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Awnings are one of the most practical and versatile types of signage available. They are one of the few that also serves a practical purpose, shading a storefront from the sun and rain and offering protection to guests outdoors. Retractable awnings are often even more valuable. They offer the same advantages of combined function and aesthetic appearance with the added benefit of retractability to make displaying and preserving them even easier. In a large, highly competitive city like New York, an awning provides an opportunity over other businesses that can make a real financial difference.​

What Are Retractable Awnings?

Ever thought of enjoying sun or shade as per your choice? It might sound impossible but not anymore. Retractable awnings give you freedom to extend or reduce their covers and metal arms when not in use. You can retract them whenever you want. Now, you can have the options of full sun, part sun or complete shade. Their covers are flexible and don’t get damaged easily. It also increases the age of awnings.

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Types Of Retractable Awnings Available

Confused about what can be the best awning type for your place? Retractable awnings also come in a number of varieties depending upon the type of cassette. Cassette is the metal enclosure which the cover retracts to. It gives additional protection to the awning material and saves you money that goes into maintenance. You can choose from:

full cassette retractable awnings nyc


In these awnings, when the awning cover is retracted or pulled back, the fabric along with the awning arms sweeps inside the metal cassette completely. It protects the fabric and arms from weather when not in use.

semi cassette retractable awnings


In these awnings, the fabric and awning arms are just partially covered by the metal cassette. It is between full cassette and open awning. It is a good choice for somewhat more sheltered areas.

motorized retractable awnings brooklyn


These are easy to use as they have a motor attached to them which operates when connected to electricity. It gives you options to retract the awning either with a switch or remote control. These are mostly used for commercial purposes especially by big open-area restaurants.

open retractable awnings


It doesn’t have any metal cassette enclosure to protect the fabric when not in use. It is a good option for sheltered areas or areas where weather isn’t that harsh.

manual retractable awnings


You can retract the cover manually by hand. For this purpose, there are winding handles attached to the metal bar of the awnings. You wind them and the cover gets retracted to the cassette.

Material Options

You can have retractable awnings in a variety of materials. Each of these has its own durability, weather resistance ability and color specifications. To make it easy for you to choose, we have given an overview of these materials. We deal in;

vinyl coated polyester


This composite of vinyl and polyester is really light-weighted and flexible. These features make it a good choice for retractable awnings. This is not only weatherproof but also UV and mildew resistant. However, it has color limitations. You can’t have it in all colors.

vinyl laminated polyester


This is also polyester and vinyl composite but instead of being coated, vinyl is laminated on the both sides of the polyester. It gives it some extra strength. Moreover, it is antifungal and UV resistant too. This material is highly used for commercial applications especially for outdoor umbrellas.

acrylic coated polyester


This composite of acrylics and polyesters is highly durable and breathable. It is weather resistant but not 100% waterproof. However, it’s considered a good choice for homes located in humid areas.

solution dyed acrylics


It is made of fabric dyed with acrylic pigments that give it some added strength and strong colors which don’t fade easily. It is considered a good choice for outdoor awnings because of the strength of the fabric to withstand all types of extreme weathers.


Besides informational and warning signs used inside buildings, regulatory signs can be used to call attention to:

However, there are some materials that have color restrictions like vinyl coated polyester. But other materials like laminated vinyl, acrylic coated polyester and solution-dyed acrylics are available in almost all colors.​

lowes retractable awnings
custom restaurant retractable awnings


Retractable awnings have many advantages over fixed ones.​

Why Choose Retractable Awnings?

Retractable awnings have many advantages over fixed ones.​

However, there are some materials that have color restrictions like vinyl coated polyester. But other materials like laminated vinyl, acrylic coated polyester and solution-dyed acrylics are available in almost all colors.​

storefront retractable awnings installer nyc
le labo retractable awnings signsny

What are the Benefits of Retractable Awnings?

The awnings we manufacture have their own unique benefits and features which make us stand out of the crowd. Features of our custom made awnings include:

Some of the benefits can be listed as:

Our Expertise

We have been custom manufacturing retractable awnings for the past many years. If you want to make a statement with retractable awnings, Signs NYC is the best choice for you. We manufacture retractable awnings for both commercial and residential applications. Our expertise is structured around​:

retractable awnings customization


You can have them in your customized patterns. We know how important your brand is, that’s why we also offer awnings with company logos to help you grow your business.

good quality retractable awnings

Good Quality

We never compromise on the quality of the awning material. We provide you with high-quality fabric that can go a long way. The fabric can stay functional for 5-15 years depending upon its material.

retractable awnings installation nyc


Hospitals have to incorporate safety signs, warning signs, danger signs, and important notices to stay in compliance with the rules.

Where Retractable Awnings Are Used?

The city of New York has uncertain weather conditions and businesses rely on awnings as their outdoor protection for their customers. Awnings can be used at different places like doors, windows, patios, decks, storefronts and anywhere you want. Many commercial businesses use retractable awnings such as:​



Cafes use custom awnings matching their cafe aesthetics and printed with their logos to protect guests outdoors from sunlight and rain.

commercial store


Motorized awnings are popularly used outside commercial stores, their ease of use makes them perfect for advertising and protecting from UV rays.



Entrances and outdoor areas of hospitals are covered with high-quality awnings to protect them from the harsh weather conditions in NYC.

bars nyc


Illuminated awnings are perfect for attention-grabbing during nighttime at bars and pubs and also protect from the rain and snow.



Custom cut awnings are used commonly for condos’, they can easily be customized to meet the exterior colors and design to enhance the overall look.

food services


Restaurants use custom printed retractable awnings for shading from the sun and rain when required so they have safe outdoor seating for customers.

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