules and also matches your building or brand aesthetics.

Types of Regulatory Signs

It’s always best to contact HPD or local regulations to make sure you know which regulatory signs you need on your specific property. However, signs like the following tend to be needed no matter where you’re located or what type of building you’re bringing up to code:
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Mark the Boiler Room door with a bold and vibrant sign that is highly visible and is a simple and effective way to alert people about safety.

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Most buildings, residential or not, are required to have fire alarms that alert people inside the building and emergency personnel of a fire installed somewhere. Often these are connected to doors that are part of an evacuation route. To prevent someone from accidentally setting off this alarm by opening these doors thinking they’re just leading to the restroom, a sign reading something like “Warning: Alarm will sound if door is opened” is a good idea to post near the door.

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A sign with information about what to do in case of an earthquake in buildings within area prone to earthquakes, for example will probably be required. Even if it isn’t, however, it’s definitely a good idea to have a simple and easy to understand disaster plan sign posted. It can lower the chance of injury or death in case of a disaster, natural or otherwise.

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Boiler room doors are often nondescript and could be mistaken by someone for a restroom or other part of the building if not properly labeled. Boiler rooms can have a lot of dangerous equipment that only professionals should have access to. To warn the general public away from and inform maintenance workers where to go, a boiler room sign labeling and offering further information about the room will do the trick.

These are not the only examples of signage required for NYC buildings. There are many more you can learn about and order by looking through Signs NYC’s HPD signs catalog. We encourage that most clients’ signs have black letters, red letters, and a white background in order to remain up to code by being noticeable and readable, but if you have any questions about customization options, we can help.

Building Regulatory Signs

Technical Specs

We are a full service sign company, so customization of any type of sign is always possible, but whether or not you should customize the sign depends on the sign type. We are able to make our signs with the durability and support that they need to make sure that they continue to showcase the important information for years to come.



Sign Dimensions


Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your buildings or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way.



Acrylic material is durable and can have the same clear, smooth surface as glass while being considerably lighter, perfect for apartment/floor number signs.

metal material


Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality HPD signs and safety signs that look very professional.

aluminum composite


Aluminum composite material for indoor signs provides the benefits of both aluminum and stable polyethylene cores that give additional rigidity and lightness.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it is perfect for indoor and outdoor DOB compliance signs.

plastic pvc


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is a strong and long-lasting sign material that is ideal for permanent interior building signs, nameplates, information panels, and notice boards.

What are the Benefits of Regulatory Building Signs?

Besides informational and warning signs used inside buildings, regulatory signs can be used to call attention to:
If you need a simple, noticeable sign to draw people’s attention to basic information or rules, a regulatory sign is your best choice.
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Where Building Regulatory Signs Are Used?

There is NYC regulatory signage that you require for both HPD and NYC DOB compliance. These necessary building signs should be a focus as you manage your property and ensure it meets all standards, from regulatory warning and safety signs to storefront signage needed to build interior signage. Industries that use regulatory signs are:



All government buildings, departments, and offices imply fire safety and regulatory signs for the well-being of their employees and visitors.

corporate offices


Professional business settings incorporate all safety notices and interior navigation signs for easy management of office premises.


Health Care

Hospitals have to incorporate safety signs, warning signs, danger signs, and important notices to stay in compliance with the rules.



Financial departments use building management signs so the visitors can direct through the office interiors with ease.

schools and universities


Universities use disaster response signs that are highly visible and noticeable in prominent areas for easy evacuation in alarming situations.

food services

Food Service

To comply with the DOB restaurants and food places use regulatory signs in significant places for the safety of staff and customers.

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Owning and managing an HPD compliant building can be rewarding, but you need certain regulatory signs in order to stay compliant.

At Signs NYC, we’ve created every sign you need to fulfill HPD requirements, and others that aren’t required but that are still very useful.

From warnings to floor numbers to job titles on office doors, we’re confident that we can create whatever regulatory sign you need. If it keeps people safe or informed when inside or around a building, we have it.

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