Sintra (PVC) Signs For Events And Displaying Wall Graphic Signs

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing the best kind of rigid sign for your business. Flat, durable, flexible, and lightweight, they make great indoor and limited outdoor signs. Polyvinyl chloride signs, also known as PVC or Sintra signs, have all these characteristics along with the added bonuses of being low cost and having a very smooth, clean texture. Their texture makes it easier to print and make out more complex fonts and graphics from a distance if needed.

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What Are PVC Signs?

PVC signs are a type of rigid sign - signs that are known for being flexible, able to be used in almost any setting, and inexpensive compared to illuminated, digital, or fully metal signs. Some owe their flexibility to a foam core or versatile, lightweight kinds of metal. However, PVC signs are made of firm plastic sheets that are strong but still have some give that allow them to be easily made into custom shapes if needed. This majority plastic material makes them resistant to rust, mold, and many other forms of damage that other foam core or less solidly constructed signs made only for indoor use are prone to. They can be made thicker or thinner without decreasing their durability or increasing their cost. The most common choices of thickness are 3 mm or 6mm. Signs that need to have a lot of text, graphics, or detail on them are the primary users of NYC PVC signs. Their strong construction and smooth matte surface make printing on them easy and the end results professional and excellent looking. Therefore, so many menu boards, trade show signs, and retail store signs, to name a few, make use of this type of sign.

Technical Specs

As far as appearance, nearly any custom color, shape or design can be created with a PVC sign. Logos can be replicated in the exact colors you need, and high-resolution images can be printed on the size sign you need without sacrificing any quality.

Thickness & Weight

Sizes & Color

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What are the benefits of PVC Signs?

In addition to the high quality of the text and images able to be printed on them, PVC signs present numerous qualities that put them apart from other types of signs, rigid or otherwise. They are:

When choosing a rigid sign, it’s hard to go wrong with a PVC sign in NYC. The material they’re made of lends itself to a good-looking sign while at the same time ensuring that it will last a long time.

What Features do PVC Signs Have?

Even besides being strong, flexible, easy to transport and customize in shape, PVC signs have a lot to recommend them. Their durability is well known, but they’re also waterproof, making them a better outdoor sign choice than other comparably priced rigid signs. Since they’re so customizable and adaptable for so many different purposes, there are lots of ways to display them.

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Where PVC Signs Are Used?

PVC signs of all sizes and designs are used for lots of purposes throughout numerous industries. You can find them in settings like:

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Trade Show

Your business’s services and products will look their best at your booth with a PVC sign.

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Retail Stores

New products and upcoming events can be announced easily with a custom sign made custom for it a certain reason or one that’s reusable for future announcements.

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Checkout Line

Depending on the size of the point-of-purchase area, small or larger signs can be installed to remind customers of other purchasing opportunities or upcoming events at the store.

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Warehouses & Factories

As long as it’s not exposed to extreme heat, a hardy PVC sign stands up great in environments like these as signs pointing you in the right direction or reminding you of information about the area.

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Real Estate

Because PVC material can clearly display printed material, even from a distance, real estate agents often display these signs in front of their listings.

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Exhibits and displays are enhanced by signs offering context and further information on what guests can see. For a sign that needs to last a long while in a high foot traffic place, PVC is one of the best material options available.

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Desktop name signs will last longer when made with this type of sign. They won’t chip or break if they fall off the desk and can look modern and professional when printed with your company’s logo and employees’ names.

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Menu boards are easy to custom design with your food industry business’s brand appearance and products, whether it’s a restaurant, café, food truck, coffee shop, or something else.

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