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Signage plays a vital role in hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing essential information, promoting safety, and enhancing the overall patient and visitor experience. Signs NYC fabricates and prints custom signs for hospitals and healthcare providers, designed to facilitate hospital navigation, convey important messages, and reinforce your brand identity. Our comprehensive sign solutions help hospitals and healthcare facilities in NYC deliver exceptional care and communication.

Hospital and Healthcare Signs Gallery

Signs NYC has partnered with numerous hospitals and healthcare providers, offering a wide range of impactful signage options. Samples of our work can be seen below:

directory signs nyc

Lobby directories are essential for guiding patients, visitors, and staff through complex healthcare facilities. These signs provide clear directions to departments, clinics, and other key areas, ensuring smooth navigation and reducing confusion.

Custom Lobby Signs

Lobby signs serve as a prominent focal point in the entrance area, representing the hospital’s brand and creating a welcoming atmosphere. These signs can feature the hospital’s name, logo, mission statement, and other relevant information.

Door Sign Name Plate signs nyc

Name plates help identify medical professionals, staff members, and departmental offices within the hospital. These personalized signs contribute to a professional and organized environment, making it easier for patients and visitors to locate the right individuals or areas.

Healthcare Wall Decal, nyc

Wall wraps and decals can transform plain walls into informative and visually appealing spaces. These graphics can showcase inspirational artwork, educational content, or important messages about health and safety, creating a positive and engaging environment within the healthcare facility.

building emergency exit fire safety sign maker

Safety signs are crucial for hospitals and healthcare facilities to maintain a secure environment. These signs include emergency exit signs, fire extinguisher locations, no-smoking signs, hand hygiene reminders, and other safety-related messages.

plastic letters

Plastic Letters

Plastic letters offer versatility and durability, making them ideal for creating clear and readable signs throughout the hospital or healthcare facility. These letters can be used for wayfinding, room identification, and other informational purposes, facilitating efficient navigation and enhancing the overall patient experience.

Hospital and Healthcare Signs for Every Medical Office

At Signs NYC, we recognize the unique needs and requirements of hospitals and healthcare providers. Our experienced team collaborates closely with our clients to design and manufacture custom signs that align with their branding, messaging, and compliance standards.

Signs for Safety and Care

Many signs are necessary to keep patients, doctors, visitors, and other healthcare staff safe. Signs include:

  • No Smoking Signs
  • Hand Washing Signs
  • Mask Signs
  • Authorized Personnel Signs
  • Biohazard Signs
  • Radiation Area Signs
  • Protection Required Signs
  • Oxygen Signs
  • “Stay Home if Sick” Signs

Many signs are important for enhancing both patient safety and those of hospital and healthcare workers.

no smoking construction safety signs nyc

Signs for Navigation and Wayfinding

Medical centers can be difficult to navigate. Signs provide support for both visitors and staff:

  • Restroom Signs
  • Room Number Signs
  • Maternity Ward Signs
  • Pharmacy Signs
  • ICU Signs
  • Elevator Signs
  • Cafeteria Signs
  • Pediatrics Signs
  • Emergency Exit Signs

Custom office signs for hospitals can come in many distinctive styles. Staff, departments, and rooms all need signs to help navigate the complexities of hospital buildings.

Signs for Health Promotion

In healthcare centers, there are often signs encouraging people to make healthy decisions. Examples may include vaccination information, healthy eating information, travel advisory warnings, and information about exercise. Signs for health promotion are often a form of branding and risk management found in many medical centers.

Signs for Families and Visitors

Some hospitals use wall wraps to create a comforting space for visitors. Some have children’s play areas that have decorations and decals. Each hospital has its own character that may require signs and information.


Dr. Jennifer Hospital Administrator in Manhattan

Abie from Signs NYC designed custom blade signs for our hospital. They are durable, clear, and have improved wayfinding for patients and visitors.

Dr. Jonathan Clinic Manager in Brooklyn

Marina from Signs NYC helped us create custom window decals for our clinic. They're professional and contribute to a welcoming environment.

Nurse Sarah Health Center Coordinator in The Bronx

We worked with Tony from Signs NYC to get custom metal letter signs for our health center. The signs are high quality and convey important information effectively.

Dr. Matthew Hospital Director in Queens

Tito from Signs NYC assisted us in creating custom A-frame signs for our hospital. They've improved navigation and patient experience.

Nurse Amy Clinic Director in Staten Island

Our custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, are a fantastic way to communicate health campaigns. They're durable, vibrant, and informative.

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Hospital Signs in NYC and Beyond with Signs NYC

Primary care physicians, dentists, doctors, psychologists, and the entire healthcare community rely on custom signs on the interior and exterior of the property. Signs NYC is a local sign fabricator that is able to create the signage that will help support your hospital’s growth. Start the process today by using our order form for an estimate.

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