Decorate Your Office Wall With Matte Black Acrylic Logos or Letters

An Acrylic letter sign or commonly known as a Plastic letter sign makes your business stand out from rest of the sign surrounding your place, they are elegant and eye catching. These letters can be customized as per your desire shape, colour and size to fit your brand recognition need. These sign letters are cost effective as compared to Metal letters and other types of signs industry offer.

custom plastic letters nyc

What is Plastic Lettering?

Plastic lettering refers to a type of business sign composed of three dimensional, individually fabricated plastic letters. Each letter is carefully crafted in the highest quality plastic. Almost any size, font/typeface/style, and color are possible, as plastic is the perfect material for creating custom styles that you envision for your signs. Plastic lettering in NY can be used outdoors above a building’s front entrance to display a business’s name or address, or indoors in a business’s lobby along with its logo. It can also be layered on top of other signs, and it can be designed flat or with more prominent dimensions. Our plastic lettering sign material is durable and resistant to weather damage like fading from the sun and moisture. The 3D, shadowed effect they can create is not only eye-catching but cost-effective. This is the type of signage to use if you want your business to be recognizable as soon as possible thanks to its professional and customizable qualities.

Types Of Plastic Letters

When it comes to a professional look, quality material, and longevity, the type of plastic lettering you choose for your business matters a lot. With acrylic letters the possibilities are endless. Following are the most popular types of acrylic letters offered at Signs NYC:



Acrylic material has the same clear, smooth surface as glass but is lighter and more durable, it is a great material for both outdoor and indoor letter signs.



When you need a glass that is both strong and flexible, plexiglass is the best, it is the same crystal clear as glass yet can be molded at low temperatures.

Lettering can be made from several different types of plastic, including acrylic, plexiglass, and more. Each material includes different advantages, so your planned use of your lettering will determine which kind you choose. Acrylic is a popular choice because there are so many size and font options, they’re flatter in design, and can be backlit. Molded plastic lettering tends to have more depth, making them stand out more from their installation surface, and are more cost effective than acrylic, but don’t have as many customization options and can’t be backlit.

Technical Specs

The seemingly limitless custom option for plastic lettering is a major advantage it has over other types of lettering and signage. Plastic is a durable, easily shaped material that can more easily fit into your budget and perfectly match your desired aesthetic. It can even be made to look like more high-end materials like metal, or exactly match your custom color.



Adhesive Tape


We also offer bold, semi bold, italic, and other variations on these and other fonts. However, you are not limited to these fonts at all. If you have a custom font you’d like to use instead of any of the ones we have, we can fabricate your letters using that style instead.

Molding Options

Tools and fabrication methods like cotton based plastic machinery, water jet cutting tools, laser cutting, injection molding, and more make very precise cutting and molding possible. It is possible to craft letters based on any type of design, including a non-standard lettering option, so if you have a specific style for your signs that does not neatly fall into the idea of a traditional font, we can use that as well.

metal laminate acrylic letters

Metal Laminate Acrylic Letters

These are laser cut letters with an option of metal laminated faces. Thin sheet of metal is mounted on the face of these acrylic letters. These letters give a mixture of plastic and metal look to your sign.

injection molded plastic letters

Injection Molded Letters

Classy and bevelled look letters and can be customized as per your design. These letters give a 3-Dimensional look and they have a vintage look.

flat cut acrylic letters

Flat-Cut Plastic Letters

Flat-Cut Plastic letters are the most requested types of letters. These letters can be mounted by double face tape or stud mount.


Signs NYC offers a choice of finishes to match your acrylic letter signs for even more customization. The use of finishes provides the plastic letter signs with a perfect flawless appearance as well as a protective coating. The following are the finishing options for acrylic letters:

matte finish


Matte finish can be used for a smooth, subtle, and elegant look. The flat surface with a matte finish allows for little to no light reflection on the sign.

gloss finish


For maximum shine and a wet look high gloss finish can be used to make the colors look bold and bright. It is also easy to clean and wipe.

luster finish


The luster finish has a less rough or pebbled surface than the matte finish. There is some light reflection with this finish, but not enough to produce glare.

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What Are The Benefits Of Acrylic Letters?

Being the industry’s most commonly used sign, acrylic letters offer the following benefits:

Businesses Who Use Acrylic Letter Signages

Wherever you need a sign or display installed, plastic lettering in some capacity is likely to be a good choice. They not only look appealing, but they also make signs more visible and readable whether you’re closer or further away. All these qualities can be enhanced in different ways with the type of plastic lettering you use and the custom features you incorporate.

retail stores nyc

Retail Stores

Flat-cut plastic letters in NYC are a popular choice for retail stores as they are attention-grabbing and make durable outdoor signage.

medical offices

Medical Facilities

Hospitals and health care facilities use highly visible plastic logos and letters indoors and outdoors for navigation and marking rooms and facilities.



Acrylic letters are mounted in hotels for a professional appealing look that makes the business name stand out and easy to spot.

shopping malls nyc

Shopping Malls

Dimensional letters in shopping malls are the most popular choice for gaining a professional and appealing look with long-lasting signage.

building lobby nyc

Company Lobby Areas

Custom 3D letters and logos are used in offices and buildings for both indoor and outdoor signage purposes, in lobby areas, receptions, and meeting rooms.



Storefronts use customized plastic letters for attention-grabbing outdoor signage to attract more customers to their stores in crowded areas.

amusement parks nyc

Amusement Parks

Acrylic letters are used in amusement parks to mark entertainment places and services making them highly visible and attracting more people.

Contact Us Today for Plastic Letters

If your business’s lettering needs to incorporate graphics like a logo, we are also able to make that happen. We can fabricate it right along with your lettering, in the same custom colors as your letters if necessary. Signs NYC is the leader in NYC custom signage, and our plastic letter signs are one of the many options we have available to match the vision of your business. For more information, feel free to contact us using our website.

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