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Retail stores are in constant competition with competitors. Retail signs capture attention, improve sales, direct traffic, and help comply with local and state law. Signs New York develops signs that embody your brand and attract customers.

Retail Signs Gallery

Every retail establishment uses indoor and outdoor signs for advertising, compliance, and customer service. Custom signs can be manufactured in 2 dimensional, 3 dimensional, a lighted format. See our gallery below for some of our retail signs work:
custom channel letter sign fabrication nyc
Channel letters are three-dimensional lighted signs, sometimes referred to as “built-up letters,” that are commonly used in outdoor signage to display a retail specialty or brand name.
storefront retractable awnings installer nyc
Awnings are secondary coverings attached to the exterior walls of a building, typically made of canvas or other durable fabric. They provide shade and shelter from the elements for the outside of retail storefronts.
a frame sidewalk signs e1695940657295
A-Frame signs are freestanding displays consisting of two hinged boards in the shape of an A that can be folded together for easy transport and storage. They can direct traffic or promote products and services.
window decals printing
Window decals for retail are self-adhesive graphics or designs made from vinyl or other materials that can be applied to the interior or exterior of windows, typically used for advertising, branding, or adding privacy or decorative elements to retail storefronts.
illuminated sign cabinets
Retail lighted signs are illuminated displays, often made of translucent materials such as acrylic or polycarbonate. These signs for stores use internal lighting sources such as LED or neon to enhance visibility and attract attention.
black maximum occupancy in rooms signs
Occupancy signs for retail use are typically required by building codes and display the maximum capacity of a store or commercial space, as well as other safety-related information such as emergency exits and fire evacuation routes.

Creative Use of Custom Retail Signs in NYC Improves The Customer Experience

Retail establishments often have limited margins and require more customers and better conversions in order to grow and thrive. Creative use of custom signs provides retail stores with an opportunity to generate more consumer interest and promote products and services. Partnering with a sign maker in NYC offers an opportunity to create signs of different shapes, sizes, and uses.

Signs for Branding

Branding is critical for the success of your store. Branding is what helps you stand out from others that offer similar goods. Signs can be crafted to match your brand, customized by color, font, graphic, and lighting style. These signs create a memorable experience that attracts future sales and enhances customer satisfaction.
advertisement signs nyc

Signs for Announcements

Your retail establishment succeeds when it is able to generate more customers and more sales per visit. Retail stores can use vinyl signs and banners, floor decals, wall wraps, and other forms of signage to announce grand openings, share information on clearance sales, and notify of new products.

Signs for Advertising and Marketing

Inside and outside of your store is empty space. That empty space is an opportunity to advertise specific products and make people aware of specials at your store. Advertising to those in the area can draw them in. Marketing signs inside of your store can help convert them into customers.

Signs for Direction and Attention

Outside of your property, customers need a way to find you. Channel letters, light box signs, and A-frame signs are some signage options that direct people to your store. Inside of your property, signs are used to capture attention to a specific aisle or find an item they need.

Signs for Compliance

New York City – along with both NY and NJ state – require specific signs within retail properties. These signs include emergency exit signs, maximum occupancy signs, handicap access signs, and price scanner signs. Each of these signs has specific details that a sign maker in NYC has to address for them to be in compliance.


Rose Manager of a boutique in Manhattan

Our boutique storefront was transformed by the custom blade signs designed by Signs NYC's rep, Abie. They're stylish and have significantly increased our footfall.

John Owner of a shoe store in Brooklyn

The custom window decals designed by Marina from Signs NYC have significantly enhanced our store's visibility. We are delighted with the outcome.

Hannah Operator of a jewelry store in The Bronx

Tony from Signs NYC helped us create custom metal letter signs for our store. They exude an air of sophistication that's perfect for our brand.

Ryan Owner of a tech store in Queens

We wanted a modern look for our store, and the custom A-frame signs designed by Tito from Signs NYC perfectly achieved that. Our sales have improved since we installed them.

Amy Manager of a clothing store in Staten Island

Our new custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, are absolutely stunning. They're the perfect way to showcase our latest collections.

Retail Signs in NYC

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Signs NYC helps retail stores establish their brand and grow their organization.

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Signs NYC has large format printing available for large vinyl banners, billboards, and other over side prints.


Signs NYC has over 30 years of experience as a sign company in NYC, and has expanded to the New Jersey area.

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Signs NYC is able to offer local sign installation, sign repair, and sign restoration in for retail businesses.

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