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Signs are usually the first thing people will see when they arrive at your property. That’s why the type of graphic media you use — as well as how you execute it — is so vitally important to the health of your business. After all, you only get one chance to make a strong first impression. That’s why the design, installation, placement, and upkeep of your sign will tell customers and passers-by at just a quick glance what to expect. When you want your sign to speak volumes about the kind of business you have, you may want to consider custom hand-painted signs — which are some of the most popular traditional signs out there, and as always are available from the leader in commercial signage solutions, Signs NYC.

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What are Hand Painted Signs?

Hand-painted signs provide a traditional appeal to your business or organization’s signage. They are highly durable, versatile, and can be customized to meet your business requirements. The fundamental elements of effective creation of a hand-painted sign include design, layout, brush strokes, color choice, and most importantly, efficiency. The hand-painted signs work as an astonishing emblem on the entrance of your storefront or as a little personalized art piece on the window or walls of your workplace. The hand-painted signs can be hung indoors or mounted outdoors. They will age over time, but that just adds to their appeal. Typically, the best made-to-order hand-painted signs have a higher breakdown resistance than other materials.

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Types of Hand Painted Signs

Material Options

Different locations, usages, company cultures or industries may require different materials for office signage. From wood to glass, metal to plastic, we always carry every conceivable material a sign can be constructed from in stock. Whether you need something clean, sleek and modern or a more classic or historical style, we can help to set the right tone in any location with materials that will both look great and last forever.



Wood has a natural classiness. People value hand-painted treated wood signs for that typical wood look and the natural aesthetic of hand painting.

fabric hand painted signs


Fabric is hand-painted for signage purposes because it is durable and long-lasting. At Signs NYC, we manufacture the best hand painted signs if you’re looking for fabric signage that will endure a long time.

aluminum hand painted signs nyc


Aluminum have a distinct texture that distinguishes them from the typical flat, smooth surface seen on virtually all outdoor signs. Aluminum Metal has been valued for its long-lasting beauty for many years.

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Signs NYC can hand paint your signage on products other than wood. For Instance, Hand Painted Fabric Banner, Hand Painted on Dry Walls, Vehicle Hand Painting, Food Trucks Hand painting, etc.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hand Painted Signs?

These signs can be easily utilized for any purpose, with hundreds of colors available in nearly any size or style. Hand-painted signs subtly signal a certain “look” and more venerable type of product or service, as well as communicate a lot of information to the viewer in an entertaining, aesthetically pleasing way, including:

Where hand painted Signs are Used?

Hand-painted signs get your location noticed. Being both easy to customize and exclusive to your business, all your potential customers will see the time and care that was put into each and every hand-painted sign. They are perfect for almost any industry, and often used in:
refreshment stands and food trucks


Food trucks hand painting, hand-painted banners, and hand-painted sidewalk signs are commonly used for refreshment stands in NYC.



Carved wood signs that are hand-painted are popular signage for boutiques as their presence adds to the exceptional appearance.



Custom hand-painted signs are used to display hotel and motel names that give an aesthetic appeal and a unique look.

art galleries and creative spaces


Hand-painted signs in NYC are popularly used in art galleries and creative places because of their traditional wooden look and durability.



Hand-painted signs are commonly used in apartment complexes as indoor nameplates and outdoor apartment number signs.

restaurants nyc


Wooden signs and hand-painted A-Frame signs are popularly used to display restaurant and cafe menus and discount sales.

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NYC Areas

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About Signs New York City

Discover the artistry of hand painted signs with Signs New York. Our skilled artisans create custom hand painted signs that add a unique and personal touch to your branding. Using traditional techniques and high-quality paints, we ensure each sign is a work of art that reflects your brand’s personality and values. Perfect for businesses, events, and decor, our hand painted signs are timeless and eye-catching.
Craftsmanship meets creativity in every brushstroke.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Hand painted signs refer to signage that is created entirely by hand using traditional painting techniques. These signs are known for their artistic craftsmanship and unique, personalized appearance.