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Window Decals on glass doors is the first thing that someone sees when they walk by. Signs NYC is a premium Decal shop which provides customized vinyl decals. We offer custom printed decals, Print and Cut Decals in any custom shape and size. Based out of Brooklyn NYC, we have the option to offer a quick turnaround on decals of any size. Decals are flexible and can be shipped nationwide. We offer UPS ground and air shipping on all our products. To get started fill out the quote form from our contact us page.

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What Are Window Decals?

Window Decals are vinyl prints meant to be mounted onto glass windows. Decals can make any space stand out whether it’s for your office, storefront, or at your home. Window decals, both vinyl lettering, and frosted film can ensure that the front of your building has ads, text, decoration, and other information that attracts attention from the streets. At Signs NYC, we use the latest vinyl technologies and cutting tools such as CAD cutting and plotters to provide custom shapes, logos, lettering, and decals to our customers. Our custom window decals are made from adhesive vinyl that can be printed in a wide format printing machine in any CMYK color, the vinyl print can be adhered to any surface for temporary or long-term use without damaging the glass surface.

Types of Decal Work

The term “Window Decals” describes almost any type of sign that is placed on window glass. There are so many different types of decorative graphic films available for different types of applications, and here at Signs NYC we can design, print, and cut to shape any types of vinyl. Here are some of the vinyls we carry and always in stock:

We use the Industry premium quality materials such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal cast vinyl. We also have other, more affordable options from the same manufacturers — such as calendared vinyl — depending on the location, placement, size and expected service life of the project. We can also create custom sizes and shapes, along with CAD precision- cut lettering, which combined mean that not only can you have window decals that match your company’s needs, but also you can have the specific pantone color, size, cut, shape that you want from those decals as well.

Technical Specs



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Material Options

At Signs NYC, we use high-quality materials from the industry, such as 3M, Avery, and Oracal cast vinyl. We can custom design the decal depending on the project's location, positioning, size, and projected service life. Following are the material options for window decals:

oracle cast vinyl nyc


Oracal vinyl is well-known for being a high adhesive option it comes with an extensive selection of vinyl castings, vibrant colors, and metallic finishes.

avery material


Avery vinyl is a premium choice that has a wide range of weight and opacity options, making it a very flexible choice for custom window decals.

3M avery

3m Vinyl

3M is the standard vinyl that is popularly used for decals, it comes in transparent, semi-opaque, and opaque white options.

Vinyl Finishes

The vinyl decal can be provided with a finishing option that can be matte or glossy, it adds a unique touch to the final appearance of the decal. Signs NYC offers the following finishing options:

matte vinyl finish


Matte vinyl has a subtle and soft look, we have matte white and matte Black finishing options for custom vinyl decals.

gloss finish


A gloss finish is a label that is given to add extra durability and protection for your printed design.

holographic nyc


The holographic finish gives silvering, Diamond shimmering, and flashy look to the final appearance of the window decal.

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Benefits of Window Decals

Building a brand, as well as making the most of your location, is essential for any business organization. Our customized vinyl window decals provide a plethora of marketing benefits for any business, including:

Signs NYC is the experienced decal maker in NYC, our vinyl window decals are an excellent tool for advertising your brand, logo, sales, promotions, or any event or holiday decoration.

See how these industries are exploring window signs

Over the years, the Signs NYC team has provided decals and lettering to hundreds of businesses and organizations in and around New York City. Those types of businesses include:


Gyms, Health & Fitness Clubs

Window lettering is a popular choice for gyms and fitness clubs to display the crucial information and graphics that give easy recognition even from a distance.

law firms nyc

Law Offices

Vinyl decals are popularly used in law offices displaying custom logons and details regarding operating hours and days.

corporate offices

Corporate Offices

Custom window decals are used in corporate offices to provide the perfect seclusion and professionalism in the interior space.

art galleries and creative spaces

Art Galleries

Art galleries popularly use specialty-crafted decals for enhancing the overall creativity and the exposure of the space.


Cafes & Restaurants

The roadside space of cafes and restaurants is customized with glass window decals displaying logos and images that attract customers.

coffee shops nyc

Coffee Roasters

Custom window decals with printed logos and lettering are famous in NYC for the coffee roasters business as it makes them easy to spot.

salons & barber shops nyc

Salons & Barber Shops

Frosted film is popularly used at salons and barbershops as it provides the required privacy and the look from the street and also displays the logo.

banks nyc


Glass frosting and full window decals are famous in banks for providing privacy with a professional look both in interiors and exteriors.

pet care & grooming nyc

Pet Care & Grooming

Vinyl window decals are used in customized designs at pet care and grooming places for personalized space that looks attractive.

tattoo artists nyc

Tattoo Artists

Customized window decals and vinyl lettering are very famous for the funky and catchy look they create at tattoo artists’ places.

retail store nyc

Store Fronts

Storefronts utilize the window space to display eye-catching graphics for sales and promotions and festive decorations.

Window Decals Printing Services

Many stores and restaurants prefer smaller letter decals for glass that feature details such as store hours, products, and services — as well as unique decals displaying featured menu items in Gold Leaf Vinyl with black outline. With some signs (like open hours and no smoking signs) playing such a common role on the modern business window, as well as large and unique decals for window promotions or to cover the window with a specific graphic which is called as Window wraps. From letters and logos to large text decals and more, we can supply an endless combination of decorative and informative decals. We have permanent and removable window decals that can be cut to any shape and size. We offer plenty of options when it comes to decals as this is our specialty. Our plotter can cut from ½” to 52” in width. With our highly competitive pricing and commitment to quality vinyl materials, Signs NYC has become the go-to choose for those looking to either decorate their windows or provide important information that is relevant to potential customers.

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