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A & E Fabric Awning

Maximize Your Business Appeal with BUSINESS Awnings

Business awnings are a game-changer for any commercial space, combining practicality with a splash of style. Our company specializes in creating Commercial storefront awnings that are tailor-made for your needs, helping your business make a great first impression and stand out from the crowd. These awnings are the perfect solution for businesses looking to offer shelter and create a welcoming atmosphere while enhancing their professional image.

For those in retail, we offer a range of Retail store canopies designed to catch the eye and protect your customers from the elements. Simple, durable, and effective, our canopies help reinforce your brand and offer a better shopping experience. We’re here to help your business put its best foot forward with awnings and canopies that are both functional and attractive.

Tailor-Made Solutions: Find the Perfect Storefront Awning for Your Business

Explore tailor-made awning solutions with Signs NYC, a licensed and insured company serving NYC, New Jersey, and all five boroughs of Manhattan. Whether you’re in Brooklyn, Bronx or Staten Island, we install and remove all types of awnings, ensuring you find the perfect storefront awning for your business. Trust us to enhance your commercial space across the vibrant and diverse landscapes of NYC and New Jersey.

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What are Storefront Awnings?

Awnings are secondary coverings affixed to a building’s exterior, offering protection from weather and controlling indoor brightness and temperature. Custom awnings, available in various styles and designs, are a favored choice for enhancing a building’s appeal, providing a blend of functionality and personalized style.

Notably, fabric and vinyl awnings are popular for their versatility and durability. Fabric awnings offer aesthetic versatility with numerous color and pattern options, while vinyl awnings are durable and weather-resistant, ideal for those seeking a low-maintenance option. Both types serve as practical and stylish solutions for quality awning investments.

Innovative Solutions: Awnings for Every Business Type

WE FABRICATE, INSTALL and remove all types of awnings and canopies

Awnings NYC is your trusted partner for expert awning fabrication and installation services. With a strong presence in New York State and New Jersey, we proudly serve clients nationwide. Our skilled team creates and installs high-quality awnings, ensuring your business stands out with professionalism and impact. Contact us for your awning needs, wherever you are.


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Benefits of HAVING AN Awning

Storefront awnings provide numerous advantages for businesses, enhancing both their functionality and aesthetic appeal. Here are some key benefits:

Enhanced Customer Experience: By offering shelter and adding to the overall ambiance, awnings contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable experience for customers.

Brand Visibility: Customizable storefront awnings serve as a canvas for business logos and names, helping in enhancing brand visibility and attracting more customers.

Curb Appeal: A well-designed awning can significantly boost the aesthetic appeal of your store, making it stand out on the street and drawing in foot traffic.

Weather Protection: Awnings shield customers from elements like sun and rain, providing a comfortable space for them to stand or sit, which can be especially beneficial for cafes and restaurants.

Extended Outdoor Space: Storefront awnings create additional outdoor space that can be used for displaying products, seating, or promotional signage.

UV Protection: Protecting the store interior from harmful UV rays, awnings help prevent fading and damage to merchandise, window displays, and interior furnishings.

Seasonal Adaptability: Retractable storefront awnings offer flexibility, providing shade during hotter months and allowing sunlight in when it’s cooler.

Low Maintenance: Modern storefront awnings are designed to be durable and require minimal maintenance, ensuring they remain an attractive feature of your business for years to come.

Where Storefront Awnings are Used?

Many local businesses rely on storefront awnings as storefront signs because they protect from the heat and infrequent storms in the summer and the frequent snow and wind in the winter. Following are the businesses in NYC we have created storefront awnings for:

coffee shops nyc


Boost your coffee shop's curb appeal with our durable, stylish commercial awnings. Enhance branding, provide shade, and attract more customers with our tailored solutions.

yoga studios nyc


Enhance your deli or bodega with our durable, stylish commercial awnings. Improve street visibility, shield customers from the elements, and boost foot traffic with our customized awning solutions



Optimize your hotel or building entrance with our sleek, resilient commercial awnings. Enhance guest experiences, provide weather protection, and amplify visibility with our bespoke awning solutions.

retail stores nyc


Transform your retail store's facade with our chic, robust commercial awnings. Increase brand visibility, protect customers from weather, and drive foot traffic with our personalized awning solutions.

restaurants nyc


Enhance your restaurant's appeal with our stylish, durable commercial awnings. Create a welcoming ambiance, offer outdoor dining comfort, and boost visibility with our tailored awning solutions.

pizza places


Upgrade public school entrances with our durable, functional commercial awnings. Enhance safety, provide shelter for students and staff, and boost the institution’s visibility with our customized solutions.


Our services range from custom design to professional installation and maintenance, suitable for various business types. Reach out for aesthetic and practical awning solutions with the Signs NYC difference!

Custom Design and Branding

Offering tailored awning solutions and personalized branding to meet the unique aesthetics and requirements of each business.

Survey and Site Analysis

Our experts conduct thorough site evaluations to determine the best awning solutions, considering factors like architecture, sun exposure, and local weather conditions.

Professional Installation

Secure and appropriate installation of awnings, ensuring maximum durability, safety, and minimal disruption to business operations.


Providing awnings that are resilient to various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and sun, ensuring they remain in prime condition throughout the seasons.

Emergency Repairs

Swift response to any awning damages or malfunctions, ensuring the safety and aesthetics of your storefront are maintained

Permit and Regulation

Guiding businesses through the necessary permits and regulations associated with awning installation in different localities.

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Got Questions? We've Got Answers

A: Storefront awnings can enhance curb appeal, provide weather protection, reduce energy costs, increase brand visibility, and offer UV protection for displayed merchandise.

With proper maintenance and care, high-quality storefront awnings can last many years. The lifespan often depends on the material used and exposure to the elements.

A: Popular materials include vinyl and polyester fabrics. Each material offers its own advantages in terms of durability, maintenance, and appearance.

A: Regularly remove loose debris, rinse with water, and use mild soap for occasional cleaning. Ensure the awning is properly dried to prevent mold and mildew. Periodically inspect for any damage or wear.

A: While awnings provide protection against sun and rain, extreme conditions like heavy snowfall or high winds might require retractable or additional protective measures. Always follow manufacturer guidelines.

A: Many municipalities require permits for awning installations, especially for commercial properties. It’s essential to check local regulations and obtain the necessary permits before installation.

No Matter Where You Are, Signs NYC Has Got You Covered!

We service businesses nationwide with our extensive partner network. Specializing in local coverage, we offer comprehensive services including surveys, installation, and maintenance in the following areas:
We are proud to serve the diverse communities of New York. Wherever you’re located, our team is dedicated to providing exceptional sign making services that meet the needs of your business. In New York, we cover all five boroughs:
Signs NYC is dedicated to providing exceptional service to our customers in the Garden State. We offer comprehensive sign solutions to businesses throughout New Jersey. In New Jersey, we serve the following areas:
Signs NYC serves customers in the state of Pennsylvania with the highest level of service and expertise. We offer a wide range of sign solutions, providing custom fabrication, installation, and maintenance services for all of our Pennsylvania customers. In Pennsylvania, we serve the following areas:

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