City and Government Signs

In the realm of city and government establishments, effective signage plays an important role in providing clear communication, promoting professionalism, and facilitating efficient operations. Signs NYC specializes in creating custom signs tailored to the unique needs of city and government organizations, ensuring compliance with regulations and enhancing the overall experience for visitors and employees.

City and Government Sign Gallery

As city and government offices cover such a wide range of industries and needs, we have fabricated a variety of sign types to match the different needs of each organization. Some of our past signs include
brass governments nyc
Brass plaques are durable and prestigious signs commonly used in city and government settings. They feature engraved text and can be mounted on walls or other surfaces, serving as markers for important locations, historical landmarks, or memorial sites.
window frosting for lwha nyc
Window frosting is a film that covers glass windows. It is used as a form of decoration, and can be customized in different shapes and styles as a way to identify rooms and departments. Window frosting can also help improve privacy.
name plate nyc
Name plates are essential for offices and public spaces within city and government buildings. These personalized signs display the names and titles of officials, staff members, or departments. Name plates can be mounted on doors, walls, or desks, ensuring clear identification and facilitating effective communication within the organization.
branding logo office signage new york
Office signage encompasses a variety of signs used in city and government offices to designate rooms, departments, or specific areas. These signs can include door signs, room number signs, or directional signs, enabling visitors and employees to navigate the facility easily and locate the desired destinations.
directory signs nyc
Lobby directories are comprehensive signage solutions that provide a clear overview of the layout and locations within a city or government building. These directories display floor plans, department listings, and other relevant information.

State and Local Government Displays and Information

At Signs NYC, we understand the importance of compliance, professionalism, and effective communication in the city and government sector. Our team of experienced professionals will work closely with your department to create custom signs that meet regulatory requirements, showcase events and activities, convey essential information, and enhance the appearance of the space.

Signs for Government Offices

Government buildings are offices much like any business or organization. This opens the door for many common office signs.
  • Restroom Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Floor Number Signs
  • Building Map Signs
  • Security Signs
  • Meeting Room Signs
Many of these signs are standard in any office building. Some signs may be required in city and government buildings by local and state law.
school lobby directory nyc

Signs for Events

Government organizations host events often, both for the citizens of the city and for themselves. Signs NYC is able to create signs that may be used at city events, such as large banner displays, banner stands, registration signs, hand painted signs, and speaker signs are very common. Many government properties also sell space to sponsors, which require custom signs and displays.

Signs for Vehicles

Government departments that operate a fleet of vehicles may find that they need to vehicle wraps. We are a NYC DOT Vendor, and a NYC MTA Vendor for signs and displays. Our wraps and decals can cover these vehicles completely or partially to create more professional displays while out on the road.


Maria City Planner in Manhattan

Abie from Signs NYC created custom blade signs for our city buildings. They're well-made, durable, and have significantly enhanced our city's aesthetics.

Robert Government Official in Brooklyn

Marina from Signs NYC helped us design custom window decals for our offices. They're professional and effectively communicate our civic initiatives.

Linda City Administrator in The Bronx

We worked with Tony from Signs NYC for our custom metal letter signs. The signs are high quality and have improved our city's communication.

Daniel Government Department Head in Queens

Tito from Signs NYC assisted us in creating custom A-frame signs for our department. They've improved navigation and have been appreciated by the public.

Racheal City Mayor in Staten Island

Rachel, City Mayor in Staten Island: "Our custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, are a fantastic way to promote city events. They're durable, eye-catching, and convey our city's vibrancy.

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