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Mesh Banners provide full color, easily viewable space to advertise a business, announce an event, or draw attention to news. They are one of the best and most affordable ways to make sure your product or information gets noticed. Banners have long been the sign of choice for sharing a message. You’ll often see these at baseball games, mall openings, and countless other locations. With their long-lasting color, mesh banner signs are one of the best choices in NYC.
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What Are Mesh Banners?

Mesh banners are banner signs specifically designed for areas of high wind, rain, and other elements. Almost exclusively used outside, mesh banner printing is one of the most popular types of signs we offer at Signs NYC.
They’re easily visible, portable, and capable of being installed with minimal difficulty. Made with vinyl, banners are durable, inexpensive, and large – perfect for all different types of advertising and occasions.
But traditional solid vinyl banners tend to struggle in wind and rain. They can flap around too often, and may even become damaged in some of the stronger winds that we experience on the East Coast. That is why, instead of solid vinyl banners, businesses hanging their banners outdoors may want to consider mesh banners.

Technical Specs

We offer custom mesh banner printing services. You can easily customize your banner according to your requirements. Use our website to share information regarding your printing job, or upload your artwork to get started with customization.

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What are the Benefits of Mesh Banners?

These banners have several advantages when used outdoors:

Another study undertaken by the Point of Purchase Advertising Institute published results stating that in retail spaces where floor graphics were placed in front of sales displays, customers were 64% more likely to stop and examine the products being presented.

Where Mesh Banners Are Used?

Banners of all sizes and styles are highly versatile. Mesh banners are a great choice for any type of message. They can be used for advertising at outdoor sports parks. They can be hung to announce grand openings. They can be hung from construction sites to announce an upcoming opening. They are often used by local governments to share dates for events.


Custom mesh banners are used in schools for events and festival days decorations and displaying the name and logo on significant places.

sporting events


Mesh banners in NYC are popularly used for all sorts of sporting events to display team names and logos, and also advertise sponsors.



Custom printed mesh banners are an essential element of festival signage as they are easy to hang, low cost, and can be reused.



Mesh banners are popular in parades because of their lightweight and portability features, they can be easily and fastly printed in bulk.

construction companies


Customized mesh banners are hung on construction sites to advertise a new opening and advertise the contractor’s business.



High-quality mesh banners are used to display on the building because they are very durable and cannot be damaged by winds and bad weather.

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Mesh Banners For Local Events and Stadiums

Mesh banners are frequently found at sports of all levels, from elementary school to professional sports teams. Large mesh banners in NYC can be found at Yankee Stadium, with smaller mesh banners found at many high schools across all the boroughs. Some of these are about the team/school, but others are there to advertise sponsors or announce championships.
Local events are also great for mesh banners. When there is an upcoming city event, like a public holiday party, mesh banners can be printed in a rush and hang comfortably no matter the wind level. Mesh banners can also be found at farmer’s markets, parade events, and so many other popular city attractions.

Why Mesh Banners for Construction Sites?

Mesh banners are also very common at construction sites. The primary reason is that scaffolding and fences are common in construction, and many of the signs that are placed on these parts are required by law or necessary for safety. Mesh banners ensure that the sign can be placed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even at high altitudes without worrying that they may fall off or become damaged.
Signs NYC is one of the few sign companies in NYC capable of creating a mesh banner fast – with rush mesh banners available for only a nominal increase in cost. We are able to create mesh banner rush orders for anyone in the local area, including Brooklyn, New Jersey, Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Jersey City, NJ.
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Signs NYC has been manufacturing mesh banners for many years and has the quickest turnaround in NYC. Aside from mesh banners, we have expertise in offering a variety of other event signage that complements your business needs and helps you outshine in any event. We provide UPS shipping to all states, rush sign printing in NYC and the surrounding areas, and so much more. Contact us now for a quote on custom mesh banners.
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