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Signs NYC has worked with numerous political campaigns, providing custom campaign signs throughout NYC. Our range of political signs includes:

yard signs political nyc
Yard signs are a staple of political campaigns. Placed strategically in front yards, along streets, or at events, they serve as visible endorsements of candidates, convey key messages, and generate grassroots support.
banner political nyc
Banners offer a larger format for political messaging, making them highly visible at rallies, public events, and campaign headquarters. They can display candidate names, slogans, and important policy positions, leaving a lasting impression on potential voters.
Lollipop Signs political nyc
Lollipop signs, also known as T-shaped signs or wire signs, are versatile and portable. They are commonly used to promote candidates and their positions at high-traffic locations, such as busy intersections or community events, where they can capture the attention of passing pedestrians and motorists.
step and repeat banners
Step and repeat banners are ideal for campaign events, press conferences, and photo opportunities. Featuring repeated logos or slogans, these banners provide a professional backdrop that showcases the candidate’s brand while ensuring visibility in media coverage and social media posts.

Dynamic Political Signage Solutions

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At Signs NYC, we understand the significance of political signs in conveying messages, building candidate recognition, and influencing voter behavior. Our team of experts works closely with political campaigns to design and produce custom signs that align with their specific goals and branding.


Amanda Campaign Manager in Manhattan

Signs NYC's custom blade signs, designed by Abie, have been a great asset to our political campaign. They're durable, visually striking, and effective in getting our message across.

Daniel Political Consultant in Brooklyn

Our campaign greatly benefited from the custom window decals designed by Marina from Signs NYC. They're high quality, visually appealing, and successfully conveyed our candidate's message.

Steve Campaign Coordinator in The Bronx

Tony from Signs NYC did a wonderful job with our custom metal letter signs. They added a professional touch to our campaign headquarters.

Melissa Political Strategist in Queens

Our campaign has been more visible with the custom A-frame signs provided by Signs NYC. Tito's design inputs were excellent, and the signs have had a positive impact.

Peter Campaign Manager in Staten Island

The custom banner stands from Signs NYC, designed by Abie, helped us gain visibility at rallies and events. They're durable, visually striking, and effective.

Political Sign Makers of NYC: Signs New York

Every campaign, government office, and political leader needs some type of branded sign or voter sign. It is important to find a partner to trust for managing the printing, fabrication, and logistics of this type of sign design. Signs NYC has crafted multiple sign types for both local and national campaigns. Ask us about bulk rate pricing and fast turnaround. 

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