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Magnetic menu boards are a creative and practical solution for businesses looking to display their offerings and information in an easily customizable and visually appealing manner.

Magnetic Receptive Graphics and Menu Board Printing in NYC

At Signs New York, we believe that every dining experience should be a masterpiece. With a rich history of innovation and a commitment to enhancing how people interact with menus, we are proud to introduce our latest creation: magnetic menu board signs.

With our 30 years of expertise in crafting engaging and effective restaurant solutions, our magnetic boards are designed to revolutionize how you present your offerings and connect with your customers.

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What Are Magnetic Menu Boards?

Magnetic menu boards, also known as magnetic chalkboards or magnetic display boards, are a type of display tool commonly used in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, and other food establishments. These boards serve as a visually appealing and flexible way to present customers menus, specials, promotions, and other important information.

The main feature of magnetic menu boards is their surface, which is made of a magnetic material that allows for the attachment of magnetic elements. These elements can include magnetic strips, cards, or labels with printed or handwritten text and images. This enables the menu items and other content to be easily changed and rearranged without the need for erasing or reprinting.



At Signs New York, we’re committed to enhancing your restaurant’s identity and customer experience. Our magnetic menu board signs empower you to engage customers, showcase specials, and create a lasting impression.

If your project is a rush or requires special attention to detail, give us a call at 718-453-8300.

Customization Options

Material Options

There are a variety of methods to customize the design of magnetic menu boards to best fit your company’s needs. Not only the font and images of the sign design can be customized, but the sign’s frame and form can be built out of almost any material and in any shape or size. The following are some of the most popular material options for magnetic boards:​

pvc with metal


PVC is a lightweight material for menu boards that can be attached to walls with metal frames, it can be laminated with a matte or glossy finish.

wood with metal


Wood is the traditional material for menu boards, it is fixed with a rust-proof aluminum frame, you can customize the color combination to match your interior.

styrene with metal


Thinner styrene is best for metal-backed menu boards, styrene is a lightweight plastic that is flexible and perfect for indoor and outdoor menu displays.

What features do magnetic menu board signs have?

There are many elements that can be customized and changed in order to fit your business’s needs. Their very ability to be almost endlessly customizable with the kind of information they display is of course their primary appeal, but the boards themselves can be made exactly to order with variable details like:​

restaurant magnetic menu boards nyc

Magnetic Menu Board Signs

Your Dynamic Sales and Information Solution

Magnetic menu boards are most frequently used in restaurants and other businesses that also use menus or switch their products or services. You can use them to communicate sales, special events, upcoming product releases, and more.


Owners can easily swap out menu items, update prices, or feature daily specials by moving around the magnetic pieces on the board.


Magnetic menu boards can be designed to match the decor and ambiance of the establishment, adding to the overall visual appeal.


The magnetic surface is typically easy to clean and resistant to wear, making it suitable for high-traffic environments.


Since the menu items and information can be updated without the need for constant reprints, it can save on printing costs in the long run.


Customers often find magnetic menu boards interactive and engaging, as they can physically interact with the elements on the board.


Magnetic boards can be used for more than just menus. They can also display promotional materials, upcoming events, or announcements.


Explore How Magnetic Boards Simplify Menu Changes.

Magnetic menu boards are most frequently used in restaurants and other businesses that also use menus or switch their products or services. You can use them to communicate sales, special events, upcoming product releases, and more.

restaurants nyc

Restaurants and Cafes

Enhance your restaurant's appeal by showcasing daily specials, promotions, and menu items with magnetic menu boards that captivate customers and drive sales.

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Coffee Shops and Bakeries

Create a dynamic display of your coffee blends, baked goods, and seasonal offerings to entice customers and keep them coming back for more.

refreshment stands and food trucks

Food Trucks

Utilize magnetic menu boards to quickly update your ever-changing menu, allowing you to adapt to customer preferences and maximize your food truck's sales potential.

bar 1 e1692299480302

Bars and Pubs

Elevate the bar experience by using magnetic menu boards to spotlight drink specials, craft beer selections, and unique cocktails that entice patrons.

store e1692299613326

Retail Stores

Increase engagement in retail settings by using magnetic boards to showcase product features, pricing, and limited-time offers, driving customers to make informed purchasing decisions.

store 1 e1692299746557

Corporate Cafeterias

Streamline menu changes and highlight healthy choices in corporate cafeterias using magnetic menu boards, ensuring employees have access to fresh and enticing options.


Magnetic reception menu boards provide restaurants with versatile displays that enhance operations and customer experiences. The flexibility to swiftly update menus, specials, and promotions ensures accuracy and saves on printing costs.

Eye-catching visuals and customization options attract customers’ attention, while the interactive nature of magnetic boards engages patrons physically, aiding quicker decision-making. These boards also spotlight signature dishes, create a sense of urgency, and contribute to the restaurant’s overall aesthetic.

With easy maintenance, adaptability to dietary needs, and the ability to reflect rebranding efforts, magnetic menu boards empower restaurants to present their offerings seamlessly and drive sales effectively.

Magnetic Wall mounted menu boards nyc

Ready to Elevate Your Restaurant's Experience?

Discover the difference that magnetic reception menu boards can make for your establishment. Say goodbye to outdated menus and hello to dynamic displays that captivate customers and drive sales. Transform your dining experience today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are magnetic menu board signs?

Magnetic menu board signs are display boards with a magnetic surface that allow you to attach magnetic elements like strips, cards, or labels. These boards are commonly used in restaurants and businesses to showcase menus, specials, and promotions in a dynamic and customizable way.

How do magnetic menu board signs work?

Magnetic menu board signs work by utilizing a magnetic surface where magnetic elements can be attached. This enables easy and quick updates to menu items, prices, and promotions without the need for reprints. Simply arrange the magnetic pieces on the board to display the desired content.

Are magnetic menu board signs durable?

Yes, magnetic menu board signs are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The magnetic surface is typically made of materials that are resistant to wear and tear, making them suitable for high-traffic environments like restaurants.

Can I customize the design of my magnetic menu board signs?

Absolutely. You can customize the design of your magnetic menu board signs to match your restaurant's branding and aesthetics. From colors and fonts to graphics and layout, you can create a look that aligns with your unique identity.

How do I update the content on magnetic menu board signs?

Updating content on magnetic menu board signs is simple. Just remove or rearrange the magnetic elements to reflect your changes. Whether you're introducing new items, adjusting prices, or featuring specials, it's a quick and straightforward process.

Can I use magnetic menu board signs for promotions?

Yes, magnetic menu board signs are excellent for promoting specials and limited-time offers. You can easily highlight promotions using visual cues like different colors, icons, or magnetic elements that create urgency.

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