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Sidewalk Closed Signs

Sidewalk Closed Signs - Law Of DOB For Construction Site in NYC

Every job site must have specific safety signs to make sure that pedestrians, workers, and drivers are away from dangerous areas and maintaining the path that is best for their traffic needs. Our sidewalk closed signs can be fabricated according to MUTCD requirements, or we can create custom signs that match a message you’re trying to send to others.

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What Are Sidewalk Closed Signs?

Sidewalk closed signs are a type of sign typically used in construction zones, though it may be used by municipalities and landowners as well. It is a safety issue for pedestrians and bikers, while also keeping people away from construction equipment so that the project can continue onward.

These signs can also act as directional signage, showing people where they should go instead to keep traffic moving. In NYC, especially, these signs are incredibly important because of the high numbers of pedestrians and tourists that travel in very confined space around the city. Overall, they are an important type of city sign and construction sign found throughout NY and NJ.

Types Of Sidewalk Closed Signs

Both sidewalk closed and walkway detour signs tend to be similar, with a rectangular shape, black typeface, and a white background. Where they differ most often is their text, which may have a variety of different messages, including:

sidewalk closed signs new york city


These signs notify pedestrians of approaching sidewalk or crosswalk closures and advise them to a safe crossing point, they should comply with MUTCD standards.

cross here signs new york city

Cross Here sign

The Cross Here sign is excellent for keeping your construction sites safe, with clear and strong wording, this sign guides pedestrians to a safe path.

pedestrian crosswalk signs new york

pedestrian crosswalk signs

Available thickness: 1/8" - 3/16" - 1/4" - 3/8" and thicker
Letter height: 1/2" - 48"
Custom color option available

use other side signs new york


These signs are made with retro-reflective diamond grade sheeting to meet MUTCD criteria and guides people to the other side of the street because the sidewalk is closed.

boiler room use walkway signs new york


The official ANSI headers on a Walkway Closed Use Open Walkways Sign ensure safety procedure and compliance, it is useful for protecting personnel's safety.

Sidewalk Closed Signs

Technical Specs

There are specific requirements for sidewalk closed signs in most areas, however it is possible to create custom closed signs. Here are some of the customization options available for custom sidewalk signs for construction zones:

Reflective Options


Reflective Options

Material Options

Signs can be made from all kinds of materials, making them one of the most customizable and distinctive looking signs you can use in your construction building. All that needs to occur is that the sign is placed off of the wall, fence in some way.

metal material


Aluminum is the most durable signage material to create customized and high-quality sidewalk closed signs in NYC that meet MUTCD standards.

dibond nyc


Dibond or aluminum composite material, made from two 0.012" aluminum sheets that are bonded to a polyethylene core is durable outdoors signage material.

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Why Sidewalk Closed Signs Are Required?

Construction firms must warn individuals passing by of information that may aid with their safety and keep them far enough away from their contractors for legal, ethical, and convenience reasons. Some more reasons for using sidewalk closed signs are as follows:
Moreover, the Reflective arrows are used to alert people passing by at night hours. So, nearly all construction zones use a sidewalk-closed sign to inform anybody around the area that it’s in their best interests to take a different path to their destination. Signs NYC is the number one place to go in New York City for sidewalk closure signs.

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