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How to prepare your step and repeat banner for printing?

step and repeat backdrop banner printing nyc

Now comes the clause of designing a perfect Backdrop banner design to heighten the events, happening around the city. Perhaps, the first thought would come up is to create a perfect backdrop and the second thing would be adding the perfect designs over it.

Here’s a quick rundown for devising ‘Perfect’ Backdrop banner designs

What is Step and Repeat Backdrop?

Most common backdrop, placed for any occasion is ‘Step and Repeat‘. This backdrop banner comprises of ‘Brand Name’, which is patterned and scaled all over the banner. Make the celebrities remember the occasion, where they made memories and had great time of fun!

The stages of ‘Grammys’ and ‘Oscars’, hold the Step and Repeat backdrop design.

Stating that; How do you term the occasions of the Grammys and Oscars?

Well… ‘The Red Carpet!’

It’s the Celebrities Paradise, and one thing that would definitely Amaze them, would be Photoshoots. The Leading Lady flaunting in her ritzy garb, just so perfectly dolled up and on the other hand, The Male Lead’s look stunning hot and perfectly suited to the occasion.

I. Effective Ways to Design a Step and Repeat Backdrops for Red Carpet Shows:

The photo backdrop usually contains the Events and the Sponsors logos. Celebrities take turns to stand, pose and get their pictures snapped in front of the patterned backdrop.

red carpet shows step and repeat backdrops nyc

Factors to consider for a Red Carpet Backdrop Banner Design:

1. Backdrop Banner Sizes:

Prevalent banner backdrop size for any event is 8×8.

But it’s not an essential that every event backdrop is designed with this banner size.

Taking up the event that you are hosting, and depending on the size of the crowd

A 8×4 would do for smaller events and as well, you could vouch in your best bet on the sizes of 8×10 and 8×12 for a large event gathering.

2. Perfect Banner Backdrop:

‘Perfection’ is the brand term that is expected out of anything we do, and the least thing that we would expect on a grand event, would be ‘Flaws’.

Make sure that the backdrop banner looks perfect and neat. The red carpet backdrop banner requiring a ‘seam’ is never welcoming.

The backdrop banner should be seamless and affable for any celebrity to walk in and pose for a Snap.

3. The ‘Matte’ Secret:

Matte is primarily deployed to reduce the glare factor that every banner would likely to have, when exposed under heavy lighting or the ray glare’s of the sun.

A Matte material comes a preferable choice for the backdrops, over the glossy material finishes. Despite the pick of a Matte material, using bright white color produces a strong glare.

To avoid the glare use Gray to the background, the mix of Gray with white would give the perfect non-glare finish, and yet the banner looks white, that aids in having a clear finish.

If you run on higher budgets, the best choice would be to use non-glare fabric, and never worry about the glares or sheens on the logo, due to over-lighting.

4. Backdrop Pattern Styles:

Styling a banner holds as much effectiveness as choosing the banner material.

Choosing an appropriate styling method to be patterned is the deciding clause.

Usually followed pattern is a straight line of logos or logos running diagonally across the corners.

A unique thinking over the patterning of logos would grab more attention, and designing the logos is always left to the creativity of the designers.

Few factors of consideration would be,

Efficient Spacing:

Too much of Space or no spacing, would end up wiping the complete effectiveness of the backdrop banner.

Make sure the spacing isn’t too tight that clutters the logo visibility or the spacing being too large, so the backdrop banner appears almost blank.

Careful work on the spacing is highly recommended.


It’s the apprehensive play of pixels with the logo designs.

Logos that are blurry, fuzzy and pixelated makes your banner look unprofessional.

Using vector ‘Logos’ would be the best choice, as it provides clean, sharp print and it wouldn’t pixelate when expanded to higher resolutions.

To give your banner backdrops a Professional Look, try using the vector logo graphics.

5. What are Your Logos to be Placed in Backdrop?

Being decisive about the logo choice would render the finest banner outcome. Pick the logos that you are going to display in your backdrop banner wisely.

Displaying too much of logos, wouldn’t be right! Choosing anywhere from 2-4 logos and not more than 5-6 logos for an 8×8 banner, would look perfect.

The classy Logo picks for the backdrop banner could include: The Current Event Logo, Sponsors Logo, Any Partners logo and the most important pick being ‘Your Logo’.

For example: If you are designing a backdrop banner for Grammys or Oscars include those event logos to grab in the center of attention.

Being done with the prospect of design, next would be to make the photoshoot perfect and the supplementing elements would be Light and the Precise Camera Angle.

II. Lighting Tips for Backdrop Photoshoot:

photoshoot backdrops nyc

1. The Flash:

One thing you would duly want to consider while snapping celebrity picture is the ‘Flash Factor’.

The center of attraction would be the posing celebrity, in front of the backdrop banner.

Loaded photographers to snap pictures, and there comes the hitch of the glare factor hitting the backdrop.

Even a non-glare Matte would appear glossy, with the flash lights hitting all over the background. So, snap pictures with the appropriate lighting and devoid the flash factors.

2. Shadow’s Game:

Adjust the lighting and direct the guests of honor to a perfect position, so that we could outwit the Shadow’s game.

Also, an extravagant tip: Beware of the Large Shadows that are cast over the backdrop banner, when the celebrities Stand and Pose.

The above fact could be ruing the whole purpose of the backdrop banner.

III. Precise Camera Angle Tips for a Custom Photoshoot:

To get the best and relaxed look of the Celebrity, place the camera ‘up’ at certain angle. Do not go zooming in direct to the celebrity, as it makes the looks more artificial and unreal.

Snapping more than a single picture, is the best way for great photography.

custom photoshoot step and repeat backdrops nyc

Multiple pictures, gives us varied option to choose the best.

Place the Camera at a precise angle, so that the capturing lens gets the perfect light to make the snap ‘Picture Perfect’.

Gratifying Backdrop Design Rules:

Photoshoots with the celebrities isn’t a simple deal! Setting up the perfect paradise which gives them the leverage to pose and click, would turn to be the perfect showdown.

celebrity photoshoot backdrop banner design nyc

Placement of backdrop design banners also plays a vital role in great events and occasions, making the celebrity remember every occasion they have been to and the awards and honors they have received.

You could make the Best Backdrop Banner design with the above stated ideas, and create the perfect environment for photoshoot with the other factors of lighting and camera angle as well.

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