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Fire Safety Signs

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Fire Safety Signs NYC Printing And Installation In NYC

Fire safety signs in NY are incredibly important. Just the idea of a fire can be terrifying to building occupant and owner alike. An essential part of being prepared for this kind of disaster is having the proper signage. In the unfortunate event a fire does break out, signs can help building occupants evacuate and emergency personnel put out the fire as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What Are Fire Safety Signs?

During an emergency situation injury to people and damage to property is prevented by quick action. You don’t want to have to be figuring out complex actions carry out if there’s a fire burning. That’s why fire safety signs convey short, quickly read and understood pieces of information like:

As you can see, these signs can be relevant to the general public, employees, and emergency personnel like firefighters who may be unfamiliar with a particular building.

Not only are these signs simply an inherently good idea, they’re required by HPD laws, FDNY and fire safety standards, and other local regulations. In order to stay compliant with these regulatory agencies, it’s important to have the right signage posted in the right places.

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Types of Fire Safety Signs

Most buildings require a lot of different kinds of fire safety signs to be posted in places relevant to putting out and evacuating from fires. What kind you’ll be required to post depend on how your property is registered with HPD. Some of these signs include:
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These often feature a directional arrow for even easier navigation.

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Most buildings are also required to have a sprinkler system to curb fires more quickly. These signs can let people know if that system is automatic, have an automatic shut off, if there is no sprinkler system, and more.

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Posted on the doors of emergency exits, these signs keep people from exiting unless it’s an emergency like a fire and/or inform them of an alarm that will go off if it’s opened.

fire pump room safety signs


These let emergency personnel know where a fire hose is to begin addressing the fire and where the sprinkler system’s water supply is, respectively.

fire door closed safety signs


Certain doors between building floors are usually kept closed when not being moved through, to prevent the rapid spread of fire. This sign keeps people from propping it open.

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This sign assures room occupants that smoke detectors are installed and in good working order in designated locations

Required Fire Safety Signage

Why Fire Safety Signs are Important?

New York City’s Department of Housing and Preservation Development (HPD) certify commercial and residential buildings that adhere to strict safety requirements. Part of these requirements include proper signage to help occupants navigate the building more easily and safely.

Besides fire safety signs, HPD required signs include floor numbers, restroom signs, and maximum occupancy signs. There is more to fire safety signage than just fire extinguisher signs. There are a variety of signs that you may not have even noticed in most buildings you’ve been in that provide valuable information when evacuating from and putting out fires.

Signs NYC can provide any and every kind of fire safety sign your building needs to keep people safe and stay up to code.

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Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your buildings or other place of business. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall in some way.



This material acrylic can have the same crystal, glossy finish as glass for fire safety signs, but is much more lightweight and stable.

metal material


Aluminum is a high-yielding and easily custom-make material to create a durable, high-quality custom fire safety signs by combining cutting-edge technology with various methods.

aluminum composite


Aluminum composite material for fire safety signs provides the benefits of both aluminum and stable polyethylene cores that give additional rigidity and lightness.



Styrene material is a lightweight plastic that can be both flexible and stable, it has perfect durability and customization qualities for fire safety signs.

plastic pvc


Plastic or acrylic material is used to make custom fire safety signs by reason of their easy customization qualities and qualified and engaging appearance.

What Features Do Fire Safety Signs Have?

Since it’s so critical that fire safety signs be easily recognizable and understood, even in a scary and unfamiliar situation like during a fire, their design, color scheme, and shape are fairly standard.

Most are monochromatic red, black, or white, with a maximum of three or four lines of text in one of those colors that contrasts the background.

Most of our signs can be customized when it comes to shape and size, as well. Some of the most common dimensions used for HPD signs are:

For fire safety and other types of HPD signs, it’s important to make sure it’s still code compliant with any customizations included. Still, we can create whatever sign dimension you need.

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For proper navigation in alarming situations, an approved fire evacuation plan and fire safety signs are displayed on university premises.


Government buildings notify their employees and visitors about fire safety measures and rules regarding the safety of the employees with HPD signs.

corporate offices


In professional settings, the owners make sure that all the clients are informed about the fire safety precautions with proper FDNY compliance signage.


Health Care

Health care facilities use related fire safety signs and warning signs to notify people and protect them from any workplace hazards.



Financial offices imply custom HPD safety signs on the premises for easy evacuation of employees and clients in dangerous situations.

schools and universities


Universities use disaster response signs that are highly visible and noticeable in prominent areas for easy evacuation in alarming situations.

food services

Food Service

Restaurants, cafes, and all sorts of food services use safety signs that are highly noticeable to avoid any sort of mishaps and hazardous situations.


Knowing exactly where to put the multiple kinds of fire safety signs you’ll need as a property owner, as well as which ones to get in the first place, can be a challenge. To help, we provide permit filing and installation services to ensure that you have the right signs installed in the right places according to HPD, FDNY, and any other safety regulatory agencies.

If your building isn’t registered as an HPD property and you’d like it to be, you can register it on the NYC. gov website here. We can provide whatever signs they require you display.

These are some of the many different fire safety signs that are currently available here at Signs NYC check our online catalog, and all of them can be very important for protecting your building, making sure that your property is up to fire safety standards, and installing all of the HPD signs – and other fire door safety signs – that you are required to have in your building.

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