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Signs NYC is one of the industry leaders in large format printing, and one of the best choices for anyone seeking to utilize this type of production method for advertising signage is the window wrap. Your window is the perfect blank canvas to communicate with those walking right by your front door every day. That’s why it’s an opportunity to advertise that you simply shouldn’t pass up.
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What Are Window Wraps?

Window wraps are generally made from vinyl that adhere to a window like a sticker but cover the entire window from top to bottom to produce an eye-catching full-color display. Full-color designs that match the size and form of your window or interiors are possible with vinyl window wraps. They precisely seal over the window, transforming it into a full-color sign visible from the street.

Removable Vinyl Window Wraps can offer a unique perspective of branding as well as much-needed privacy to a usable area, increasing your capacity to attract and keep customers.

Signs NYC provides high-quality window wraps for both large and small-scale companies. These window wraps give a style of store window sign that is ideal for generating business, as well as many benefits that are valuable for your organization.

Types of Window Wraps

Signs NYC provides a variety of high-quality window wraps for both large and small businesses in custom sizes and designs. These vinyl prints serve for displaying sales and promotions and holiday decorations that are ideal for attracting customers. The standard types of window wraps are as follows:

full window wraps


These wraps cover the entire window from top to bottom to create a full-color display that is easily noticeable even from afar.

partial window wraps


These wraps are used when the decorations or logos are displayed only on parts of windows and not covering the entire glass.

temporary mesh wraps


Mesh wraps are made with opaque vinyl with perforated holes, it allows light to pass through and are ideal for displaying short term sales.

Technical Specs

We can create custom sizes and shapes, using our CAD/CAM software, CNC and laser precision cutting equipment. This means that you can have the exact combination that both works for you and looks great. We also have the printing capability to create wraps of any size.

Common Sizes

Weight & Thickness

Material Options

At Signs NYC we fabricate our window logo wraps with high resolution large format printers, utilizing the latest latex ink technology and the most durable, highest quality materials. We also offer more economical materials by the same major brands, which are also durable and look great — such as calendered vinyl — depending on your specific needs.
3M avery


3M is the standard vinyl that is popularly used for wraps, it comes in transparent, semi-opaque, and opaque white options.

avery material


Avery vinyl is a premium choice that has a wide range of weight and opacity options, making it a very flexible choice for custom window decals.

oracle cast vinyl nyc


Oracal vinyl is well-known for being a high adhesive option it comes with a wide selection of vinyl castings, vibrant colors, and metallic finishes.

What Features Do Window Wraps Have?

Full and Partial Color Window Graphics, Wraps, Temporary Mesh and More…

Window Decals are an easily removable and interchangeable graphic that is placed on window glass. They can be designed and cut to your exact specifications in any size or shape. The design team at Signs NYC offers a variety of options, including:

Whether you want a completely original design, a faithful rendering of a company logo, or a combination of the two, our in house team of designers have the ability to put it all together for a stunning layout — with the colors, patterns, letters, and images that are both industry appropriate and one of a kind originals.

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Benefits of Window Wrap

Your storefront window is prime real estate. It’s the first thing that someone sees when they walk by your business — often before they even see your store sign. At a glance it tells passersby what you sell, how your shop is run, and what your vision is. It can show them how it’s decorated, how busy it is, and whether it’s neat or cluttered, bright or dimly lit, modern or traditional. It’s also an opportunity that’s standing right in front of you.

It’s important to take control of this valuable advertising area in a way that maximizes your time and capital. That’s why window decals play such an important role for businesses of all types, from small boutiques to big box retailers.

Removable Vinyl Window Wraps can add a new dimension of branding — as well as much needed privacy — to a useful space, improving your ability to attract and retain business.

Where Window Wrap are Used?

Custom window wraps can be made for any window and any style, they are most commonly seen on storefronts in NYC usually displaying the business name or promote a product, service, sale, or event. Some businesses that popularly use window wraps include:

food services


Many restaurants in NYC use custom window wraps to display their logo, most selling items, decorations, and food images.

retail store nyc


Many retail businesses use window stickers to display brands that they sell, to advertise sales, and make interesting holiday decorations.

offices nyc


Wall wraps are perfect for creating the required privacy for office partitions while maintaining a professional look.

movie theaters nyc


Window graphics in NYC are commonly used for movie shoots for an interesting and customized display in vibrant colors.

general contractors


Contractors generally use wraps to display their services, service areas, and other important information on office windows.

real estate nyc


Window wraps are popularly used by realtors to promote their business, displaying the logo and covering the roadside office windows.

Who Uses Our Custom Wall Graphics?

A quick glance at our portfolio will reveal just some of the thousands of New York City storefronts emblazoned with our Signs NYC window wraps. These include almost every type of business imaginable. Windows often go unused, but in the world of marketing, every front and side window also holds the potential for free advertising and branding. Window wraps are eye catching and easily visible to those just walking by, which makes them an excellent choice for a variety of setting, including:

Made with high-quality materials and available as full color graphic presentations to the public, our window wraps are a great way to add color and signage to any empty window, and are popular choices for businesses in New York City.

Installation Options We Offer

While Window Wraps may be relatively easy to apply to a surface compared to more traditional signage, it takes an experienced professional to make sure they’re positioned level, properly spaced, and adhere perfectly in order to look great and represent your business well. While the installation process can be deceptively simple, it’s also extremely easy to ruin in the blink of an eye.

Our installation team is known throughout the Tri State Area for their speed, knowledge, skills, versatility and courtesy. We know that every single second of your business hours count, which is why we make a point to work around your schedule and keep any inconvenience to a minimum. We’ve even been known to work overnight, in order to prevent any interference with the day to day business of our clients — as well as their neighbors.

We are also able to offer a quick turnaround time with rush service available for those that need it. We are frequently contacted for temporary advertisement decals, construction window wraps, as well as window decals for TV and film shoots and are always happy to take on any new project, no matter how challenging.

NYC storefront window wraps

Contact Us Today For Custom Window Wraps

With more than three decades of commitment to our customers, Signs NYC has become the go-to choice for those looking to either decorate their windows or provide important information. Our shop comes equipped with the best window wrap film materials, the latest printing technology — as well as top graphic designers and accurate, professional site measuring and installations. Our window wraps can be made for both indoor and outdoor use.

We laminate each of them for extra durability and use 3m, Avery, and Oracal media, so you can trust that your windows will look great to both pedestrians and drivers, day or night and in any kind of weather. Our window wraps are also easy to install and great for businesses across New York, including Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island. We also service many customers in New Jersey.

With a quick turnaround, rush services available, and affordable pricing with free estimates, there are few companies that can provide the consistent resolution quality and exquisite color combinations that you get from Signs NYC.

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Transform your windows into vibrant advertising space with custom wraps from Signs NYC. Our expert team specializes in creating eye-catching window wraps that capture attention and boost your brand visibility. Whether you’re promoting a sale, showcasing your logo, or adding privacy, we’ve got you covered. Contact Signs NYC today to request a personalized quotation for your window wrap project. Let us help you turn your windows into powerful marketing tools with our professional-grade wraps. Reach out via our website to discuss your vision and take the first step toward enhancing your storefront’s appeal.