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When it comes to getting your storefront noticed and remembered, there is almost nothing as effective as a storefront awning. Commercial awnings are the ultimate way to make sure that those looking for your business can find you, and those that are not looking for your business learn who you are and remember you and your services. When you need commercial retractable storefront awnings in New York City, including Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, The Bronx, and Queens – or even the rest of NY or New Jersey, call Signs NYC Today.

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What are Storefront Awnings?

Storefront awnings are a fantastic tool to shade your roadside shop or storefront, they are also a great way to promote your business. They act as a billboard, facade, and logo sign for the storefront and let everyone who passes by know who you are and that you are open for business. At Signs NYC each of our storefront awnings is manufactured to order to meet the needs of the client, not just in size, but also in design, color, material, and customization. Our design team is ready to assist you in breaking free from the classic frame style, we can construct gabled, a-frame, domed, and hybrid awnings as well.

Material Options

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What are the Benefits of Storefront Awnings?

Storefront Awnings are colorful and capture attention. When someone is looking for your business, they are often keeping an eye out for the awning, because awnings and canopies are easily within a person’s line of sight and visible from the street. Nearly every industry benefit from awnings, because awnings provide a great deal of advertisement real estate and are designed to make sure that every customer can find you when they need you. Awnings are also a great way for people to notice your services and remember you. Even if someone is not looking for your storefront, if they see that you have bagels, or offer yoga, or provide accounting services, they’ll remember your awning the next time they’re interested in your products or services. That makes awnings a great way to improve your business, in addition to being one of the few that is also very functional.

Where Storefront Awnings are Used?

Many local businesses rely on storefront awnings as storefront signs because they protect from the heat and infrequent storms in the summer and the frequent snow and wind in the winter. Following are the businesses in NYC we have created storefront awnings for:

coffee shops nyc

Coffee Shops

Storefront awnings are most popularly used for coffee shops to provide a shade for sidewalk seating while also displaying the shop name and logo.

yoga studios nyc

Yoga Studios

Customized awnings are popular for hotels and motels in NYC that protect from weather and also increase visibility even from a distance.


Hotels and Motels

Customized awnings are popular for hotels and motels in NYC that protect from weather and also increase visibility even from a distance.

retail stores nyc

Drug Stores

Drug stores and pharmacies commonly use storefront awnings for increased visibility so the customers spot them easily on any busy street.

restaurants nyc


Restaurants popularly used awnings for entrances and windows to cover the sidewalk area and also mark their business signage.

pizza places

Pizza Places

The unique bold colors and logos of pizza places make them prominent on any food street with custom storefront awnings.

Get Your Awnings Install and Repair from Signs NYC Today

Signs NYC has plenty of customization options to ensure that you’re getting the sign you need. Choose from canvas, fabric, retractable, and more, including top quality awning brands like Cooley, Sunbrella, and Dickson from which to choose from. We also have designers on staff that can help you create the perfect commercial awning for your needs, and we offer a variety of colors, shapes, and styles for you to choose from. With fast turnaround, free estimates, and friendly support staff, you can’t go wrong with a storefront awning from Signs NYC. Decorate your business entranceway today by contacting us using our online quote form. We’d love to talk to you about both your business and your awnings project and get started on helping you develop your next big sign.

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