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The best way for restaurants, coffee shops, and other foodservice businesses to make money is with repeat diners. These customers are a consistent source of income, something valued in an industry where there isn’t typically a lot of consistency. In order to encourage repeat visits, most restaurants change at least part of the menu every now and then to increase excitement and provide seasonal variations to the tastes of the diner.

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What Are Magnetic Menu Boards?

A magnetic menu board allows you to add, remove, and move around menu items with ease. It makes it possible for any type of restaurant to have a high quality sign that is both affordable and effective for the needs of the restaurant. Magnetic menu boards in NYC are also used by coffee shops, sandwich shops, and even some non-food establishments as a way to keep the items on the board fresh at a very affordable cost. We at Signs NYC want to be the one to help you enhance your business with just the right signage. Magnetic menu boards can be just the type of sign to do this by strengthening the connection between you and your customers at a cost that won’t hurt your budget. Contact us today for a free quote or to start your custom sign order.

Material options

There are a variety of methods to customize the design of magnetic menu boards to best fit your company's needs. Not only the font and images of the sign design can be customized, but the sign's frame and form can be built out of almost any material and in any shape or size. The following are some of the most popular material options for magnetic boards:

pvc with metal

PVC with Metal

PVC is a lightweight material for menu boards that can be attached to walls with metal frames, it can be laminated with a matte or glossy finish.

wood with metal

Wood with Metal

Wood is the traditional material for menu boards, it is fixed with a rust-proof aluminum frame, you can customize the color combination to match your interior.

styrene with metal

Styrene with Metal

Thinner styrene is best for metal-backed menu boards, styrene is a lightweight plastic that is flexible and perfect for indoor and outdoor menu displays.

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What features do magnetic menu board signs have?

There are many elements that can be customized and changed in order to fit your business’s needs. Their very ability to be almost endlessly customizable with the kind of information they display is of course their primary appeal, but the boards themselves can be made exactly to order with variable details like:

Where Magnetic Menu Boards are Used?

Magnetic menu boards are most frequently used in restaurants and other businesses that also use menus or switch their products or services. You can use them to communicate sales, special events, upcoming product releases, and more.

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Restaurants use magnetic menu board signs for food services displays, easy-to-read menus, and the ease to change the displays when required.



Cafes use magnetic menu boards to easily change the daily menu items, welcome notes and display daily prices, and offer to notify customers.

food truck

Food Trucks

Food trucks use lightweight portable menu boards to display menus, meal deals, discounts, and creative sales slogans to attract customers.

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How magnetic reception menu boards help restaurants?

Magnetic menu boards are most frequently used in restaurants and other businesses that also use menus or switch their products or services. You can use them to communicate sales, special events, upcoming product releases, and more. There are few signs that enable you to keep them fresh and up-to-date as easily. And because these magnets are cost-efficient for printing, they make a great choice for companies that switch offerings often and need their employees to be able to make that switch with ease. If you work to keep your business updated and rotate offers often, make sure your signs reflect that with magnetic menu boards in NYC. Contact us today to see how a magnetic menu board could help your business even if you don’t have a menu to offer customers.

Specialized Menu Boards Signs for Cafe's

Magnetic menu boards are a type of sign that displays information on a magnet that attaches to a metal background. They are most frequently used in restaurants, cafes, food trucks, and other food-related businesses since their ever-changing menus can be quickly and easily updated.

The best part about these signs is how easy they are to change. Limited expertise is necessary, as the old sign can be removed and a new sign or magnet can be put in its place with ease. Depending on your design, the entire board can be switched out together or different parts of the board can be separated and added or removed. With a magnetic board instead of a traditional permanent one, you can:

Our magnetic menu boards combine the best of permanence, the high quality, and professional look, with the advantages of temporary signage, like easy adaptability.

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Contact Us Today for Magnetic Menu Boards

Signs NYC is proud to be the leader in magnetic menu sign fabrication. We have been in the sign business for over 30 years, and have all of the latest in sign printing and development technology. This allows us to provide very high quality designs at a lower cost than our competition. We also have a complete design team, so that if you are not sure how to create a magnetic sign, our team can craft it for you. We also provide installation services if you need to make sure your magnetic sign is working properly. There are many reason to use a magnetic menu sign, not only in restaurants, fast food, and coffee shops, but also in any specialty shop that needs to change what it offers at any time. Let Signs NYC be the company that help develop those signs for you.

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