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Welcome to Signs New York, where we elevate your events to new heights with our stunning Step and Repeat Banners! Our backdrops are not only trendy and eye-catching, but they also provide the perfect platform to showcase your products, services, or brand in style. We take pride in offering a seamless blend of creativity and versatility in design, ensuring that each banner is a true reflection of your unique brand identity. Get ready to make a lasting impression on your audience as we turn your event into an unforgettable, branded experience. Let your imagination run wild and watch as we bring your vision to life with our exceptional Step and Repeat Banners!

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step and repeat backdrops


A step and repeat is a banner display that features a repeating pattern of logos or images. Custom step & repeat banners are typically used at red carpet events, press conferences, trade shows, and other special occasions. The logos or images are printed on a large banner, usually vinyl, and hung in the background of the event.

Our Step and Repeat banners are popular in New York City because they are a great way to customize any event. You can choose from a variety of colors, sizes, logos, and images to create the perfect step and repeat backdrop for your event.

Package Includes

Increase Brand Visibility

Shine like a Broadway star with step and repeat banners that guarantee your brand steals the spotlight, leaving a lasting imprint.

Event Branding

Elevate your event's allure and let your brand shine in every snapshot, as step and repeat banners transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences.

Photo Opportunities

Capture unforgettable memories against stunning step and repeat backdrops that turn every click into a cherished keepsake, perfect for social media sharing.

Promotional Signage

From the red carpet to trade show halls, step and repeat banners amplify your message, grabbing attention and propelling your brand to new heights of exposure.

Customization Options

Logo Placement

Step and repeat banner with customizable logo placement patterns.


We can color match to your brand guidelines and requirements.

Message or Slogan

Craft Memorable Messages on Your Step and Repeat Banners

Material & Size Options

Available Sizes

We carry a wide range of stands: 5x6, 8x8, 8x10, and large vinyl banners.

Available Materials

13oz Matte & Gloss Vinyl – Premium fabric stands – Special order.

Printing Options

Go wild. We can do single-sided or double-sided backdrop banners.


Red carpet events

Step and repeat banners are commonly associated with red carpet events, where they serve as a backdrop for photo opportunities and brand promotion.

Event photography

Step and repeat banners are often used in conjunction with event photography, as they create a visually appealing and branded background for capturing memorable pictures.

Branding and advertising

Step and repeat banners are a powerful branding and advertising tool, allowing businesses to showcase their logos, sponsors, or promotional messages at various events.

Trade shows and exhibitions

Step and repeat banners are frequently used at trade shows and exhibitions to draw attention to booths, promote products or services, and increase brand visibility.

Social media marketing

Step and repeat banners are ideal for social media marketing since they offer a visually striking background for event attendees to take pictures, generating brand exposure when shared online.

Photo booths

Step and repeat banners are often used in photo booth setups, enhancing the photo experience by providing a professional and branded backdrop.

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step and repeat nyc

It’s all about getting your brand front and center, baby! Our strategically placed logos on our top-notch step and repeat banners guarantee maximum exposure during media frenzy. Get ready to steal the spotlight and leave your competitors in the dust.

From rooftop parties to trade shows in the heart of the city, our backdrops are as versatile as a true New Yorker. Rain or shine, indoors or outdoors, we’ve got your back (literally!). Get ready to wow your guests with our tailor-made backdrops that scream NYC swag.



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Hear From Our Satisfied Customers

John McKinley Event Planner at Manhattan Events Inc.

The quality of step and repeat banners from Signs NYC is genuinely world-class. Abie went above and beyond to ensure we had the perfect backdrop for our high-profile corporate event.

Sarah Thompson Wedding Planner at Queens Bridal Studio

We sought Marina from Signs NYC's expertise to choose the most stunning backdrop for our destination wedding event. The elegance it added to our photos was incredible.

Michael Rivera Convention Manager at Bronx Conventions

Tony from Signs NYC delivered a high-quality, custom-designed step and repeat for our annual convention. Our sponsors were extremely pleased with the brand visibility it provided.

Emma Jones Non-profit Director at Staten Island Cares

For our charity gala, we relied on Signs NYC's step and repeat printing services, and the results were outstanding. Tito was particularly accommodating and helpful.

Noah Taylor Corporate Executive at NJ Business Association

Our annual business summit's success can be significantly attributed to the professional step and repeat backdrops we sourced from Signs NYC. They really stood out.

Olivia Anderson Trade Show Organizer at Brooklyn Expos

Abie from Signs NYC provided a high-resolution, eye-catching backdrop for our trade show. The step and repeat printing services they offer are best-in-class.

Mason Williams Art Gallery Owner at Manhattan Arts

The custom step and repeat we ordered from Signs NYC for our latest exhibition was stellar. Marina guided us to a design that authentically showcased our brand.

Ava Robinson School Principal at Staten Island High

We were thrilled with the vibrant, school-spirited backdrop that Tony from Signs NYC created for our annual school event. The memories captured against it are priceless.

Ethan Walker Theater Director at Queens Theater Company

The step and repeat banners from Signs NYC added a touch of glamour to our opening night. The clarity of their printing services is simply top-tier.

Harper Martinez Owner at The Bronx Boutique

We were so pleased with the elegant step and repeat backdrop from Signs NYC for our store's grand opening. Tito provided us with a memorable customer service experience.

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Elevate your events with personalized step and repeat banners from Signs NYC. Our expert team specializes in crafting high-quality banners that enhance brand visibility and make a lasting impression. Whether it’s for red carpet events, trade shows, or promotional activities, we’ve got you covered. Contact Signs NYC today to request a personalized quotation for your step and repeat banner project. Let us help you stand out with our professional-grade banners that reflect your unique brand identity. Reach out via our website to discuss your requirements and take the first step toward making your event memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Step and repeat banners are those eye-catching backdrops used at events to promote your brand. They feature repetitive logos or designs that guarantee maximum exposure and leave a lasting impression on your audience.
Step and repeat banners are in a league of their own. Unlike regular banners, they’re designed to showcase your brand with impact and create a memorable experience for attendees. It’s all about standing out from the competition and reinforcing your corporate identity.
Step and repeat banners come in various sizes to fit any event space. From compact options like 8×8 feet to larger ones like 10×10 feet, we’ll help you select the perfect dimensions that align with your branding goals and make a statement.
Absolutely! Our step and repeat banners are designed to withstand various environments. Whether you’re hosting an indoor conference or participating in an outdoor trade show, these banners are versatile enough to adapt to any setting, ensuring your brand remains visible and impactful.
We’ve got you covered! Our step and repeat banners are engineered for easy installation. With user-friendly stands and simple assembly instructions, you can have your banner up and ready to impress in no time, without any technical headaches.
Definitely! We specialize in customization. Our step and repeat banners can be personalized with your corporate logo, artwork, or any specific message you want to convey. It’s all about creating a cohesive and impactful brand presence that resonates with your target audience.
Step and repeat banners offer numerous benefits for your business. They increase brand visibility, reinforce your corporate identity, extend your reach and exposure, and create a professional and memorable impression at corporate events. It’s all about making your mark and elevating your brand presence.
Absolutely! Step and repeat banners are not limited to physical events. They can be incorporated into virtual events and livestreams as well. By placing a step and repeat banner as your virtual backdrop, you can maintain a professional and branded environment, whether you’re hosting a webinar, online conference, or virtual product launch. It’s a seamless way to extend your brand presence beyond the physical realm and make a lasting impact on your virtual audience.

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