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3 Reasons Truck Wraps Are a Good Investment for Your Small Business

beverage industry uses truck wraps

beverage industry uses truck wraps

As all insiders know, truck wraps aren’t a good investment for your small business. They are a great investment for businesses of all sizes!

Jokes aside, in this blog, we’re going to lay out exactly why vehicle wraps make such a great value for the growth of your brand.

1. Truck Wraps Offer Better Return on Investment (ROI)

The greatest thing about truck wraps are they are a wise use of your limited ad budget. They offer a superior Return on Investment (ROI) than comparable online and mass media ads.

Truck Wraps are Less Expensive than Online Marketing

Vehicle wraps are classified as a form of “out of home” advertising, meaning they are seen out on the street, rather than on newsprint or an electronic device. According to the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Outdoor signs cost $3.56 and newspaper ads cost $19.70 per thousand impressions.

While (on paper at least) truck wraps are technically more expensive than online ads, they still offer better ROI due to their increase effectiveness:

Vehicle Wraps are More Effective than Online Ads

The reason truck wraps give you a better ROI compared with online ads is due to two things:

  1. Vehicle Wraps are a flat fee rather than being subscription based — this allows you to better budget your ad dollars.
  2. Unlike 92% of online ads, vehicle wraps aren’t ignored. More on that below.


Return on ad spend (ROAS) measures the total revenue you take in for every dollar you spend. It is calculated by dividing the campaign revenue by the campaign cost.

What is ROAS - Return on Ad Spent for Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Ads also allow a greater number of impressions than newspaper ads, offering a better Return on Ad Spent (ROAS).

2. Truck Wraps are Less Intrusive than Online Ads

Online Ads are Annoying

Simply put, online ads are irritating. They slow down your devices, delay or otherwise interrupt your favorite videos and music. Online ads detract from people’s online experience. They are generally not perceived as helpful nor entertaining. Simply put, most people see them as a negative thing.

Online Ads Get Ignored

Because online ads are so annoying, people tend to disregard them. According to one study, 92% of respondents say they ignore online ads. As we stated above, although online ads are technically less expensive, what constitutes an impression is not as clear. What does it matter if your ad pops up in the middle of a video of it is ignored or, even worse, makes the viewer angry at the ad and at your brand.

Always Company Truck Wraps by Signs New York

Don’t Associate Your Brand With Frozen Videos and Music Streams

We have all had the experience of having a video or music stream freeze while an ad is loading — due to the additional bandwidth required. While this phenomenon is difficult to measure, it can have an obviously deleterious, possibly fatal effect on your business revenue — especially for a struggling small business owner.

This can lead to people purposely not wanting to buy products or services from the ad buyer. Making potential customers angry at your brand is definitely not what you want.

Truck Wraps are Entertaining (when done properly)

On the contrary to those annoying, ineffective online banner and pop-up ads, a well-executed truck wrap can be a welcome distraction to a driver stuck in traffic or a pedestrian waiting at a traffic light. A clever vehicle ad can literally make someone’s day, win your small business awards, accolades and, in some instances, international recognition.

Vinyl Truck Wrap for Pastries Unlimited in New York City


Truck Wraps are Helpful

for identification by clients in addition to market to potential customers — they not only build your brand but solidify your reputation among others in your community. If you’re in a home-service or delivery-based business, you can give clients peace of mind when you pull up to their house.

Just Say “No” to Kidnapper Vans

Let’s face it. Nobody wants a rusted-out, sketchy-looking, graffiti-covered box truck parked at their house. At the very least, it’s an eyesore that detracts from the home’s curb appeal and surrounding neighborhood. In a worst-case scenario, a “kidnapper van” can scare someone who is home alone — and even cause them to panic, overreact and call the cops!

When your work truck is attractively decorated it gives off an air of professionalism — rather than one of mystery or danger. Your client (and their neighbors) will immediately know who is pulling up in front of their house or into their driveway.

3. Truck Ads Target a Specific Market

Targeted Online Ads are Increasingly Less Accurate

Another problem with targeted online ads is the increasing savviness of web users. Privacy concerns have led to the recent proliferation of VPNs and private browser settings, frustrating the likes of Facebook, Google and other firms with global user-information-driven profit models. This makes online demographics increasingly difficult to target by geography and/or interests.

Truck Wraps are Seen by the People You Serve

On the other hand, truck wraps are viewed directly by potential customers looking for specific products and services in your immediate service area. Many of these people have also grown dissatisfied with the usual apps used to find local businesses. By using an IRL truck graphic, you are successfully filling a newly emerging niche in the ad market.

truck wrap graphics for ski beer

A local full-service sign shop such as Signs NYC has the local knowledge of the NYC-New Jersey Area — including Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, North Jersey (Bergen, Hunterdon, Monmouth Counties, etc.), Long Island, Westchester and beyond — to specially tailor truck ads for your audience.

Also, while parked/stopped in traffic your truck ad will allow both pedestrians and drivers to glean important information. This includes services/products offered, special deals, contact information and more.

Other Benefits of Truck Wraps

They “Take One for the Team”

Truck Graphics protect your valuable vehicle exterior and paint job. They take the scuffs and scrapes so your valuable work vehicle doesn’t have to.

Truck Wraps are Versatile

Truck Wraps are more versatile than pop-up or banner ads. They can be fully customized by a local designer-printer-installer such as Signs New York. We offer various custom options — including weather-proof lamination, shape, size, full or partial coverage.

Vehicle Ads are Hyperlocal

In the large NYC/ New Jersey market, Truck Wraps “speak the local language” — referencing things that only New Yorkers know.

“A Business with No Sign is a Sign of No Business”

To learn more about Truck Wraps — as well as other commercial vehicle graphics such as trailer and bus wraps — feel free to contact the Signs NYC team by requesting a free quote at any time. We can’t wait to collaborate with you on an effective, custom ad that pays for itself by increasing your profits and growing your business.

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